February 12, 2016

Canadian media finally picks up Rebel's "refugee camp" scoop -- but BURIES these important facts

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

So this week we broke major international news:

At the same time that Justin Trudeau was planning to quit the combat mission against ISIS, he was planning to turn seven Canadian military bases into long-term refugee camps.

The story made news in Washington, New York and even London, England. But a total blackout in Canadian media, for days.

Until today, when our friend Anthony Furey at the Toronto Sun did a follow-up on our story, the first that I’ve seen in all of Canada. So congrats to him. Here is the headline though:

Military bases no longer to house massive refugee influx, but soldiers can’t return just yet

We didn’t get our story wrong. We quoted our documents accurately, showing seven Canadian Forces Bases were making plans. The Sun just says that’s "no longer happening."

I guess the plans were called off. Perhaps in response to our story?

But buried in the Sun's version is an acknowledgement that CFB Valcartier and Kingston are still standing by for refugees.

(And no mention of the government-paid mosque and Korans in the Sun story...)

So what's true? It’s tough to say. I don’t trust our military brass anymore.

What we still don’t know is how the mainstream media can ignore this story — or how the Toronto Sun, a newspaper that I love, actually, can write "Military bases no longer to house massive refugee influx," when all evidence, including their own story, points to the contrary.

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commented 2016-02-16 13:45:59 -0500
Todd Sullivan: When I said openness and transparency is needed from the government I was contrasting it to your hurricane analogy. In a weather event you have a hard to predict mindless event which you hope to use the best of your science to accurately predict. On the other side you have a government who hopefully are making decisions and statements that you can rely on as being truthful and accurate. But if I obtain a freedom of information report from the government and tomorrow they change their mind an d then the next day they change their mind again how is the freedom of information of any use and why blame the media if they can’t rely on what they are being told by the government? Ezra also got letters form military people that seemed to confirm this. On this website others have suggest a contrary narrative. I say it’s all interesting but I’m not in a hurry to call anyone a liar. The only thing that is clear to me is that the government is not being very clear about what they have already declared. I’m not suggesting a government can’t change it’s mind but how is someone supposed to report any news when it it less predictable than the ever changing weather?
commented 2016-02-16 02:08:11 -0500
Edward, the point is that the plans don’t equate to a commitment. The plans are in place as a backup strategy, in case the need arises. Thus far the need hasn’t. And, at the moment, there is no reason to think that the need will. But, much like the hurricane analogy, it’s wise to have the plan in place, just in case.

Should the media have covered the plan? Probably. And, based on my research, they did, back in November, when it was new. Here’s one such example: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/refugees-temporary-military-housing-quebec-ontario-1.3326462

Also, in regards to those two remaining bases, it seems a bit disingenuous to say that the story claimes “two of the bases still had plans to accept refugees”. What the story actually says is, “Bases in Meaford, Borden, Petawawa, Trenton and Montreal have been removed from a state of high readiness, leaving only Kingston and Valcartier on alert for refugees.” They’re on alert. Based on the context of the rest of the stories, that means they’re in a state of readiness, should the need arise. For the moment, there is still no need, and there may continue to be no need.

Exactly how was openness and transparency needed from the government? Apparently all it would have taken was a few questions directed to the military to get the information back that The Toronto Sun received. But Ezra very clearly neglected to do that. Instead, he misrepresented these plans, and published his own speculation about what the documents meant.
commented 2016-02-16 00:19:46 -0500
The story that seven military bases in Ontario were making tentative plans to house refugees was published by the Globe and Mail, among other outlets, in the first week of November. That Base Borden and Meaford, for example, were stopping their preparations was printed in the Barrie Examiner, among other outlets, in the first week of February.
The story that Canadian media failed to publish was that some international outlets republished TheRebel story about the bases. These outlets were blogs rather than actual media organizations, but nevertheless showed that people outside of Canada were reading The Rebel.
commented 2016-02-15 23:53:19 -0500
Meant to say severely destructive hurricane. Edit it out when making corrections.
commented 2016-02-15 19:51:14 -0500
Todd Sullivan: Although I feel it is important to keep an open mind and to investigate information to the contrary of what we are led however I take objection to your analogy of the hurricane unless of course you willing to equate the commitments of the government to a mindless hard to predict, severely destructive . I believe Ezra did provide the access to information document in his initial coverage of this story. Is it his fault what the government says and does might be two entirely different things. Perhaps a little more openness and transparency would have helped. Also if as you suggest in your flawed analogy the storm nigh not happen would you suggest not reporting the storm because it might not happen as well so that the people had no time or reason to prepare? Simplistic analogies aside I think you failed to leave out the mention in the Sun story that claimed two of the bases still had plans to accept refugees. I haven’t come to any conclusions but I am not in a rush to call anyone a liar. That isn’t being open minded.
commented 2016-02-15 19:32:32 -0500
Before Post Media acquired it, the Toronto Sun was a decent source of news on stories that went unreported in most of the mainstream media. When he reported for Sun News Network Anthony Furey did a decent job.

