June 06, 2018

Canadian soldiers asked to “share” equipment thanks to Liberal spending priorities

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


Seventy-four years ago today, Canadian soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy and pushed back tyranny as part of Operation Overlord.

But today they need to storm the aisles of Canadian Tire because the Liberal government won't procure enough camping equipment for them to do the hard work of defending Canadian values here and abroad.

According to information obtained by CTV News:

A Canadian Forces General Order, or CANFORGEN, was sent to all armed forces members on May 28th commanding them to return the gear so that the military can “redistribute material where it is needed most.” The order will stand, the CANFORGEN read, “until there is no longer a shortfall of equipment.”

The order encompasses two types of rucksacks including one that was first issued in 1982 as well as six-piece sleeping bag systems. Even sleeping bag liners have been recalled.

Sharing sleeping bags and 36 year old backpacks? Outrageous!

So today, D-Day of all days, I’m reminding you of all the things the Liberals could find money for as they now tell our soldiers to recycle their sleeping bags amongst themselves.

I’ve had enough of the Liberal war on our warriors!

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commented 2018-06-08 23:21:04 -0400
Bravo Zulu & Keith and Helen Harvey: Thank you for going over to those war torn & and dangerous regions at the behest of our government. Your experience, Mr. Harvey, at that theatre some years back is reminiscent of the unforgivable abuse suffered by returning Vietnam vets during that era. It all begins at the top, with smug politicians who love to parade their moral superiority by declaiming that ALL military conflict is the lowest form of societal undertakings. The media & self-righteous upper crust follow suit. The result is a gullible & snobbish citizenry who refuse to examine history & don’t know that freedom is not free. Freedom for the earth’s nations has been the anomaly, & not the norm, since history began.
commented 2018-06-08 20:47:20 -0400
I’m glad this will be over soon. Sometimes you have to hit bottom to realize your blessings
commented 2018-06-07 17:33:36 -0400
Andrew the Liberals have denied our military things they need ever since his scumbag dad did so. They even whined when Harper bought them new equipment. And Justin has tons of cash for Hamas and other terrorists , that is no ones doing but his.
commented 2018-06-07 14:51:30 -0400
The Lieberals are at war with ALL Canadians. Only a matter of time before the citizens have had enough of the dictraitor Trudeau and the sycophants of the criminal lieberal Gov’t in Ottawa……………….
commented 2018-06-07 13:33:15 -0400
Doug Ford and the PC Ontario aren’t the answer to everything , but rejecting Wynne and the commie Horwath would be a good start towards defeating Trudeau and his globalist regime federslly
commented 2018-06-07 13:21:42 -0400
Andrew the fake PhD Stephenson doesn’t speak the obvious that these supplies are likely to be going to the Trudeau invitees, which is odd for him since he would be cheering for it.
commented 2018-06-07 12:44:45 -0400
ANDREW STEPHENSON said, “Yes, it’s Trudeau’s fault that the military’s rucksacks were over 30 years old when he became prime minister. Clearly.”
That was clearly meant to be a tongue -in-cheek comment, but ironically it is true. It is true because Trudeau does not care about our armed forces and more importantly, it is true because Trudeau has assholes like you supporting him in everything he does.
You have never served in the Canadian forces and experienced the frustrations of having equipment that is either outdated or totally inadequate for the job at hand, so go back to the CBC where you can spout your loving accolades about your dreamy POS PM.
Trudeau has given away millions and millions of OUR tax dollars just to make himself look like a good generous asshole.
I am sick to death of Trudeau and jerks like you that stand up and support everything and anything this jerk says and does.
commented 2018-06-07 11:43:14 -0400
Yes, it’s Trudeau’s fault that the military’s rucksacks were over 30 years old when he became prime minister. Clearly.
commented 2018-06-07 10:06:57 -0400
The entire Satanic Moloch that is the liberal party of Canada works for globalist filth like Soros. Their objective is to destroy Canada. You will get any dollar amount you want if you support muslim terrorists (Kadar) or if your an Islamic terrorist nation ( Pakistan ).
Canada , Canadians and our Canadian armed forces are viewed with contempt by Mohammad Trudeau and the globalist swine that infect Ottawa.
commented 2018-06-07 09:31:59 -0400
Gentlemen thank you for your service.
None of the trudeau family ever served they are all cowards. There is more bravery in a Canadian,s military latrine bucket than the whole turdo family.
commented 2018-06-07 07:36:53 -0400
Whats next, picking up the rifle dropped by your fallen COMRADE? Stalin would be so proud.
commented 2018-06-07 06:56:32 -0400
Trudeau and his lackeys have millions of dollars to hand out to Muslim terrorists in Canada but can’t afford to give our military proper gear. This is criminal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

commented 2018-06-07 02:35:20 -0400
During my time in the military I was issued a parka that was well worn and had holes in it. Recycling equipment in our armed forces is a long practiced concept.
BRAVO ZULU you are correct about the Canadian public in general are not traditionally in favor of the military. That may be in part because of successive Liberal Governments that have gone out of their way to demonize the military, the media hasn’t done the military any favors either. When in uniform in Toronto years ago at a movie theater, I got called a baby killer. I would like to hope it has not deteriorated to that now, with all the brave service our military is known for.
commented 2018-06-07 02:09:53 -0400
Liberals are scumbags and ingrates. They hate our military but love doling out cash to terrorists. They should be forced to do a tour in some hellhole.
commented 2018-06-07 01:55:51 -0400
TruDope & Sajjan are 2 of the worlds most insane fools, like their bum-bud Obozo Oblamer the Flamer & that Nazi war criminal George f*ckin Soros! – being they are pissing off many people who are well trained in using guns & other munitions!! Time to bring back the use of firing squads for treasonous tyrants – the above mentioned would top the list of subjects.

