January 21, 2016

Canadians butchered by terrorists -- and Trudeau's pathetic response

Faith GoldyArchive

This week, seven Canadians were butchered by Islamists abroad, and our Prime Minister responded with a nasty note.

Meanwhile, Canada was shut out of a high-level meeting of “significant contributors” to the U-S-led coalition.

Why is Canada behaving as a peripheral power?

I call on Prime Minister Trudeau to reverse the one campaign promise he’s bent on keeping:

Please leave our men and women in uniform in the air and on the ground in this worthwhile fight against ISIS.

Because it won’t be condolences -- but firepower-- that brings the Islamic State to its knees.

PLUS: The Supreme Court of Canada has overruled parliamentary supremacy, while the doctor-assisted death count is already climbing in Quebec.

Journalist and anti-euthanasia activist Charles Lewis joins me to talk about the situation:


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commented 2016-01-26 19:48:56 -0500
I support taking in refugees (including non-militant Muslims) but obviously we can’t take in all of them ,(or at least not permanently). We need to address better ways of helping the refugees in their housing situation , while also continuing to help our native residents and other immigrants
commented 2016-01-24 03:47:08 -0500
You can call the physician suicide whatever you want. If the patient wants it, let the patients have it. And of course Faith is not an expert. She is just some actress playing a parody of a right wing pundit.
commented 2016-01-23 20:23:47 -0500
Remember the way this country is now!, Because it sure won’t be the same 4 yr’s from now,,,,,Lets see what h’s done so far,,,,,Given away 2 Billion in Foreign Aid, and Not Created a single Canadian Job!,,Has taken about 1,000 “Photo shop Op’s” w/ Hand-picked so-called “Syrian” Refugees(who really are “ECONOMIC Migrants” by-passing the True Immigration Process,,, and STOPPED all “Anti Refugee” demonstrators from ruining his Precious Photo Op’s by stopping anyone not carrying an “Approved” placard blocks away, and from the Subway Stations,,,,He’s nothing but a lying, cheating SOB, who only got into Power using the Immigrant Vote, The “Stoner” vote(which BTW he’s already re-negged on by saying"I want to LEGALIZE IT but They Won’t let me", which means,,,,It’ll just transfer over to another “Campaign Promise” 4 yr’s from now,,,,I wonder how the “Stoners” feel about voting for this A-HOLE now!), and every Balloon headed LIBERAL in every Major Canadian City. Just like Jacques Parizeau said after the Quebec Referendum," It was the “Immigrant” vote that killed our cause"!!!,,,,,,,If more people actually took a couple minutes out of their hectic, hectic lives to actually read a few of these “Satanic Verses” they would be shocked, amazed & dumb-founded to actually believe this is a Religion. Muhammad was not a “Holy” man in our sense of the word, He married his wife Aisha at the age of 6!!!!, and consummated the marriage the same night, and until said wife(s) are of child b…earing age, the Koran basically gives the man carte blanche to suck on the tongues, and sodomize little boys to fulfill their beastly needs. What else does Muhammad’s “Play Book” for World Domination say?, that a man, or men have the right to Stone a women to death for trivial things, along with mass executions of non-believers(which means all Christians & Jews regardless of colour,,,So this is not a “Racist” Issue)Be-Headings, forced Female Circumcision, Amputations,Murder, and the list goes on,,,There are not 2 different versions of this book, one for ISIS, and one for regular “Blue Collar” Muslims, There is only 1!!! Koran, that every Muslim must follow with his head to the ground and his ASS in the Air 5X a day!!, This is not a so-called “Religion” of Peace & tranquility IT IS A MASS CULT. PERIOD!!!, These so caled Islamic Extremists are the exact same people who pass you by on the street everyday. The Koran is NOT just a nice book full of silly little squiggly lines! People!!!. These Sand Fleas actually believe that Westerners especially Americans Don’t Read!!!, Prove them wrong,, Memorize some of this shit so that you have some verbal ammunition the next time you hear one of them say,,those aren’t us, those are “Extremists”,,In order to be a Good Muslim,,,,,YOU have to be an “Extremist” , https://www.facebook.com/OfficialBritainFirst/videos/856909564454306/?autoplay_reason=all_page_organic_allowed&video_container_type=0&app_id=2392950137
commented 2016-01-23 18:53:33 -0500
I’ll say just shot the Muslims and go one with life there all fucking terrorist
commented 2016-01-23 18:13:27 -0500
I do not think Faith or Charles are experts this issue. I do however , agree that this issue should be more discussed. Having said that I would quantify this be saying this is not the most important issue facing Canada. Pundits like Charles should refrain from using terms like " Kill" " Murder" in the same conversation that includes reference to Catholicism. Lets keep religion out of the equation.
commented 2016-01-23 17:45:22 -0500
When the system kills Sam, we can call it soooeeee-cide
commented 2016-01-23 15:54:04 -0500
On the matter of Doctor Assisted suicide. We will see doctors advertise on TV soon, the adds will go something like this: “yes, we will help you check out, C’Mon down to the Killinic today, and receive a two for one special. For every customer who checks out, we will do your spouse, friend, or even your pet, for half price”!

