November 04, 2016

Carbon Tax Explained: How much Trudeau’s scheme will cost, and why it won’t work

Candice MalcolmRebel Contributor

Candice Malcolm’s animated short explains how much Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax scheme will cost Canadian households and businesses.

She also points out that, besides being bad for the economy, so-called “carbon pricing” doesn’t even help the environment.

That’s why many other countries who’ve tried carbon taxes have repealed them.

(In Australia’s case, it was so unpopular it brought down the government.)

PS: Send Justin Trudeau a message at

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commented 2016-11-26 03:51:50 -0500
I have never known a liberal who doesn’t like stealing our money under the guise of taxes so they can waste it on their boondoggle pet projects. Do not encourage millennials and the uninformed to vote because they vote liberal. Small potato, Wretched Motley and princess Kate are trying to destroy Canada with their tax and spend attitudes. Canadian voters have no memory and no ability to think and obviously are too lazy to read.
commented 2016-11-17 18:44:43 -0500
By that deadline, Canada will be having a referendum on Trudeau and the Carbon Tax…and if Canadians aren’t entirely the most stupid people on the planet, there will be not one Liberal or NDP government left in any province, or territory or indeed in the country of Canada…Harper would not have brought in a carbon tax…Canadians knew this and still brought in the “sunny” leftist fascists we have today…“stupid is as stupid does.” F. Gump.
commented 2016-11-14 06:33:08 -0500
Canadians went to sleep one night as free people, woke the next morning to being slaves to the liberal alliance Government and their news propaganda machine.

Did anyone watch the Simpsons last night? Homer pegged Trudope bang on by calling him a communist, of course the Simpsons is written where they have freedom of speech, the liberals and alliance took free speech away from Canadians and they are taking more of our freedoms everyday.
commented 2016-11-13 21:04:11 -0500
Climate change is a scam, always was a scam. But the Freak Wynne in Ont will go ahead with her tax increase because she has already spent the money. It will be interesting when O’Leary runs for the leader of the Conservative party, he knows Trump and is also a business man, unlike the dauphin who is not only a dimwit but has never had to worry about paying his hydro bill….
commented 2016-11-13 17:23:33 -0500
This is INSANITY!!! Because of our forests, Canada is a NET ABSORBER of CO2 so it’s clearly a scam. A carbon tax will drive businesses to the USA where President Trump will welcome them with open arms.
commented 2016-11-07 13:28:08 -0500
Nothing but a scam to fund the elites who think they know better than us plebes. Time for every voter to scrutinize every candidate in future elections. Even school trustee elections, this is where many of these green parasites get their start in politics.
commented 2016-11-07 11:18:15 -0500
Canada = one of the Cleanest Countries on the Planet . . . . our 1.6% of Global Emissions don’t even make it out of the country because of our vast AREA and GREENERY . . .
This is a Greenie scam promoted by Justin’s Brain . . . Gerry Butts, the nutty Enviro ! ! !
39% of dumb Canooks got what they wanted . . . the most inept leader on the planet !
commented 2016-11-07 09:43:09 -0500
The MSM are still selling the carbon tax as a way to change the weather, but journalists know full well that it won’t do this, they know this tax is about money and control. Yet they say nothing.

I did not realize that journalists are cheer-leading advocates for higher taxes.

And I also did not know that the average Canadian wants to pay more taxes, not less taxes. They know we already pay 45% of our annual incomes in taxes, and 30% of every liter of gas is carbon taxes. Yet they still want to pay more. Its astonishing.

It makes no sense to me but this is what we’re seeing.
commented 2016-11-06 21:02:28 -0500
Baby Doc, our low educated willfully stupid PM, is simply following Gerald Butts’s belief that all oil based industry must be ended. That would mean no cars, trucks, trains, or anything other than wind powered electrical generation.

Butts must long for the days of horse and buggy. He must also be in love with the UN’s Agenda 21, which plans for the limiting of cities, reduction of population, reduced agricultural use of land, returning the land to non-human use, and a one world government. Baby Doc must be mesmerized by Butts using big words. He must know what he is talking about.

Sadly, Baby Doc will probably introduce and force through Parliament a ranked voting system, which most likely disqualify any vote that has only one nominee selected. We will have a Liberal government forever, and more hair brained schemes such as a “carbon tax”, which he promised he would not introduce.

Every activity, from breathing, to food production produces CO2. Will be taxed for breathing? Will brewing or producing alcohol, baking, and so on be taxed because of CO2 production?

Someone, PLEASE explain to the Chicken Littles of the world, and use little words, that CO2 is plant food. And plant food is at a 2 million year low.
commented 2016-11-06 13:49:34 -0500
The big lie. Trudope’s Carbon Tax is about stripping working Canadians of their income, not the environment. It is about making the elite, such as himself, more elite and wealthy. Damn the peasants anyway. Let them eat cake!
commented 2016-11-06 11:01:18 -0500
If there is a carbon tax levied on anyone it should be the Corporate Industries who pay it, as they have been getting away with destroying lands and resources for half a century at least and reaping the obscene profits from it, not the consumer, we have paid enough.
commented 2016-11-06 07:30:28 -0500
No no no no, over my dead body. Carbon tax is a cash grab for greedy politicians. We are already taxed too much. Small potato has been duped by the environmentalists and has no other way of placating them. We need an adult for PM.
commented 2016-11-05 12:35:56 -0400
if, for no other reason than to facilitate regime change, I say bring it on; the sooner the better
commented 2016-11-05 11:11:30 -0400
Anonymous, Papa Tater and his Tot supposedly had charisma. How is that working out for you? You can have all the shallow you want. I’ll go with depth.
commented 2016-11-05 11:11:00 -0400
One thing that Candice failed to point out is, that in every case, where a carbon tx was forced on a country, it was done by a ‘liberal / socialist’ government. That should tell us all we nee to know.
commented 2016-11-05 08:23:55 -0400
$550 in extra tax per household was enough to bring down the Oz regime.

