July 21, 2017

Canadians Flee Taxation: Time For Our Own Trump!

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From the desert in Iraq to the desert in Arizona, I'm in Phoenix taking a handgun course. However, while on the ground, I met several Canadian expats from Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario.

While they never knew each other on the northern side of the border, one thing unites their stories:

They left the Great White North to flee burdensome taxation and government regulation.

Each of the gentlemen I spoke with are entrepreneurs and business owners. Once upon a time they ran their operations in Canada, creating Canadian jobs and paying into Canadian tax schemes.

But each of them reached a breaking point when they made the decision to keep their wealth as opposed to turning over half of it to the government trough.

When politicians talk about government programs and make promises to the masses, those platforms manifest themselves in real ways in the daily lives of ordinary people who simply want to work hard and create wealth.

As a former businessman and entrepreneur, U.S. President Donald J Trump gets that; on the other hand, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cronies in provincial parliament do not.

What is the future for young Canadians who hope to create wealth and live well?

Are they destined to move their operations to climates better suited to business interests?

Or can Canada be saved by its own version of Trump, currently hiding in the wings?

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commented 2017-07-22 12:27:56 -0400
RON CHRISTENSEN—Thanks for your educational post for anyone in Government who would read it. I liked where you said " I guess I don’t have to pay for the takers anymore."
What I’m getting at is what do you think of Wynnes new Guaranteed Wage if you were still working ? What would be the incentive to work overtime (where the Gov’t takes most) or even work at all, knowing your taxes are paying for the takers to stay home?
commented 2017-07-22 00:38:18 -0400
It was people like Obama who inspired me to create Dave’s Insights and specifically Obama who inspired me to start it with “I am Sorry Mr. President, but I did build that!” http://heinzegroup.com/insight.htm#1

It was Civil Servant and Politicians in general who inspired me later to write “Women may be From Venus and Men may be From Mars, But Entrepreneurs Live on Pluto” http://heinzegroup.com/insight.htm#17
commented 2017-07-21 23:50:26 -0400
I know someone who owns a place in Arizona. She claims she knows lots of people who voted for the Democrats….I think she was lying. Hmm, maybe she didn’t actually say ‘voted’….now I know she was lying.
commented 2017-07-21 23:47:48 -0400
I’m afraid with Andrew Scheer’s choices in his new team (Lisa Raitt – boring, status quo, public servant) we haven’t a chance. At least he could have had Bernier as his Deputy Leader.
Good point Tammie about the origin of foods. I’m like that too. President’s Choice is bad for bringing in stuff from Mexico.
commented 2017-07-21 23:19:48 -0400
Oh, I forgot to mention the crap from China they try and foist on us. I will not buy food from China period!
commented 2017-07-21 23:18:21 -0400
Drew Wakariuk, isn’t it amazing how many people blame everything on Trump!?

I keep telling my local grocery store to stop buying produce from Mexico, as a traveller, we can’t drink anything but purified water, yet, they are exclusively selling produce which is irrigated with polluted/contaminated water. I complain, and explain, I am willing to pay more for Canadian & American produce, please order it. I’m so happy local growers have produce I’m interested in purchasing, it’s the ideal season for me!
commented 2017-07-21 22:30:00 -0400
I suspect Justine is going to keep up his shenanigans because he really doesn’t know any better, and can’t help himself. I just hope enough people are good and fed up, the demographic hasn’t been too damaged and Canadians can vote this destroyer out!
commented 2017-07-21 20:50:36 -0400
I don’t blame them. If I could have, I would have moved too 20 years ago. But I plan on retiring there because I don’t believe a Trump would ever emerge in Canada. When you have the average Canadian in debt over their heads, since we are by far the most indebted citizens of the G7, they rely on gov’t payouts and vote Left. The country will be destroyed before they notice they are at 3rd world levels of quality of life and that their leftist gov’t has screwed them up for good.
commented 2017-07-21 20:01:10 -0400
If you’re waiting for a Canadian Trump to save you from Globalist kleptocratic austerity, you’ll die of old age first. Anyone capable of saving this nation’s prosperity lost to Klepto-communism has already gone south – those being raised in the low expectations and entitlement-reliant new Kanada have no idea of the prosperity and freedoms we lost, nor is it likely the state controlled information systems will inform them – old Canada is going down the Orwellian memory hole – perhaps that’s for the better – better to be ignorant of what you lost than be miserable wishing it would return – embrace the globalist slave system.
commented 2017-07-21 19:47:30 -0400
I had an idiot in my store a while back whining that a certain product had risen in price , they of course blamed Trump , even though it was not from America in the first place. Just played along and rolled my eyes. The ignorant sheep deserve to go without.
commented 2017-07-21 19:45:46 -0400
Ron Christensen same here i work less hours and pay almost nothing in taxes now that they wrecked the pipeline industry , i will never go back unless i run into some emergency , i make enough to survive with my savings and the company gives great benefits. I am enjoying having more free time and not busting my hump for the government. They can get bent.
commented 2017-07-21 18:42:47 -0400
I used to work 12-16 hrs a day 7 days a week and paid lots of taxes my whole life just like everyone but since these mental midgets were voted in I haven’t worked at all . So this is not going to end well for me or these so called governments ! I guess I don’t have to pay for all the takers anymore ! Lmfao
commented 2017-07-21 18:38:58 -0400
The tow truck operator was talking about over regulation strangling his business 36 years ago in Ontario. Imagine what it is like now.

1981 was when a school friend of mine, who became a medical doctor, left for the States out of frustration with over regulated Canadian medical system. He was unable to get hospital rights in Canada due to quotas. He had a good family practice in the States, which is all he wanted to do in Canada, practice medicine. Sadly, lost touch so I don’t know if Obamacare affected him, except I would imagine he retired because he is my advanced age.
commented 2017-07-21 18:14:10 -0400
Can you imagine paying 50 cents a gallon for gas or $300,000 for a high end house?
commented 2017-07-21 18:12:23 -0400
When all the ‘makers’ flee the country how then will Trudeau keep this commie ship afloat?
commented 2017-07-21 18:11:12 -0400
Randy certainly looks like he did alright for himself! Nice pad. Great interview!

I don’t blame these guys either. If I were just starting out I would consider a move across the line. What a shame that Canada is becoming so inhospitable to Canadians in just about every way. I hope these guys are right, and it really is inevitable that a leader who can make good things happen for this country does indeed show up. Someone who respects our sovereignty as well as our resources and puts Canadians first. Someone who understands that diversity rather than uniting us, is exactly what is breaking us apart. A cohesive society is a peaceful and successful society. Between shutting down our resources, filling our country, and all it’s foundational institutions with Islam and his twisted idea of ‘social justice’, Trudeau is taking us to third world status. It is inconceivable.
commented 2017-07-21 17:53:55 -0400
Yup. They say you can’t take it with you – but that doesn’t mean you have to feed the parasites with it. I don’t blame these folks at all.
commented 2017-07-21 17:48:59 -0400
not true I’m an intelligent Canadian and if i were in the states i would have been a Cruz enthusiastically supporter and a Trump ehhh hes okay supporter. but your right that trump is way better then Clinton
commented 2017-07-21 17:35:04 -0400
All intelligent Canadians are Trump supporters!!