December 09, 2017

Canadian minister for Immigration refuses to answer on FGM

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

WATCH as Conservative MP attempts to get an honest yes or no about the government’s intent to remove FGM as a prohibited practice in Canada from our Immigration Minister.

From MP Michelle Rempel’s Facebook page:

Female Genital Mutilation is a human rights violation, but Trudeau has decided to remove listing it as an intolerable practice from Canada’s Citizenship Guide. Watch me ask his immigration minister if he will reverse the decision. Share this video and sign this petition:

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commented 2017-12-11 19:01:57 -0500
You Piece of Shit! Canadians will come for you assholes!!!! Canadian men, we need to protect our women. Do not let those Liberal assholes harm another female!
commented 2017-12-11 10:24:36 -0500
I think The Gay Clown Prince of the Lieberal Party, Justin Mohammed Trudeaaup should sign up to get his very own FGM done. The sign the rest of the Lieberal Party asshats up for more of the same.
commented 2017-12-11 03:07:52 -0500
Justin says one thing but does the other.
Michelle asks Trudeau about his plans to remove FGM from the Citizenship Guide
published Nov. 30/17
commented 2017-12-11 00:50:12 -0500
Andrew Stephenson you mean like in the UK LMAO!
commented 2017-12-11 00:48:52 -0500
Andrew Stephenson i guess we should not have made gay bashing illegal then right? You are a lost fool.
Hope you enjoy selling out women for political correctness.
commented 2017-12-11 00:02:22 -0500
Carole, its just around the corner. Once the first lefty self-identifies as a pedophile who can say its wrong?
commented 2017-12-10 23:40:14 -0500
Leftists like this POS Andrew S. should have all their genitals cut off. To publicy show their full support to islam. Otherwise, shut the hell up.
commented 2017-12-10 23:34:46 -0500
Yeah yeah Andrew Stephenson. With your logic we should also allow prostitution, pedophilia, opium and heroin, and all of the other nice things that needs the light of day, or it goes underground. LOL
commented 2017-12-10 23:32:04 -0500
Perhaps more realistic in pointing out that banning something domestically doesn’t help something that mostly occurs overseas, and that by banning it, you risk pushing it further underground making it more difficult to help those that you can help?
commented 2017-12-10 21:37:53 -0500
Again, where are Andrew and Frank on this issue, telling us how great it is that Canadians are becoming more and left wing and that we are just a bunch of dinosaurs who can’t get without he times? Surely this is the crowning achievement of Left wing thought in Canada. Where is the crowing?
commented 2017-12-10 21:11:52 -0500
I’d feel more comfortable if they were grilling this globalist drone on the costs of our refugee resettlement fiasco – true costs.
commented 2017-12-10 20:06:19 -0500
Liza Rosie commented
“… My hope is that one Canadian will read them and start understanding that there IS a clear and present danger to our existence …”

As politically neutral Canadians start waking from their slumber the Leftwingers will renew their efforts in hopes of discrediting and shutting down informative sites such as this one along with other sites that advocate freedom of speech. Currently this site has some known trolls – an [admitted] paid Liberal troll of several monikers plus a known Dipper using couple of monikers – be prepared for far more. Then there is M-103 to consider its ramifications. The future, as in the UK, seems rather bleak.
commented 2017-12-10 19:32:16 -0500
Michelle Rempel is one of the few politicians that actually has a spine and the balls to call a spade a ♠️ .
commented 2017-12-10 17:39:47 -0500
Is this even real in Canada!~!!!? WTF is going on?
commented 2017-12-10 17:36:32 -0500
commented 2017-12-10 17:20:34 -0500
Michelle Rempel is the only person in the room who cares about the extreme danger girls and women have faced and continue to face. FGM is ritual abuse and the government is unwilling to properly address it.
commented 2017-12-10 14:40:28 -0500
Great comments all of them.

My hope is that one Canadian will read them and start understanding that there IS a clear and present danger to our existence and it is coming in the form of Islam and progressive liberal globalist totalitarians. People have to start ‘getting it’, soon. We have seen and triumphed over an Islamic /socialist alliance before in this century. The freedom that was won has been taken for granted, so here we go again.
commented 2017-12-10 14:38:25 -0500
I would suggest FGM for all left wing men or Jihadist men , but there would be nothing to cut off in their case.
commented 2017-12-10 14:37:46 -0500
The other shoe hasn’t dropped yet with M IO3 . When it does, we won’t be able to have this conversation and may be punished for having this one now. Unless there is a grandfather clause we will all be guilty. I will be guilty of speaking out against Islam in a new way everyday, because I won’t be quelled. We have a Muslim immigration minister and a non Muslim ( I assume) female deputy minister, who when asked cannot disavow female genital MUTILATION. The deputy minister chooses to turn a blind eye to the 14th century practice of torturing girls and young women or she would have spoken up.. The Somalian born Muslim ‘Canadian’ Immigration Minister must expect us to accept, as he seems to, the mutilation and torture of girls and women. His belligerent arrogance and refusal to disavow erases any doubt.

