November 08, 2018

Caravan report UPDATE: Tensions rise as reality sets in for migrants

David MenziesMission Specialist

We’re here in Loma Bonita, Mexico and can sense growing tension among the locals, and also the migrants as the reality of the long journey ahead to the American border, sets in.

Imagine thousands of strangers descending on your town, and while you may understand their plight and even understand this is only temporary, the feelings are experienced nonetheless.

And from the migrants, a feeling of sadness perhaps from a growing uncertainty about their chances of success even as they get every closer to their goal of arriving at the U.S. border.

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commented 2018-11-09 04:32:03 -0500
Ron Joseph they are not in charge. They can obstruct to a point , but cannot make policy.
commented 2018-11-08 19:55:25 -0500
Keith, (I’m just following along your statement) With the open-borders Democrats now in charge, maybe the Refugees that came in from the US will leave Canada by the same field that they came in from.
The Ideal Plan would be to make videos of these people relaxing in California’s sun, then show the videos to Trudeau’s Syrian Refugees in Calgary and Edmonton that refuse to work. Possible Caravan South. Why not, the US did it to us.
commented 2018-11-08 19:04:00 -0500
Re my last comment. If Trump dose let these people pass then he is duty bound to let them in from Canada. Mexico being considered a safe Country.
Let them through Mr President and you will have them flocking back to the USA from Canada.
commented 2018-11-08 18:54:17 -0500
Spray paint a red line all along the American / Mexican Boarder with armed Soldiers every 25 feet, inter spaced with signs stating, If You Cross This Line You Will Be Shot…….and mean it.

If these people are allowed to pass then every Tom Dick and Harry from god knows where will flock to do the same thing. They will probably start to leave Canada, southbound for warmer climes………Hmmm!