Tell Catherine McKenna to Stop Wasting Taxpayer Money on Shuttle Buses

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

You won't believe the hypocritical way Trudeau's Environment Minister Catherine McKenna wants to spend your money now.

According to a federal government request for tender, Environment and Climate Change Canada and the National Capital Region requires the services of shuttle bus drivers to transport Environment and Climate Change Canada and other federal government employees to and from their respective offices using Environment Canada supplied vehicles.

Now we got our hands on the longer procurement document that lays out exactly what the federal government would like to purchase. You can see the full documents by clicking on this link. 

Two shuttles will be operating for nine and a half hours per day on an ongoing basis. One van and one larger 15 passenger van. Fuel will be paid by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

The government says they want these vans to run every 10 minutes between two Gatineau addresses. That's every 10 minutes whether there are people in them or not. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth all day long - for 251 days per year.

I did the math. At nine and a half hours per day, each van is making 57 trips per day. And there are two vans. That’s 114 trips per day. But wait. The contract is for 251 days. So that’s nearly 29,000 trips?

They are rolling a lot of coal for a department whose job it is to keep the rest of us off fossil fuels. Won’t someone think of the earth or something?

And those two Gatineau addresses? Well, they are approximately four km apart. Actually a little less. That's a leisurely bike ride when you need to make the trip. But to drive it religiously every 10 minutes? That works out to be 111,500 kilometres.

And on page 32 of those documents, we find out that the shuttles use gasoline.

Catherine McKenna keeps telling us that we need to move to a low-carbon future and yet she's ordering gasoline-powered shuttle buses to run every 10 minutes between two really close Gatineau offices and they will run whether they are empty or not.

I guess McKenna really didn't mean all those photos of her pretending to ride a bike in a dress and high heels to and from work, did she?

I’ve got a petition that I'd love for you to sign against Catherine McKenna's political perk that's bad for both the economy and the environment, according to her not me.

For me, I think this political perk is bad for my tax bill and it’s hypocritical. It’s typical liberal “do as I say, not as I do” baloney.

Sign the petition!

Sign my petition and tell Catherine McKenna to stop to her carbon-intensive shuttle bus program and lead the way by asking her employees to ride their bikes, walk or take the bus to and from their offices.

Will you sign?