March 27, 2017

Paediatric Society calls for greater gun control based on flawed study

Brian LilleyArchive

Some of Canada’s doctors are getting political, calling not only for greater gun control but for your child’s doctor to pry into your personal life and lecture law abiding gun owners.

A new paper published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal brings to mind a saying a teacher introduced me to when I submitted a poorly written essay, “if you can’t baffle them with brains, baffle them with BS.”

The paper entitled “Risk of firearm injuries among children and youth of immigrant families”, contains some interesting facts and observations about gun injuries - who gets them, immigrant compared to refugee, immigrant compared to non-immigrant, etc..

But, as you read the report and the accompanying media coverage, you quickly realize what this study is really about - pushing for more gun control. Watch as I show you why. 

What’s in the study is being sold as kids playing with guns, but the facts tell a different story.

The fact is, we already have legislation restricting gun ownership, a licensing system and strict storage laws.

We all want fewer deaths from guns just like we want fewer deaths from disease and car accidents but scaring people and turning doctors into people that pry into our personal lives while treating our children, is not the way to go.

I don’t think the Canadian Paediatric Society coming out with these guidelines for members at the same time this flawed study came out was a coincidence. Do you?

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commented 2017-03-27 19:19:16 -0400
Stephen Hicken,

Actually there are stories, but they generally involve various different aboriginal communities or racial gangs, so get buried quickly.
commented 2017-03-27 19:15:11 -0400
Actually, to reduce firearm incidents with youth is to teach them the proper handling and use of the firearm, like used to be done up until the current movement to disarm the populace. Any rural person of my generation or of the Gen X learned to respect a firearm like any other tool, and were taught so by the parents. Safe firearm use, safe axe use, safe knife use, safe saw use, safe hammer use, safe vehicle use, etc.; all part of the natural law curricula where one learned to be independent.

I also can picture a couple of local doctors, who are hunters, laughing at the absurdity of their association.
commented 2017-03-27 19:12:58 -0400
Every freedom-loving Canadian should arm themselves to the teethe now while they still can. Because a time is coming soon when, if you voice an opinion contrary to the approved narrative, the government will be coming to kick down your door and hall you off for re-education. An armed and unified citizenry is the only safeguard against that. This attempt by government to undermine our right to own firearms through bogus appeals to public safety is nothing but a not too subtle attempt to create a weak and compliant population that they can shape and mold as they see fit. This will not affect the Liberal elites in our big cities as they fully support the approved narrative because that narrative elevates their status and serves them.
commented 2017-03-27 19:07:49 -0400
I have never ever heard of an news item of children in Canada injured by guns. At one a day why is the media so silent? Since they hate guns to begin with. Fake News story thats why
commented 2017-03-27 19:02:06 -0400
The CPS identifies Advocacy as one of its mandates: “The CPS works to identify gaps in and promote improvements to public policy that affects the health of children and youth”. In this example, functioning like a left-wing union.
commented 2017-03-27 18:57:27 -0400
I expect we shall see a lot more of this kind of thing. A Jihad is so much easier with a Gun free Population.
commented 2017-03-27 18:53:21 -0400
Ooops, another flawed study making recommendations! I’m sure the Liberals have backed this study and pressured the Pediatric Society to collect data for the government : name, address, and type of gun. I’m sure this data will be stored for a later date, when the government moves to take non-restricted guns from Canadians.
commented 2017-03-27 18:40:51 -0400
This is more crap that comes from the UN.