May 09, 2019

Canadians would vote for a POTATO over Justin Trudeau

Adam/Pathetic MillennialRebel Correspondent

President Trump loves China, and China loves Trump, calling him “Donald The Strong” and “Uncle Donald.” The Chinese have a nickname for Justin Trudeau, too. It's “Little Potato.”

The “Little Potato” nickname is so insulting that it's been banned from Parliament.

So I went out to Yonge and Dundas here in Toronto to ask people if they would vote for a literal potato over Justin Trudeau in the upcoming election. 

If enough people like my Tater Tot candidate, I might actually start an ad campaign for him.

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commented 2019-05-31 17:19:27 -0400
JUST WHAT THE REBEL NEEDS!!!! a little levity THANK YOU. Good job brother!!!!

Loved the part with the long hair a “Why, cause he legalized weed?” lol lmao
commented 2019-05-14 11:58:05 -0400
Poor Scheer, on a list of alternatives to Trudeau the potato rates higher than he.
commented 2019-05-10 23:46:19 -0400
I do hope that Little Trudie Tater Tot gets roasted at the ballot box in the next election. But I still have this fear that once again Traitor Trudeau will again take office. I dreaded his coming, knew that once he was born we would be plagued by another Trudeau. And sure enough my nightmare came to be. After he is gone, Canada will once again be ruled by darkness, as this Trudeau has 3 kids. My guess is it won’t be long and the Liberals will recruit all of them into political office. In time, they will all have more Trudeau offspring. Canada will never be free of gene pools like the Trudeau’s or the Mulroney’s. Always will they be there to take their rightful place in the family business of ruling Canada. They will not stop until Canada is destroyed.
commented 2019-05-10 17:28:23 -0400
Richard Mann:
I have been listening to people talk about Trudeau and the liberal party over the past few months and it’s quite disturbing to hear some of the comments they make. For instance, there are voters who are ready to help re-elect Trudeau for the dumbest of reasons and that is…. tradition. They told me “my parents were liberal so I have to carry on that tradition and that’s why I will be voting liberal in October regardless of Trudeau’s track record”. It’s these people that we should be concerned about. They are unable to think for themselves and they are ready to help re-elect this traitor back into office simply because tradition dictates it.
commented 2019-05-10 14:23:57 -0400
Next time that potato prop goes on the Rebel beat, please put some fake eyebrows on it.
commented 2019-05-10 14:20:34 -0400
Little Potato is a good name for Trudeau, but I think Rotten Potato is better.
commented 2019-05-10 13:57:29 -0400
I’m betting people would vote for a sack of feces before they’d vote for Little Potato.
commented 2019-05-10 13:54:45 -0400
Robert Sloane don’t forget they could also have fake eyebrows that fall off during speeches.
commented 2019-05-10 11:27:34 -0400
I wonder if Trudeau (potato) ever takes the time to watch these videos of Canadians expressing their opinions about him? Do you think he’s standing in his office screaming profanities or sitting in a dark corner whimpering like a frightened dog? Does he have a safe-space to crawl into and stare at his fathers photo while asking “what should I do now oh great one?” or is he playing with his magic 8 ball for the solutions?
This traitor of a PM is so highly opinionated of himself that I’ll wager every time he passes by a mirror he stops to bow to himself.
commented 2019-05-10 10:03:07 -0400
G. MCKINNON, That’s a great idea… Get a Petition going and send it off to Hasbro. The “All New” Trudeau Potato Head could be marketed for years with all the new costumes, not to mention the add-ons. Rainbow Hair, Unicorn Horn, Blunts, Red Eyes…The possibilities are endless…
commented 2019-05-10 06:55:22 -0400
I’ve had pet rocks that had more intelligence than Little Sir Trugrope.

I never voted for the little twat to begin with and never will. He’s a complete waste of skin and oxygen.
commented 2019-05-10 03:15:00 -0400
“Hopefully Canadians will never make a mistake as bad as electing a Trudeau ever, ever again.”

