Cancel Telus: Telus wants to support a carbon tax, so Canadians will no longer support Telus!

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Telus, the company that provides cable, Internet, and mobile services to millions of Canadians, launched a campaign last night to support Justin Trudeau's carbon tax.

Telus took to Twitter, and told their 100,000 followers that they support jacking up taxes on Canadian families by thousands of dollars a year. And they pledged their support to the Liberal politicians pushing the tax.

I called Telus’s customer support centre — that just happens to be located in Guatemala, a country without a carbon tax. Funny how Telus wants us to pay higher taxes, but they moved their jobs offshore, so they can pay Third World wages to save themselves money.

I told them that when my plan is complete, I'm cancelling my Telus contract. And I told them why.

You should do it too. Switch to Rogers or Shaw or anyone else.

Telus is betraying their many loyal customers. If you're as upset by this as I am, you need to act. I'm calling for people to do the following:

1. Phone Telus's call centre, or send them an email.

Telephone: 1-866-558-2273 


2. Make a commitment to cancel your contracts when they’re up.

3. Sign our petition below.

Sign the petition and take the pledge!

Sign the petition!

Telus is campaigning for Justin Trudeau and the Liberal carbon tax. Fine, but not with my money. I'm cancelling all my business with Telus.

Will you sign?