January 25, 2016

It is time for Canadians to demand that immigration rules be tightened

Thomas PrattRebel Blogger

We, as Canadians, come from great stock. 

We were and are the farmers and the soldiers. The labourers and the professionals. We are the teachers and the journalists and the enforcers of law.

We care about those less fortunate than ourselves, but we care about our history and liberty even more. These ideas are the very foundation of our great country. They should be never be sacrificed in the name of “social tolerance," to the detriment of our Constitution.

We risk doing just that when we allow individuals into our country who have no desire to respect our customs or our laws.

Yes, practise your cultural traditions with your family if you feel they are worth preserving, and pray in the establishment of your choice.

However, if your customs are in violation of basic human rights, than abandon them. Those types of ideas have no place in Canada.

A great country has given you health care and some form of pension, and an education. Do not abuse it. Pay it back when the opportunity arises, through charitable works or kindness to others in need.

We need only look back to the early 1900s to see the kinds of people the Liberals once welcomed into our country. Even though these Liberals were more progressive than the Conservatives, they still believed in the basic fundamental ideas that made this country great.

Let us look at what Clifford Sifton, Minister of the Interior at the time, said regarding new immigrants:

“When I speak of quality I have in mind, I think, something that is quite different from what is in the mind of the average writer or speaker upon the question of Immigration. I think a stalwart peasant in a sheep-skin coat, born on the soil, whose forefathers have been farmers for ten generations, with a stout wife and a half-dozen children, is good quality. A Trades Union artisan who will not work more than eight hours a day and will not work that long if he can help it, will not work on a farm at all and has to be fed by the public when his work is slack is, in my judgement, quantity and very bad quantity. I am indifferent as to whether or not he is British-born. It matters not what his nationality is;such men are not wanted in Canada, and the more of them we get the more trouble we shall have.”

Now in all fairness, Clifford Sifton’s policy was not perfect and it gradually evolved into something more inclusive. He was rightfully criticized for not including Asians, blacks and people of the Jewish faith.

Despite these flaws, the people who came to Canada under Sifton's guidelines, and their offspring, nevertheless became some of the finest Canadians to live in this country. They served in two major world wars to preserve freedom for all of us. They paid for and built our infrastructure and our places of worship. They set the moral standard for us as Canadians.

When I look about me and I see our country governed by politically correct socialists who somehow justify despotism and politically correct speech, just so the new immigrant feels they have special status, it makes me feel sick and ashamed. 

Clearly, these leaders are spoiled and complacent in their appointed security, so much so they feel they can do anything they like and tax us so they can have great pensions -- and bring in cheap labor and votes.

It is time we as Canadians stand up and call our politicians to task and demand that the rules regarding immigration be tightened. 

It is time we demand that our government think of the national security of this country. 

It is time we demand they start to honour their fathers -- the ones who that gave them such a good life -- and stop cheating the people who have been born here, worked here, paid taxes here, and in many cases fought to preserve the very freedom our politicians are taking from us.



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commented 2016-01-27 17:58:16 -0500
When Our own Canadian Citizens are struggling to survive in Town Like La Loche Mr.Justin Trudeau and his bunch of ministers are busy spending our hard earned tax money on Muslim Refugees in mIllions who have rich Muslim oil countries to support them but he is not bothered not bothered to whom the money is needed first to our own citizens first not to the people who have no love to the country they are coming to but more towards radical Islam and more love towards Isis and havoc they created in Germany and many other countries they go as refugees and who knows some may have come Isis members may have already come into Canada as refugees..now asking Canadians to move out to give room to muslim refugees with 15 kids ? they are going to produce like rabbits and soon all nonmuslims will be minorities
its time Mr.Justin and his bunch of ministers first take care of our community first and support those who need to survive so the economy will grow and people in town like La Loche will have jobs and lead a normal life to be happy again with their families over to you Mr.Justin Trudeau do something to our citizens first we chose you to take care of our beloved Canada and its citizens first over Mr.Harper this is what we get?
commented 2016-01-27 12:09:05 -0500
The right or wrong immigrants are an easy problem to solve and therefore are not the problem…the real problem is not just politicians – politics attracts sociopaths – the problem is the SYSTEM that allows all this! The problem is t
commented 2016-01-26 18:18:01 -0500
Mark I agree. Use that many say to compensate our soldiers better. Or provide better benefits for our veterans.
commented 2016-01-25 17:37:20 -0500
The USA & Canada should take everything ear marked for the Syrian refugees and use it to house and help the people of Flint for the next few years until that issue is fixed . That would allow the proper time to do a decent job of screening foreign refugees . It would also allow the city of Flint the time needed to change all their pipes and rebuild their city . Meanwhile( I`m just guessing) but we would be bringing in willing workers who could integrate into our customs with very little problem . Some may even choose to stay and become hard working Canadians. I know this would never happen it just seems like Barry Hussain is going to leave these people to their own and we will have another New Orleans …