At the beginning of the show you discussed the feckless and shallow response from Trudeau regarding the murder of Canadians by Islamic Terrorists. I feel so embarrassed to have that puffed up popinjay as PM. He is not only damaging Canada economically, he is ruining our reputation world wide as a strong and reasoned voice of justice. This is going to be a very long 4 years!
commented 2016-01-23 02:55:25 -0500
I really do not see what the big fuss is for people that are against doctor assisted suicide. Oh wait. is this not where Faith and Charles use different terms lie kill or murder? Or use a weak argument, such as how assisted suicide can fail, similar to how the death penalty execution can also fail? That is like saying scrap the courts because the courts can also fail.

I am starting to think that Faith is just playing a character. Nobody is that ridiculous.
commented 2016-01-23 00:51:11 -0500
We can bitch on these blogs all that we want but if we don’t do something more organized then our Canada as we know it is lost forever..
commented 2016-01-22 20:05:33 -0500
Notice Trudeau piped in on the native school shooting in Saskatchewan. Remember he bought their votes .
commented 2016-01-22 18:24:05 -0500
Some raving lunatic troll with a crush on Justin, commented that, " We lovingly elected a government to reverse everything that the Harper regime implemented."
The word ‘lovingly’ may be a word the troll would use, but in reality a more applicable word would be ‘vindictively’. The troll is correct, Justin was voted in to undo every good thing Harper ever implemented. Shameful really.
commented 2016-01-22 14:18:43 -0500
MAUREEN CRUZ commented 2 hours ago
What is an “Islamist”?
Anyone who believes in the caliphate and Shariah law. PERIOD!
commented 2016-01-22 13:47:23 -0500
Trudeau… sympathetic? More like pathethic…. when it comes what he and his Saudi Foreign Minister are planning for Canada
commented 2016-01-22 13:22:55 -0500
Canada’s left regard Khadr as some kind of hero. He killed a medic. So I don’t think Trudeau’s apology is sincere. He’s said the Muslim economic migrants (whom he calls refugees) share his values. Muslims killed western aid workers throughout the Iraq war.
commented 2016-01-22 13:02:48 -0500
to be fair Faith, the folks killedDID voluntarily go where terrorists operate, they are a target and they knew the risks.

That said, it is no excuse for PM Selfie accosting the grieving families with maudlin clichés and exploiting them for his political narratives. This shows a lack of class and judgement – but this drama queen has displayed this before – I get the impression he is so blank his PR handlers guide his every move and he hasn’t the comprehension to know when their directions cross the line of common propriety.
commented 2016-01-22 12:43:20 -0500
Rae Fraser;
No, I was not speaking to you. Normally I ignore comments like yours but in this case I have made an exception. I do this because I think I owe you an apology.

I am sorry, I caused you to expose your inferiority complex, so easily.