39.47% of Canadians ARE that stupid, hopefully the numbers will decline as the years go by.
commented 2019-05-09 23:02:39 -0400
Keith Barns.. Lol
commented 2019-05-09 22:05:32 -0400
China considers Canada already bought and paid for , so to them we are inconsequential and they consider the idiot Trudeau to be the ultimate example of the weak naive western Cuck male. Also most of the top donars to the Trudeau foundation are “businessman” from China many of them involved in the Wild West of international money laundering in Vancouver and Canada.
Most politicians in Canada are hopelessly weak con men like Trudeau ….they certainly don’t work for the interests of the average Canadian
commented 2019-05-09 21:48:34 -0400
Not mine Dirk, for the left the honeymoon is over, even for his most devoted groupies. Also I was trying to think of song titles/lines.
commented 2019-05-09 20:55:03 -0400
Dirk kanis. His fantastic exhibitions. I wish I could put someone in the boxing ring with him. It’s over. I can’t wait for the summer to end
commented 2019-05-09 20:28:18 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented 5 hours ago
The thrill is gone!
What thrill?
commented 2019-05-09 20:11:55 -0400
Should The Mashed Potato by the Ronnettes be the official election night song when the Little Potato gets MASHED?
commented 2019-05-09 19:18:47 -0400
I’m surprised they didn’t name a poutine after Trudeau.
Still time….come this fall they can call it mashed potato poutine.
It would be just like him…one big mess.
commented 2019-05-09 18:57:38 -0400
Reasons to vote for the Potato:
1) Like @BETTY POWER said, it won’t legislate anything so it can’t do more harm
2) It’s not completely useless – you can eat it, and
3) I find the potato more appealing a-peeling
commented 2019-05-09 18:03:21 -0400
A potato would do less harm.
commented 2019-05-09 17:46:50 -0400
Trudeau was conceived in a worm hole.
commented 2019-05-09 16:54:38 -0400
Funny thing,I was driving into the city this morning to pickup parts and I look over at this warehouse and guess what-the name on the building was “the little potato factory” I burst out laughing and then I thought to myself I wonder if that’s where Little Potato was conceived!!!!
commented 2019-05-09 16:46:49 -0400
I have been using ‘Jihadi-Justin-Groper’ mostly, to refer to the feckless loser inhabiting the PMO.
The fact that “Little Potato”, as a reference to the goof badly playing PM, has been BANNED so the Little Potato’s feeling aren’t hurt, makes me want to use it all the more. But this has created a conflict for me now, because I’ll have to decide which one to use…or come up with a better derogatory and accurate label for Little-Potato-Jihadi-Justin-Groper…who has more than earned every bit of ridicule and contempt coming his way from all his Canadian victims!
One wonders if Chrystia Freeland’s CNBC interview where she’s so “proud” of Little Potato’s “fond nickname” will also be BANNED

“Justin ‘Little Potato’ Turdeau (sic) – Christia (sic) Freeland CNBC Interview”
commented 2019-05-09 16:26:49 -0400
i would vote for broccolli instead. justin as stupid but more nutritious than a potato head.
commented 2019-05-09 15:25:31 -0400
The thrill is gone!
We’ve lost that lovin feeling….
I don’t know where we went wrong but the feelin’s gone and we just can’t get it back.

The honeymoon is over. Hopefully Canadians will never make a mistake as bad as electing a Trudeau ever, ever again. He is the most ridiculed if not the most hated PM in Canadian history.
commented 2019-05-09 15:22:44 -0400
The wisdom of the people knows no bounds. I would vote for a stinking rotten potato, before I voted for him. In fact, I would vote for a decomposed dead rat, before putting my X next to Trudeau’s name.
This moron has to realize that his career is over and he is politically, dead meat………We had enough already, Justin.
commented 2019-05-09 15:03:04 -0400
I would love to see an environmentally friendly, gender fluid, Trudeau potato head, that could be decorated with an assortment of culturally inappropriate attachable parts, just like the costumes Trudeau so delightfully flaunts while on his virtue signaling tours. Talk about an instant hit at any pride parade, mosque, cannabis shop or everyday taxpayer funded Liberal jet setting vacation. Oh, and fully endorsed by Omar Khadr and the Librano Party, of course.
commented 2019-05-09 14:56:42 -0400