February 10, 2017

Canadian Politics for Americans

Faith Goldy and Lauren SouthernGuest Post

We never “meta Canadian” we didn’t like...

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commented 2017-02-10 21:36:21 -0500
You can sure tell that Justin’s real part-time job is a drama teacher. He should have got an emmy for that syrupy, over dramatized: “I live this country in my bones, every breath I take”. Just listening to him makes me want to throw up and I’m not bulimic.
commented 2017-02-10 21:21:09 -0500
Now I get why you Canadians care about your hair so much. No Canadian soccer mom (sorey, hockey mom) can talk about real issues in the land of political correctness. Canada’s Red/Blue kinda makes more sense than America’s. Why? Because the reds really are Reds. As in Commies. And the blues are true blues. Makes sense to me.

Yay! Faith doing what she does so well! But did Lauren not get her cup of coffee this morning? She didn’t kick into gear until 10 minutes in.

Still, this is the best bantz since the interviews with Gavin & Milo in Florida. Sadly, not much for Faith to bounce off of here. And I think that’s because Lauren’s developed that politician’s habit of biting her tongue.

If only Lauren were a lesbian, she’d be a natural at riffing. True story.

The YouTube card: “Binge watch Lauren’s videos” LOL. Was a nice touch. I noticed. Good job.

By the way, from what I’ve seen, the wrath of God is coming for your Canadian cities. Like the apocalyptic Detroit or North Korea. You may not see it, but from where I’m sitting, it looks pretty bad. Like… in a Capitol Hill in Seattle kind of way. I can promise you this: a prophet of doom is coming. You might want to cover that guy when it happens.

WHEN. Not if.
commented 2017-02-10 21:16:03 -0500
Excellent critique ladies! It’s great to see you two do videos together.
commented 2017-02-10 20:23:39 -0500
Hey 2 women having fun , speaking their own mind, and not spewing hate, must not be progressives.