I wonder if 5x that amount may break the Canadians’ love affair with this regime. Unlikely.
commented 2016-11-05 08:18:20 -0400
@ Anonymous

So, instead of addressing the issue she is talking about, you attack her. How very socialist/progressive of you.

Definition of the Western Socialist/Progressive:
“The self-described most tolerant and inclusive people in the world, but demonstrably the most intolerant and unforgiving people in the world.
commented 2016-11-05 06:44:44 -0400
This should be called the carbon tax grab. It cannot help and the money, like the road tax on fuel, will be diverted elsewhere.
commented 2016-11-05 04:31:34 -0400
Boring! Candice has got to be the most boring personality here. She is even boring on the Andrew Lawton show. How is it that the rebel has so many colorful personalities, but they hire a bore like Candice? And the worst part of it all? Nearly all of her videos have nothing new to say. If you visit the rebel regularly, you already know everything that boring Candice is going to say in her videos.

She is so boring. I feel like sleeping now. Have a good night.
commented 2016-11-05 01:22:17 -0400
A tax on everything wrapped in nothing more than "we need to social signal to the world we are pure little butterflys and you should be too China, Russia, India and the US ". Even you lefties know this will not do anything for the climate. Can you afford $2500 a year to dress up like a butterfly and wave your tiny Canadian flag at China, Russia, India the US? What will your butterfly costume get you? Perhaps the warm fuzzy feeling your a sweet little butterfly and not a guilt ridden human that can’t stop raping the world around you? It must be rough to feel like such a monster. Thankfully the Rebel broadcasts for us who think humans are actually pretty great and can innovate ourselves out of any jam without the help of political hacks and believe the muslim brother, ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, the Taliban, Hamas, Hizbul Mujahideen (and of course all those Christian terrorists) are the bad ones.
NO to a carbon tax. Carbon is NOT a pollutant but an essential element required for life to exist!
commented 2016-11-05 00:03:36 -0400
This is another red herring law. That is to say it is a deception to lead the gullible off the real track. It has nothing to do with reducing greenhouse gasses. It has everything to do with reaching that longed for goal of all governments- the tax on everything. A tax on taxes- nirvana has been reached for the lefties.

That is why Tater Tot et al have no concern about the cranking up the deficit. They plan to hoover what money you have out of your pockets. If that doesn’t work they will steal your bank account. But every golden goose can be slayed. This one will too but too late to stave off the damage.

I love to hear the PSAC ads about how they took Tater Tot “at his word”. You’d think after all the years of Liberal lies and malfeasance they would have learned. But, no, they wanted to believe a lie and are now shocked that they were lied to. Too late stupid. Just like the carbon tax you want so bad. It won’t work either because it was never intended to. It was intended to deceive the gullible. And that has worked in spades.
commented 2016-11-04 22:52:43 -0400
Of course it won’t work. They know that and don’t expect it to but to the libs that doesn’t matter. As long as enough people believe it is all that matters. That’s why they are so heavily targeting the school kids.
commented 2016-11-04 20:36:31 -0400
This Man made climate change agenda is such a joke. I’ve seen videos of David Suzuki telling everyone in the 70s a Global Ice age was coming by the year 2000, in the 90s it magically became Global Warming once that didn’t stick it somehow evolved into Climate Change (something that happens yearly and cyclically hitherto), If you look at the data coming from Lord Monckton Englands foremost fighter against Climate Change Propaganda: website ( you can plainly see that global warming has been extremely over-exaggerated, it’s for Political Gain and to fund the Global Government they’re trying to bring in. Evidence shows that in fact the overall temperature of the earth has dropped since 2000, due in part to a real Environmental issue that Liberals, Socialists & Progressives won’t acknowledge, that is Global Dimming as a result of all the crap they’re putting into and spraying out of the Contrails behind dirigibles (I.E Barium Oxide & Aluminum Oxide). Another ridiculous myth I hear my windmill building friends talk about is this New Age Carbon Capture technology canard where we can now compress carbon deep in the ground and turn it to stone……The guy didn’t seem to understand when I told him Carbon Capture technology is called Planting a tree….. Just believe what the State run & funded Schools & T.V tell you……
commented 2016-11-04 20:00:07 -0400
Funny carbon emissions went down under Harper without a tax. And they will go up under sh*t for brains with a tax , then the media party and the left will celebrate that as a success.
commented 2016-11-04 19:58:54 -0400
Kelvin the greenie citiots think food originates from a store and garbage is consumed by a black hole once they discard it.
commented 2016-11-04 19:43:30 -0400
It won’t work because unemployed people and economically stressed people can’t pay pointless redundant vanity taxes
commented 2016-11-04 19:09:05 -0400
After all… Nobody can force us to work.!