Bravo Zulu, Thank-You again for your service!! I salute you!
Please do not think us Canadians would begrudge our military the proper supplies needed to do the job! Many of my veteran friends tell similar stories – and we as Patriot Canadians find this abhorrent, given our lunatic government sees fit to payout terrorists & murderers & buy up pipelines, that us patchers know full well will quadruple the operating costs, invite the worlds islamic dirt-bags to infiltrate our borders at Canadians expense, spend billions in this Climate Fraud – give that Clintoon witch millions for “her” causes and then dump on those doing the job!! This TruDope regime has done the unforgivable and God willing, they will PAY!! – a firing squad is almost to good for these treacherous treasonous tyrants!!
commented 2018-06-07 01:32:29 -0400
Sheila, you are all wet. The money is needed in other places. The Feds needed $Billions to pay for a pipeline. Sure, if Truedolt had been ready to enforce the law, we wouldn’t need to drop the heavy coin, but he is so sensitive. Besides, if our troops don’t have sleeping bags and rucksacks, they won’t have to get into helicopters that are 55 years old. I wonder how old the parachutes are? Oh, yeh, I forgot the new Cyclones. We should have em all by 2015, maybe. Sheila, all kidding aside. It is a criminal act to send our men and women into harms way without the very best equipment that money can buy. You couldn’t pay me enough to get on one of those old helicopters.
commented 2018-06-06 23:56:43 -0400
Last year turdough libtards gave $2 billions in aid to pakistan alone.
Enough money for our sworn enemies who are hell bent on destroying our culture, civilization & country but no money for our serving members & vets.
commented 2018-06-06 23:51:25 -0400
TAMMIE PUTINSKI-ZANDBELT commented: “And why does Sajjan always look so stunned and dopey?”

So far there’s no proof of it but I won’t be surprised at all if one day somebody finds out harjit sajjan is a habitual user of opium (or some other kind of opioid) as majority of skihs/punjabis are.
commented 2018-06-06 23:45:25 -0400
TAMMIE PUTINSKI-ZANDBELT commented: “Recalling sleeping bags and rusacks is something that a third world government would do”

Tammie, I’ve spent few years of my life as an officer in Indian Army and believe me though it’s considered one of the most corrupt, underfunded & ill-equipped army in the world, even in there the situation is not so dire that govt. had ask their soldiers to share or return their bedding rolls & other personal equipment. I wonder what’s coming next share uniform: pants, shirts, underwear & boots??
The more third world politicians we have in the parliament the sooner we’ll be turning into a third world cesspit.
commented 2018-06-06 23:34:51 -0400
Libtards have no money to buy sleeping bags or haversacks but have no shortage of funds for providing parkas to fake refugees, housing them in luxurious hotel & hiring taxis for their excursion.
Our defense monster abominable Harjit Sajjan had enough funds available for himself & his family to fly around in private jets spending $700K in a year while showing his disdain to our fallen soldiers by NOT saluting the memorial & standing their with his hands in his pocket during the ceremony.
commented 2018-06-06 22:12:14 -0400
Trudeau’s have always been pieces of shit and will continue to work toward that lowly goal every day of their lives. Lower than phlegm hoark greasing the underbelly of a slithering slime snake regurgitating inedible green mystery vomit, and then giving it another go. That’s the Trudeau low as he can go.
commented 2018-06-06 22:00:55 -0400
But Trudeau has endless millions for any Muslim terrorist he crosses paths with
commented 2018-06-06 21:53:21 -0400
Trudeau is a piece of shit had to say it, feel much better already.
commented 2018-06-06 21:30:36 -0400
While in Afghanistan I was forced to go to the Americans for ammunition for my crew and I – we took the unauthorized ammunition – the stuff the Americans left behind when they were shipped home. It had all been stripped from their mags and left loose in large barrel containers in the hangar. We would take buckets of that ammunition load that stuff into our own mags for use in the field.

Heck I could not even get a radio to contact the TOC for help – I had to use a cell phone I purchased at the Souk. We were a long way from anyone where we were camped out.

That is how I did my complete tour of duty on my last go in Afghanistan.

Canada and Canadians always talk a good story about patriotism and how they respect the troops – but IMO and for the most part, it is just lip service.

However there is billions to give away to despotic islamic countries.


No surprises here at all.
commented 2018-06-06 21:11:24 -0400
Recalling sleeping bags and rusacks is something that a third world government would do; or in Canada’s case, it’s the directive from a POS PM who is bankrupting our nation with his sickening virtue signalling. Add to that, he is giving our tax dollars to other nations by the billions.

I’m really upset by this latest kick in the teeth the government has given our military! The millions Trudeau gave the corrupt Clinton Foundation after her spectacular loss could have purchased a hell of a lot of sleeping bags, knapsacks, boots, rations etc…
And why does Sajjan always look so stunned and dopey?
commented 2018-06-06 20:25:05 -0400
This is disgusting, Justin Trudeau has to be the worst PM in the history of Canada and probably the worst human being (Questionable) that ever walked this land. If the armed forces all had off white skins and had beards I am sure the money would be available. Trudeau, enjoy every breath that you breath, for you never know which one will be your last. You have made the wrong people angry. There will be long line up’s for those who wish to spit on your grave.