October 07, 2015

Canadian Jewish News writer defends niqab -- in the name of "freedom"

Mindy AlterRebel Blogger

A "Guest Voice" in the Canadian Jewish News — she’s a freelancer named Danielle Kubes — frets the au courant issue of wearing the niqab during the Citizenship Ceremony and what it betokens for Canadian Jews.

Kubes writes:

Those who fear that Ishaq's niqab represents a culture so contrary to ours that cannot they cannot coexist, that if we cannot protect our borders from the danger of her veil, we must as least insulate our most sacred institutions, should recall that this fear is identical to the one Jews were subjected to...The hysteria is familiar and tiresome.

Be assured that if we allow this fear to aim its arrow at Ishaq's dress, the archer's bow will soon be spun around to face us.

Be assured that it won't.

Be assured that, in fact, Ishaq's dress is a big problem, especially for Jews, because, as anyone who has ever experienced the hysteria -- the frenzy -- of an Al Quds Day at Toronto's Queen's Park can tell you, the more Khomeinists and by-the-book Muslims dressed in their colourful (and not so colourful) local garb we import from Zion-despising lands, the worse off the Jews will be.

Or has the "Guest Voice" not heard about what's been happening over in France?

What I find tiresome is the prospect of radical Muslims getting a pass by virtue of age-old canards and aspersions aimed at Jewry.

As if, just because Jews and their doctrines are harmless and blameless, all Muslims and every bit of Islam must be too.

As if there's no jihad or sharia. No beheadings inspired by Muhammed's precedent. No neo-Caliphate taking shape on lands ceded to ISIS in the Middle East. No grandiose Ayatollah promising to obliterate Israel. No "Allahu Akbar!" followed by an infrastructure-shattering "kaboom!" 

The CJN "Guest Voice” concludes by saying:

When we support Ishaq's freedom, we support our own. And if we do not fight for Ishaq, who will be left to fight for us?

I hate to be the one to break it to the niqab champion (not really; I'm actually delighted to be the one to do it), but the truth is that Ishaq and her ilk will never fight for us and our freedom.

Ishaq is taking advantage of the freedoms we afford our immigrants in order to bring a little piece of her civilization's darkness to our shores.

That being so, it isn't Ishaq and her niqab that scare me. What scares me are tender-hearted, loud-mouthed "progressives" who know squat about the real world and the civilizational challenges we face, but who are convinced that they and they alone have it all figured out.

You know -- people like Barack Obama. They're the ones who are truly terrifying, not the least because of the very real damage they can do.

Ishaq can, if she so chooses, take off her veil. But there is no removing the niqab of the mind -- in other words, the worldview -- that afflicts and that blinds most "progressives.”


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commented 2015-10-12 15:24:28 -0400
A Niqab is a hood worn over the head that conceals the face except the eyes. It is not a religious requirement as the Koran merely states men and women should dress modestly, therefore it is not religious discrimination to be against them. Neither is it racist as women of any race may become Muslim. The modesty factor has been distorted by hardcore Islamists and now the reasoning for wearing Niqabs and Burgas is much more ominous. When females reach puberty they are deemed sexually available and attractive to men so they are either coerced or forced to conceal themselves from leering eyes , sexual advances and assaults. It is using the guise of prevention when in reality it is the ultimate form of blaming the victim. Those who see banning these garments as infringing on a women’s right to wear whatever she wants are wrongly confusing this as a fashion issue. There are times in everyone’s life when their attire will be dictated by others and a citizenship ceremony should be one of them. If I had shown up for my own swearing in ceremony wearing a bikini I am sure I would have been asked to change, and rightly so as I would have been disrespecting and devaluing the experience for others at the ceremony. Many also claim women that live their lives with their identities concealed from the world are doing so of their own free will. Would you, or any sane person choose to live this way without coercion? Would you be perfectly fine if your own daughter decided to join Islam and wanted to spend her life wearing a mobile prison? It defies logic and human nature. There is also the ridiculous notion that we are excluding and ostracizing women if we ban Niqabs, when in reality they are excluding and ostracizing themselves by hiding from the rest of society by wearing symbols of anti assimilation. Let’s look at it from the rights of the rest of us. Don’t we have the right to see who we are dealing with at our places of business, sitting next to us on the bus or at the doctors office? It boggles the mind that we would allow anyone dressed like this the right to operate a motor vehicle or enter a bank. I would wager a lot more of us are made uncomfortable and offended by these misogynist garments than there are those wearing them. Now for some historical fact. A few Muslim women have written articles recently claiming that up until the last few decades, Niqabs were not a common sight, even in the Middle East. Their popularity has risen since the rise of the Taliban, Al Quada, Isis and worldwide Islamic terrorism. They are the ultimate symbol of Sharia law. People in the free world (especially women) should realize what they are defending by insisting this is merely a women’s right to wear what she chooses. They are defending gender inequality, misogyny, oppression, degradation, and anti assimilation.
commented 2015-10-08 20:10:09 -0400
There was yet another op-ed in our Times Colonist today by two ‘history’ professors and they based their whole justification for supporting this woman on the phony religious claim and, obviously this writer has gone down that same phony path.
I wonder when someone is going to realize that the whole Niqab nonsense has nothing to do with banning or not banning the garment at citizenship ceremonies. It is all about people begging to be allowed to come here and enjoy our much better way of life and then immediately going on a campaign to restore the miserable life they fled.
I also wonder how many people are aware that Turkey, a 100% Muslim nation actually bans the Niqab
commented 2015-10-08 00:19:32 -0400
This free lance writer should look back in history and look up the term collaborator
commented 2015-10-07 15:51:53 -0400
Show your faces, or you don’t become a citizens of Canada. It’s really that simple!
commented 2015-10-07 12:16:12 -0400
Niqabs in public in a free, open, accountable society of citizens? In my opinion, None Is Too Many.