November 29, 2017

Canadians “strapped” with obligation to help ISIS-supporting citizens

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, immigration lawyer Guidy Mamann joined me to discuss the legal obligations the Canadian government has to the citizens who supported ISIS now returning from Iraq and Syria. 

There are an estimated 60 ISIS terrorists already in Canada, and that number will only rise as more Jihadis flee from the collapse of the caliphate. 

Guidy explained that the Canadian government still has a duty to "help" returning jihadists, however a bizarre scenario that is. If the government is going to take the necessary action to protect Canadians, it must be able to prove returning jihadists broke Canadian law.

With Justin Trudeau using every opportunity to show how much he loves Islam, can we really expect his government to properly monitor returning ISIS terrorists?

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commented 2017-11-30 06:09:14 -0500
liza rosie commented…
‘Why are any of these ISIS fighters coming back?’
Because Justin tells us a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian, and that includes terrorists. He told that to a room full of people, they laughed. They even thought he was kidding.

Liza, there is something seriously wrong with this guy’s brain, that’s for sure. Trudeau is taking down our country with his mania. He’s got to go.
commented 2017-11-29 22:37:16 -0500
How about only the liberal useful idiots have to help their heroes, like sacrificing their daughters to them.
commented 2017-11-29 20:35:15 -0500
Typical of the conflicted morality needed to support the anti-national agendas of a treasonous Ottawa regime. Just say NO. Refuse to be involved in self destructive policy pimping or ignoring the nation’s interests. You have your values as a Canadian intact at least. If it is a legal liability to care for and want to protect your country from those who would harm or abuse it, then something is very very wrong and a stark correction is needed .
commented 2017-11-29 20:05:12 -0500
‘Why are any of these ISIS fighters coming back?’
Because Justin tells us a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian, and that includes terrorists. He told that to a room full of people, they laughed. They even thought he was kidding. He keeps saying we are legally bound because they are citizens, but surely there is a clause about treason. If they go to fight against us, then Canadian no more. Is that or is that not the law?

As Theresa May has as much as admitted, she is giving Britain over to the Muslims. Justin Trudeau is doing the same with Canada. No sharing our bounty with selected new comers who will respect and love the values and freedoms we hold dear. No sir. Islam will rule. We are being sold out in front of our eyes. Andrew Scheer has a duty to do something. This is an emergency.
commented 2017-11-29 18:53:01 -0500
Bravo Zulu NAFTA is dead the USA doesn’t negotiate stupid .
Trudeau told Andrew that Canadians voted for him because they didn’t like Harpers approach to terrorist . No dumb ass they voted to legalise pot . And the dumb ones voted for nice hair .
Why are any of these ISIS fighters coming back they don’t like the shit hole that they created or they are coming back to vote for Trudeau in the next election .
commented 2017-11-29 18:24:18 -0500
Cut off heads, rape, murder, torture and pillage.

Then come back to Canada to free housing, free food, free clothing and nice nights listening to poetry.

All the while planning the next move.

Terror in Canada?

Or perhaps America?

The US of A will not be happy about this.

Perhaps they will kill NAFTA?
commented 2017-11-29 18:02:53 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,420 Attacks, 223,135 Killed, 303,383 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-11-29 16:04:10 -0500
There is no war’s in Lebanon, libya, jordan, Iran, egypt, turkey, pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, africa, somalia, syria. Time for the muslim’s to go home right now.
commented 2017-11-29 15:53:25 -0500
I’m glad the American’s have alot of ready missile’s to takeout terrorist’s and there stupid supporter’s like trudope and Goodale.
commented 2017-11-29 14:39:37 -0500
Guidy is wrong. Feeding a terroroist so he can go about his business is aiding and abetting an illegal act. She should be charged when The Shiny Pony brings her back. We owe nothing to treasonous citizens except a fair trial. And a speedy carrying out of the sentence in its most extreme form. Someone with more brains can adopt the kids.
commented 2017-11-29 14:33:29 -0500
Karan Singh, I think we should go further. Canadians are welcome to go fight for terrorist fi they want. Wouldn’t want to be called intolerant, after all. But they never get the choice of coming back. They don’t get jailed. They don’t get rehabbed. They don’t get poetry circles and other Liberal feel good fluff. They get gone. Permanently.
commented 2017-11-29 13:26:28 -0500
Mutta Ween, I see what you are saying. e-411 lead to M-103. The majority of Canadians do not support the Liberal position of coming up with legislation to quell the speech of anyone criticizing Islamic ideology.
Hopefully, there will be a huge signatory list, this will be discussed in Parliament, with excellent speeches by Conservative MP Michelle Rempel and other Conservatives, let the Lying Liberals try and rationalize it…their arguments will further disclose just how Islamocentric they are. Canadians will not be pleased!
Just imagine how many irregular arrivals & legal immigrants will claim they didn’t realize FGM, honour killings etc…is illegal… no mention of it in the Liberals proposed new citizenship guide.
commented 2017-11-29 13:12:50 -0500
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt, Isn’t petitioning the Government of Canada (Trudeau Government) comparable to petitioning the Tetley Tea Company to stop marketing tea?
Recall when the Prime Minister visited the mosque and sent his greetings to the “sisters upstairs” ? So much for his defense of women.
I would sign it if it was addressed to the Leader of the Opposition and the NDP. I wouldn’t give Trudeau and his Islamic dominated Cabinet the time of day.
commented 2017-11-29 12:50:41 -0500
No law should trump the citizens right for liberty, freedom, safety & security. There should be no exceptions especially for traitors who perpetrate acts of violence against soldiers from their own or friendly countries.
These barbarians join ISIS & other islamic terrorist groups on their own free will, they intentionally & purposefully committed crimes against humanity.
commented 2017-11-29 12:11:31 -0500
Rebels, please consider signing E-1310 (sponsored by Michelle Rempel)
The citizenship guide is a tool utilized by newcomers to Canada as a resource to learn about our country and prepare for the citizenship test
Canada is a welcoming and tolerant society that promotes gender equality at home and on the world stage
Performing or assisting in female genital mutilation (FGM) is a crime in Canada
Recent reports indicate that FGM practices are affecting Canadians, both at home and abroad
We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to ensure that the final draft of the new citizenship guide includes the condemnation of female genital mutilation.
commented 2017-11-29 12:06:58 -0500
Lawyer Guidy Mamann speaks like a lawyer, with a forked tongue.
As we all know most of the laws are written in a manner that lawyers & judges could twist & interpret them to their liking. Moreover, Guidy Mamann being an immigration lawyer has to save his clientele base, more so the mohammedans.
No country should have any obligation to rescue & help enemy combatants even if they’re their own citizens, that leaves them open to be charged with treason & shot or incarcerated for life with no contact with outside world.