Furey’s so-called “scoop” on this story is mostly weasel-worded misinformation. And, speaking of weasels, he didn’t even credit the obvious source of the story he refuted, Rebel Media. A doubly bad show for Furey and the Sun.
commented 2016-02-15 19:28:26 -0500
you can always writ the PMO. pm@pm.gc.ca

over the last few years i have likely wrote 1500 letters to the PM, and I haven’t stopped. The content may have changed, but if the only tool you have is a Email, then you have something significant. Its nice to see the rebel working so hard and every bit they do helps too.
commented 2016-02-15 17:50:26 -0500
So, here’s an imaginary situation.

Let’s say we were living in someplace prone to hurricanes. Let’s just call it Hurricaneville. And so one day, we get a report from our hurricane prediction systems, that a hurricane may be coming in. So our mayor and our premier and everyone important gets together and comes up with a hurricane-preparedness plan, which seems like a good idea, so that JUST IN CASE something happens, we can be prepared for it. Right?

But, does that document, do those plans, mean that the hurricane is definitely, beyond a shadow of a doubt going to happen? Does that mean the hurricane is happening RIGHT NOW even though it’s sunny and beautiful and there are no winds at all? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

“We didn’t get our story wrong.”

Yes you did, because, because you made the story more than just the plans. You used the plans as an excuse to just jump to the conclusion that this was obviously happening. You jumped to a conclusion that you hadn’t earned. Hurricane-preparedness plans don’t prove the existence of a hurricane.

“The Sun just says that’s “no longer happening.”"

Actually, The Sun doesn’t “just” do this. The Sun sites it’s source, then quotes it’s source. That’s actually journalism. That’s something you might try sometime.

“I guess the plans were called off. Perhaps in response to our story?”

Or perhaps they just weren’t ever happening.

“(And no mention of the government-paid mosque and Korans in the Sun story…)”

Also probably because that’s not happening, at least not until the refugees come. Which it sounds like the still may (maybe) but also may not (maybe). So until such time that money is actually going to be spent on these things, why do need to fuss about it? The likelihood remains that there won’t be any money spent on this. So why does the story need to discuss something that very likely isn’t happening?

“What we still don’t know is how the mainstream media can ignore this story.”

What are they ignoring? There’s no story. You created this story out of nothing. Should the rest of the media run around getting quotes from people, doing actual journalism, just to publishing information that indicates that what you’re claiming is happening actually isn’t? And if they did, what would be the point? That’s exactly what The Sun did here, and you just accuse them of making things up, or burying the story, or whatever.

