July 10, 2019

Canada's Pension Plan short $900 billion, busy selling off unfashionable stocks

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I covered the news that the Canadian Pension Plan is using their time to sell off their stock in private companies that operate migrant detention centres.

The information was noted by an NDP Member of Parliament, but politically correct portfolio items are overshadowed by the fact that the CPP is underfunded to the tune of $900 billion.

Stephen Harper took baby steps toward fixing the unfunded liability issue that will prevent anyone under the age of 60 from ever accessing the money they put into the CPP through paycheck deductions. But the Trudeau government has not picked up the slack. In fact, Trudeau has been pushing the retirement age back down.

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commented 2019-07-10 18:01:14 -0400
Well said, Robert D. The good news for me (and hopefully others), is that we never “depended” on the CPP. We put away a little something on the side, because we knew.. Depend on Government? I don’t think so…
commented 2019-07-10 17:32:58 -0400
for years we were told the cpp were making money hand over fist. in trudeaus world 900 billion is a corporation running beautifully. i am living off it now and feel sorry for you poor conservatives out there that haven’t bit the bullet yet to find later the powder has withered away and cpp has a headstone over it.
commented 2019-07-10 15:06:29 -0400
The Fed’s would be wise to get their act together on the CPP. I’m taking mine now, and it better be there till the day I die. If not, I will not be the only one with a Beef. We will not be pleased to find out that our payments into this Plan (over our Lifetime), has now gone to “other places”. And the OAS better be there as well.. Hey, how about taxing our New Immigrants/Refugees? I’m sure they will also want something to back on to in their Old Age.. Don’t mess with (Old Stock) Canadian Seniors..
commented 2019-07-10 14:50:16 -0400
A real recipe for disaster. If not you, your children and theirs will be in big trouble. Is this the world we are going to leave to our kids? We have to care about the future of this country.