July 12, 2019

“Infidel” tattoo on Navy sailor investigated after Twitter panic

David MenziesMission Specialist

A photo of a Canadian sailor found on social media apparently triggered a member of Generation Snowflake.

The offended party, Rob Hutten, posted a photo to Twitter to note the following:

“Saw a navy guy in Tim's today in uniform & HMCS Fredericton hat sporting a huge 'INFIDEL' tattoo on his right arm, stylized in the shape of a machine gun. The message is clear, and scary as hell."

Really? The message is “clear”… and “scary as hell?” Hutten has since deleted his tweet.

The tweet and image went viral, and after the CBC piled on, the Navy's official tattoo policy was dredged up:

“Members [of the Canadian Armed Forces] shall not acquire tattoos that are visible either in military uniform or in civilian clothing that could be deemed to be offensive (e.g., pornographic, blasphemous, racist or containing vulgar language or design) or otherwise reflect discredit on the CAF.”

Whoa! Full-stop and drop anchor — how does “infidel” find its way onto this hate-crime laundry list? “Infidel” is not racist. Nor pornographic. Nor a vulgar term. So by default, that kinda leaves us with blasphemous given the religious connection.

But declaring oneself an “infidel” isn’t really blasphemous. It’s actually a self-deprecating statement. The sailor is embracing a slur, proudly proclaiming he’s a non-believer.

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commented 2019-07-20 10:50:39 -0400
Actually I think a shotgun would be more appropriate…the muzzle on a cylinder choked 12 guage is .72 caliber…….which is why some infidels call them a 72 virgin pimp.
commented 2019-07-16 21:19:24 -0400
Few Canadians have known the joy and elation that comes from firing off a magazine from a modern modular rifle and yelling…..


Why should the jehadis have all the fun….;-)
commented 2019-07-15 12:05:44 -0400
Wow! I guess this hypersensitive, free speech hating dick would hate the Proud Infidel sticker on my car, written in both English and Arabic.
commented 2019-07-15 08:02:29 -0400
Send that poor little fellow a nightlight….and a rubber sheet for his mattress.
commented 2019-07-14 00:35:18 -0400
If it was a tattoo of Osama bin Ladin then Mohammad Trudeau would have awarded him a cheque and a promotion
commented 2019-07-13 19:19:17 -0400
This is nothing more than a manifestation…er…sorry …personifestation…of who Fidel was in…..;-)
commented 2019-07-13 10:23:06 -0400
The real story is that this kind of silly, sissified complaint is ever more representative of urban Canadian males.
commented 2019-07-12 21:08:29 -0400
I’m tired of extremist groups redefining words and taking ownership of them, eg. pride, rainbow, infidel.
commented 2019-07-12 18:29:14 -0400
No member of any Armed Force from anywhere around the world are Infidels when they are under heavy bombardment from enemy artillery. In fact they often pray openly and aloud……Infidelity though, is often a problem.