Have a nice day.
commented 2016-01-22 12:15:00 -0500
What is an “Islamist”?
commented 2016-01-22 11:47:26 -0500
Just watched your show Faith and the clip of Mr. Harper made me proud, for a few moments, to be Canadian again. What a great leader we had. And now nothing but a national disgrace and embarrassment in the pm’s chair.
commented 2016-01-22 10:07:30 -0500
Watching Harper brings tears to my eyes.
Hell I’m ashamed of Trudeau’s Canada.
Nice video, very slick!
When’s the next election again?
commented 2016-01-22 08:56:08 -0500
Hello everyone. Take that long diatribe by Sean Penson and each time replace the word lovingly with stupidly and one gets the true picture of what has occurred! At least in the regressive left bubble!
commented 2016-01-22 08:14:54 -0500
Let’s face it, Justin cannot accuse his criminal and terrorist friends of any evil. He applauds their efforts – even if it costs the lives of Canadians he is supposed to serve! This Anti-Christ, immoral, illegal, evil Prime Miscreant needs to be removed from the prestigious office of which he has already proven he is not worthy!
commented 2016-01-22 08:11:58 -0500
Islam and terrorism in reference to one another have been removed from the political dialogue in order to comply with Trudeau’s agreement with the Muslim community in exchange for their full support. In addition the growing access to Sharia law based financing for mortgages etc, in Canada will ensure Pro Sharia law enthusiat Omar Alghabra , (our new parliamentary secretary of foreign affairs) can grow Islamist communities across Canada. Sharia law is totally incompatible with our charter of rights and freedoms and democracy. Its practice should be outlawed as a form of hate literature as defined under our criminal code. ://www.thestar.com/business/2008/01/30/muslim_leader_calls_sharia_loans_a_con_job.html
commented 2016-01-22 07:23:53 -0500
Quebec is killing their own through a legal process. Sounds like Auschwitz for the French dialects to me.
commented 2016-01-22 06:59:08 -0500
Has Junior Silverspoon even uttered the phrase, “Islamic Terrorists” yet? Or is he copy-cat-ing the patheticness of Obama bin laden?

commented 2016-01-22 06:47:31 -0500
Most certainly Trudeau would only give a written and/or tweeted response to the terrorist attack which killed Canadian humanitarian workers. His goal isn’t to participate in thwarting and stomping out terrorism and its threats internationally and at home. His goal is to make all the Muslims cushy, cozy and comfy at home in Canada with perks because it feels so fuzzy wuzzy warm to do so. Does anyone expect much else from this Islam endorser?
commented 2016-01-22 03:15:52 -0500
Are you speaking to me Lad Reme ? That is good . You have the Allies . You have the EVIL in there . Gotts the euthanasia also. Gonna have to harbour Terrorists. There is just no way out of this . You stay way UP there—Lad Reme——— make sure that pedestal, that you sit on has real sturdy legs.
commented 2016-01-22 03:11:37 -0500
Bravo Zulu – we are so appreciative of your dedication and service to us all, many thanks and what an awesome write-up you have here as usual. Sean is just a useful puppeteer for the insane, hateful left wingers who voted for trudoop. Same goes for all local and so-called msm, all a bunch of idiots.
commented 2016-01-22 03:11:35 -0500
Bravo Zulu – we are so appreciative of your dedication and service to us all, many thanks and what an awesome write-up you have here as usual. Sean is just a useful puppeteer for the insane, hateful left wingers who voted for trudoop. Same goes for all local and so-called msm, all a bunch of idiots.
commented 2016-01-22 03:02:57 -0500
Perhaps our enlightened PM should consider reducing the number of terrorist he is importing by 1000 for every innocent person killed by Terrorist abroad, worldwide.

Euthanasia will increase in direct proportion to the number of Muslims imported into Canada. Even Terrorist need somewhere to live.

It will take a long time for our Allies to forgive Canada for walking away from the battle against evil. Thank PM Trudeau for dragging us all down to your level of shit.

Sleep well little Justin, the sandman is on his way.
commented 2016-01-22 02:57:20 -0500
Why did you leave out the Russians ? They are bombing everything under the Sun. They are making Obama look like the Liar- that he most truly is. Not much of a WAR . It is just a fucking GAME.

This war ,if you can call it that—will never be won. I dare ANYBODY to tell me what is WINNING ?
There is no King and no Queen and no checkmate and no Check.
I don’t even know why we are fighting ‘Over There’.