Oh, and as an aside, it’s also good journalism to include links to the sources that you include in your story, like The Sun story that you quoted. It wasn’t particularly hard for me to google it, but it’s good form anyway. I know that would detract from the links that direct back to your own site, and increase your page count, and probably decrease your revenue, but I’m sure journalistic integrity is your actual concern, so outgoing links would obviously be the right thing to do.
commented 2016-02-15 16:58:14 -0500
On the up side, the east wanted Trudeau, they got em and the bleeding hearts are getting their refugees. If they are going to be housed in all these military bases at least they’re out east with the bleeding hearts. I’m not so sure it would have gone that well if they tried to do that in the bases here out west and I think Trudeau knows it. Enjoy, folks out east…it’s your baby now.
commented 2016-02-15 16:27:31 -0500
Can you get us Justin Trudeau’s email address(es)?
commented 2016-02-14 23:25:36 -0500
Coupla points: Furey might have been playing both sides here. The headline he wrote is kinda tongue in cheek dichotomous, and he’s smart enough to have put it like that on purpose, I think. Perhaps a few of us here don’t quite get the joke. Maybe. Maybe he is a bought shill now, I just thought there’s a possibility, ya know? Now, here’s the real issue at hand here: WHERE ARE THE CONSERVATIVES? You want this to be news? Get someone from the caucus of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition to ask a question or two about this issue in front of a microphone. That should really be all it takes, but so far, nothing. I’m from the prairies and too lazy to check, but isn’t there at least one tory member from Kingston, or Valcartier, or one of the areas, or Quebec, or Ontario? Now, with the news being sorta reported on by Sun, couldn’t someone at least bring up the dichotomy in the stories and ask the government for an explanation of just what the hell’s going on? Or has the level of fear of the phony racist label attached to any such questions gotten that pervasive? Has the islamophobe-derangement level hit such a low that our opposition is gagged by it? Are there any Rebels out there with access to opposition MP’s? Are there any Conservative MP’s who can read and understand polls? Like the polls that show that fundamentally a considerable majority of Canadian voters actually support the Conservative point of view that Justin’s refugee plan was, and is, unworkable and not very well thought out? What are they waiting for?
commented 2016-02-14 16:11:29 -0500
Trudeau is always telling everyone what Canadians want and what Canadians want to do etc. Who are all of these Canadians? I think it’s more like what do the MUSLIMS want more than what Canadians want. Anyone who voted for Trudeau is a complete moron.
commented 2016-02-14 00:02:48 -0500
My son as a Corporal in Cadets just laughed his ass off!
commented 2016-02-13 21:17:27 -0500
Any base that builds a mosque and tells personnel to get out of single quarters is going to have some unhappy service men and women. Resignations will increase for those who are entitled to a pension and they are the lucky ones. Those who remain because they need the job will start requesting a transfer to get the hell out of there.
When the first assault happens this summer on a military base there will be some serious rumblings within DND and Sajjan will be on the hot seat.
commented 2016-02-13 17:59:37 -0500
I am sick to my stomach. I always felt safe in this country. Now I feel trapped. Trudeau said he would liten to what Canadians wanted ( I did hear this during the election,right). My thoughts on this are…
No one seems to know who asked Trudeau to promise to bring 25,000 refugees into this country and now they are promising to bring in another 25,000 on top of that and possibly more by the end of 2016. What is he doing to this country. I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT IT WAS MUSLIM CLERICS WHO ASKED HIM TO BRING IN ALL OF THESE REFUGEES AND ALSO MUSLIM CLERICS WHO ASKED THAT OUR PLANES BE BROUGHT BACK. HE DID ALL OF THIS TO APPEASE MUSLIMS FOR MUSLIM VOTES.
commented 2016-02-13 07:06:42 -0500
…. Now that the word it out, has there been any word if our government under Justin Trudeau has decided AGAINST building mosques on military bases, handing out free Korans and prayer mats to the refugees as well?
commented 2016-02-13 00:45:28 -0500
Fuck u Trudeau you useless piece of fuck, someone should kick the living fuck out of this bastard. He has dishonoured this country, destroyed all respect you could possibly hold to this flag. But nobody can say what they really think about this fucking faggot or they will sick the socialist political Shia cops aka RCMP after you. Fuck you Trudeau Butt’s little homo finger puppet. I stand behind our troops when the rest of our country’s turned their back on them
commented 2016-02-12 23:55:45 -0500
Why doesn’t someone in TO phone Furey and ask about his contradiction?
commented 2016-02-12 22:50:15 -0500
Two things:
In almost every newspaper the writer of an article does not make the headline, an editor does.
This story does not contradict itself, but plays the usual leftist game of wordplay. They will no longer house “massive” refugee influx. By lowering the amount of bases/refugees to be on bases, they can say that the number is no longer massive, an arbitrary term to begin with.
The last ten years has seen a “massive” increase of this strategy on the left, I think based in large part on the long-term success on the McGuinty Liberals in Ontario who helped perfect this technique. Remember the whole “It’s not a tax, it’s a health care premium”? Not the first example, but really where we reached the tipping point to it becoming the default tactic.
commented 2016-02-12 21:58:01 -0500
I have downloaded the CTV app some time ago because I can’t stand watching Lisa Laflamme or anyone else there & none of the stories reported by The Rebel are ever mentioned, no wonder most people are clueless. I think it is very disrespectful, shameful, infuriating, insulting & downright lowlife to boot out our troops, so the Liberals can house the refugees that they are rushing here without proper organization & now our troops are suffering the brunt of those bad decisions. Everyone should be furious about this, because this makes no sense at all. I mean if anyone should be respected it’s our troops. Why aren’t the families & friends of these soldiers protesting this absurdity created by the liberals?
commented 2016-02-12 21:03:14 -0500
Seems like the Government and MSM have been a few lies here and the MSM has been playing hush, hush for their pet PM Justin Trudeau?
commented 2016-02-12 20:33:31 -0500
Furey could at least started his story with, According to Rebel.media. This would have given him an out for relating the whole article.
commented 2016-02-12 19:55:36 -0500
Hmm, really really disappointed with Anthony Furey – one of the few that I follow on Twitter – just hoping the Editor had something to do with it, let’s wait and see.
commented 2016-02-12 19:37:13 -0500
Anthony Furey . Too bad. So sad.
commented 2016-02-12 18:20:29 -0500
When I see post and media together ,I think. Post -after, in the past ,ect.
When us baby boomers start dieing off like flies , all that will be left are leftwitter farcebook and theREBEL
commented 2016-02-12 18:08:59 -0500
@justins diary
I sent the letter to you over to HOLLY NICHOLAS’s place yesterday .good tips how to fix the whether ect.