We will not accept female genital mutilation. We also will not accept any other barbaric practice Islam demands to uphold and act out on our soil. It is not the right of the theocracy of Islam to destroy, defile, rape and pillage in our country. We can no longer tolerate Islam hiding behind and abusing our religious freedom clause. Islam is a total system which is determined to subjugate ours and our politicians seem willing to let them, help them even. We can’t let this happen. We can’t.
commented 2017-12-10 12:52:35 -0500
They should do it to his daugther, and see if he likes it. He think because he is the president he is aloud to do what he wants without thinking of us Canadians since he is in Canada not in Islam.
commented 2017-12-10 11:47:58 -0500
ROBERT RAYMOND commented: “The citizens in each riding need to band together and make it clear to liberal representatives”

‘Banding Together’, that’s the key word Robert and that’s the reason Canadian politics has turned to identity politics & ethnic votes, very much like third world countries. Canadian politicians, of every stripe, know they can divide the population based on their ethnicity, race & religion pander to their special interests and be in power forever. That’s the reason all political parties are in favour of massive immigration from third world countries.
Politicians are afraid of white Canadians banding together and start demanding for honest & genuine administration. Majority of ‘new canadians’ from third world countries will never ask anything beyond special concessions to their own group, and will vote en mass for the candidate/party who favours them over others, especially old stock white Canadians. How the country is administered is none of their concern as long as govt keeps pandering to their demands. For this purpose they coin pernicious terms like ‘diversity is our strength’ whereas thousands of years of recorded human history has proven that ‘UNITY IS STRENGTH’.
The effrontery of Canadian politicians has surpassed any despot, corrupt politician from third world country.
commented 2017-12-10 11:23:46 -0500
The despicable lying slag might change her tune when “it” becomes mandatory.
commented 2017-12-10 11:20:15 -0500
Jihadi justin’s pro FGM stance makes you wonder if his wife is also a complete imbecile. If she was a real woman she would never let him get away with this shit.
commented 2017-12-10 11:16:12 -0500
Ahmed Hussen; he might be an immigration minister BUT he’s NOT a Canadian.
He’s a fair-weather canadian who entered canada as a refugee. Now as Somalia cease to be a war zone he along with every other somali should be kicked back to his mohammedan hell-hole.
commented 2017-12-10 10:15:22 -0500
In a world of self balancing budgets and where you can’t kill your enemies or they win, I suppose carving up your women’s bodies in order to deprive them of a life of God given pleasure and dignity can be explained away. This egregious act is not the only sickening folly of the liberals. How do we still have an ILLEGAL alien among us who sits in Parliament and can hold a CABINET seat and actually be in a position to meddle in OUR voting system. As we speak the Liberal party of corruption are still trying to doctor Ms. Monsef’s papers to give her legitimacy to even be in Canada.

I must hearken back to Justin’s infamous pre-election love fest with a packed room of female voters in Ontario. It was at this “oh so 2015” event that Justin blurted out his convoluted “basic dictatorship of China” drivel. He swooned and the ladies fawned and almost melted away amidst the obvious sexual tension permeating the room. I would now like to have the question of fgm posed to each and every attendee of that event. I wonder how they would respond to the clueless imps ignorance of ridding our citizenship guide of these IMPORTANT clauses. You can be sure some of the brain washed would try to spin it in a positive light. Stupid can’t seem to be fixed.

As for the topic at hand how can that muslim brotherhood wart Hussen be expected to answer? The writing is on the wall as to how he feels….he should be disqualified from any comment on this, removed from his office and instead have to explain why his Somali brethren was allowed to run down and stab an Edmonton police officer, run over other innocents, sport his ISIS flag, and not be considered a terrorist. He could then answer why we are compensating returning terrorists instead of introducing them to the firing squad, or at least putting them through the rigors of some kind of legal action. Greasy bantam rooster Goodale needs to be grilled as well. That corrupt prick makes me sick and I hope he gets his before his pot of gold pensions kick in.

It was also noted that the moderator showed his scummy colours. As for the non answers, it is the liberal way. One episode of Question Period is all you need to witness liberal lies, deflection and of course…the infamous non answer. All this orchestrated by the totally useless liberal party hack Geoff Regan, dictator of the House. "Order…order…might I remind you Conservatives to shut up. Do you want to be forcibly removed?…order, order. Screw off Regan and order your liberal cronies to ANSWER THE QUESTION. Why do we even have question period, waste of tax payer money.

The fgm situation is appalling, but the absolute H bomb involves one of the most dangerous things we may ever face as Canadian citizens…..M103. I fear we have so many uninformed sheeple in Canada that this muslim brotherhood trash will slide through and we will turn around, the cage door will have been shut behind us, and we will be officially fucked. A big thanks to mainstream media on this one…one day I hope you pay big time for this you corrupt bastards.

Thank God for pit bull Michelle Rempel and for her tireless work on behalf of us…if only we had more. I only wish she could realize…abortion=infanticide=murder. Other than extreme circumstances, I see NO valid reason anyone can support this. We already know we are not having enough babies in Canada to maintain our present society, we are making it easy for Justin’s chosen ones to take us over. And look at the rigmarole in trying to adopt a baby. Why are we wasting these lives? I disagree with Michelle on this, but I just love her, and she is definitely working for us.
commented 2017-12-10 09:39:07 -0500
The only thing MPs worry about is their position and their gold plated pension.
Even Liberals will vote against a Liberal motion if they are threatened with losing their jobs.
The citizens in each riding need to band together and make it clear to liberal representatives that they will lose their jobs if they vote for FGM and do not have the gonads to not follow the party line.
commented 2017-12-10 09:17:06 -0500
FGM is physical assault and child abuse, undeniably. FGM is sick, sick, sick. Where is PM Feminist on this? In his child-like mind “Does not compute, does not compute, does not compute..”.
commented 2017-12-10 08:39:13 -0500
A PM from QUE.and his picks are from ééééé,
commented 2017-12-10 08:31:21 -0500
I don’t hear any prominent members of the LIberal Party coming forward against these policies that are destroying Canada. Jean Chretien and Paul Marten come to mind as they both endorsed Trudeau to fill the job they knew he couldn’t perform . Well it is now part of their legacy , jerks both of them.