January 05, 2017

Carbon taxes: “A scam” that’s “not going to change the weather”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, I talked about three pretty "liberal" places that have rejected the "green" fraud known as a "carbon tax." So why is Canada still going ahead with one?

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commented 2017-01-06 21:21:42 -0500
Sunny ways
commented 2017-01-05 19:20:40 -0500
“I think every business in Alberta should pull out what they believe is the carbon tax they pass along and print it on the receipt so each and every time a consumer looks at a receipt it identifies how much Notley stole today”
That’s an excellent idea, but it will NEVER happen. Lieberals aren’t known for their willingness to account for the billions they steal and waste. The reason they love this new carbon tax so much is that they’ve already set it up so there’s zero accountability, and the public is being deliberately kept in the dark as to how much they are being robbed of, and what it will be wasted on. In other words, another secret Lieberal slush fund.
commented 2017-01-05 18:28:14 -0500
I went grocery shopping today and I walked through the produce section looking at the prices . It seems to me that all the produces are up . I know it’s winter and all that but I think Alberta’s carbon thievery has started having an effect.
I think every business in Alberta should pull out what they believe is the carbon tax they pass along and print it on the receipt so each and every time a consumer looks at a receipt it identifies how much Notley stole today.
commented 2017-01-05 17:46:57 -0500
The supporters of Climate Change and carbon taxes fall into one of two categories – parasites who are getting rich off the nonsense, and their necessary cheerleaders: useful idiots.
commented 2017-01-05 16:31:20 -0500
Communism has always been based on lies, and this neo communism is no different. It also doesn’t matter that no one else out side this country won’t be doing it. As long murdering criminals can reign their tyranny on us, that’s all that matters to them in the end.
commented 2017-01-05 15:42:54 -0500
Why is Canada going ahead with a carbon tax? Someone has to foot the bill for their pet terrorists and handouts to terrorist nations, as well as terrorist endless victim whining and lawsuits against Canadian taxpayers. And don’t forget all of those lavish vacations that Junior Castro just loves!

And of course, the “someone” will be the poorest and most vulnerable Canadians, senior citizens, veterans, disabled people. Because all of the Liberal “protected groups” will either be exempt from paying, or will get nice fat rebates and tax breaks. Let’s see, there’s the rich, who will get subsidies to make their mansions “energy efficient”. They will get fat rebates on utility bills, and their new Tesla cars will be financed by you ad me. At the end of the year, more lucrative tax breaks.

Then we have the “special” protected ethnicities. Already in Alberta the natives are exempt from paying carbon tax. I guess their pollution, from smoke from wood stoves and open fires (soon to be banned in civilized areas) and emissions from their gas powered vehicles. ATV’s, chainsaws etc. doesn’t count. Soon the moslems will be on the bandwagon, complaining about paying the tax, and Junior will grant them exceptions and refunds all over the place as well.

And the poor? If you’re a renter whose rent includes utilities, no tax break or rebate soup for you. Your landlord will get fat rebates and exemptions on the hydro you paid for. AND – he will jack up your rent next year to compensate him for the hydro bills he’s not paying and already got a rebate on. If you pay utilities, your bill gets jacked up with carbon taxes, no rebates or tax refund for you. Can’t afford a car, so you use “green” transportation? Don’t expect that you can apply for any “cap and trade” points to sell off against your hydro or other increased costs (transit fare, food etc.), the way the Ontario government can. Nope, you get to pay the full tax, no special or even fair treatment for you!
commented 2017-01-05 15:30:41 -0500
On the weather network yesterday they showed the smog in China; it was so dense they had to shut down airports. This is the country Pea Brain admires the most. When he went there did he ask them what they plan to do to reduce emissions. If anyone should be a leader on carbon emissions it should be china not Canada. He should shut his ignorant mouth with all the co2 BS that comes spewing out .
commented 2017-01-05 15:11:20 -0500
“So why is Canada still going ahead with one?”

Why? Because Canadians like to be walked on….and spit on….and pissed on, by the likes of turdo la doo, Wynnedigo, and Rawhide Rachel, I guess.
commented 2017-01-05 14:48:47 -0500
When are we going to see final cost for the Paris climate free for all?It has been 2 years so what is the hold up?
commented 2017-01-05 14:12:12 -0500
It’s all about the money. Once the lefties start mainlining the new taxpayer cash, they’ll never give it up.