May 31, 2016

German cardinal preaches white guilt from migrant boat -- at site of Cologne rape riot!

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

On May 26, the Cardinal of Cologne pulled a stunt at the same square where the infamous Cologne rape and grope attack took place on New Years Eve.

He arranged to have one of the migrant boats brought to the train station, stood within it and proceeded to claim that the migrants are like Jesus. Because they are poor.

This same Cardinal was featured here at the Rebel not too long ago when he essentially agitated for Islam in Germany, at this link. (See item 7)

One supposes that even the longest of marches must end at some point. It looks more and more like for the Archbishop of Cologne, it ends right in Das Boot.


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commented 2016-06-01 18:18:49 -0400
Sure Jay tell us another one. I bet you really don’t work with Muslims or have Muslim friends.
commented 2016-06-01 13:50:08 -0400
The mark of a Christian is Love. Jesus said “that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter heaven!” My point is that nobody can buy their way into heaven. As a Christian, helping others is a given, in my opinion.
commented 2016-06-01 12:39:36 -0400
Not GOOD works, Deborah, but simply works in the sense of indulgences, novenas, pilgrimages, self physical mortification, rosary recitations, and so on. Luther definitely believed (as Christ taught) in good works: feeding the poor, clothing the naked, comforting the afflicted, housing the homeless, etc. When a man asks Christ how to earn eternal life, Jesus tells him the story of the Good Samaritan, and tells him to go a do likewise. St. James says in his epistle: “Faith without works is empty faith.” Luther agreed fully with Jesus and James.
commented 2016-06-01 10:59:02 -0400
Luther was a theologian and questioned the Catholic Church, and he was excommunicated for it. He took exception to the Catholic Church’s practice of granting “indulgences” to provide absolution to sinners. It is my understanding that he believed and taught that man could be saved by faith alone, not by good works. I don’t profess to be an expert in either the Catholic Church or Martin Luther. He didn’t agree that the Pope was the ultimate authority in the interpretation of scripture.
commented 2016-06-01 01:01:40 -0400
Deborah Graupner, I am not defending this Cardinal, but you are wrong about Luther. Jesus quotes the old testament about 300 times in the bible and 200 of those quotes come from 7 books in the old testament that Luther discarded from the bible. So I guess these books are good enough for Jesus, but not Luther?
commented 2016-05-31 23:30:30 -0400
Sue Baker, I am not German so I cannot identify with your experiences. But as a Christian with Muslim friends and co-workers, I know I feel accepted.
commented 2016-05-31 20:46:11 -0400
Jay Kelly, I hope you are being sarcastic, because if you are not, you are the problem. These people do not like us, and are not peaceful.
commented 2016-05-31 19:54:14 -0400
Jay Kelly almost no Christians make it. If they get a boat they are thrown overboard to die. Bet the baby they found was Christain.
commented 2016-05-31 19:53:13 -0400
As a self-identifeid Catholic, I am nonetheless disouraged by those in the administratove Order of the Church who don’t seem to comprehend, " Convert or be killed." To defend yourself is not anti-Christian. To submit to an irrational ideology might qualify you to be a martyr; in my mind, it qualifies you to be insane.
commented 2016-05-31 19:48:54 -0400
Sorry for the double post.
commented 2016-05-31 19:47:25 -0400
Does the Catholic Church follow Scripture? The Bible clearly shows that our Creator wants borders and nations.
At Babel God divided the people into various languages. In the day of Peleg (GG grandson of Noah) the earth was divided into nations.
If God is not for a world government – who is a politician or ignorant Christian to say it is acceptable?
commented 2016-05-31 19:47:25 -0400
Does the Catholic Church follow Scripture? The Bible clearly shows that our Creator wants borders and nations.
At Babel God divided the people into various languages. In the day of Peleg (GG grandson of Noah) the earth was divided into nations.
If God is not for a world government – who is a politician or ignorant Christian to say it is acceptable?
commented 2016-05-31 14:49:54 -0400
Sadly, the Christian community here are falling for this whole refugee scam. There is a real divide. The weak minded who respond with their hearts but not their heads. I think there may even be a relation between leftism and supporting the refugees. The Christian Church in Canada has been well infiltrated by leftist ideas.
commented 2016-05-31 14:39:16 -0400
The big squeeze is almost complete for the UN’s agenda of one world take over. They must annihilate the white Christian’s so that humanity can return to the caveman days! What better way than to invite those 7th century apes to do the dirty work for them, and force us to pay for our own demise! Typical communists, they use someone else’s money for their evil deeds!
commented 2016-05-31 14:29:12 -0400
Jay Kelly you really are deceived. Mohammed was a pedophile and murderer.

And these refugees are part of the majority in Syria so they are not even true refuges. Now if they were Christians they would be.
commented 2016-05-31 14:26:31 -0400
What a fargin idiot this cardinal is. Centuries ago Popes and cardinals were in the good fight against Islam. Today they are just one more set of enablers.
commented 2016-05-31 13:57:52 -0400
Damn that was hard to listen to. Knights Templar – where are you now? It’s bad enough that the UNreligious have thrown up the white flag and the welcome mat … I hadn’t realized the CHURCH was also in the business of handing over the keys to the kingdom. Holy shit.
commented 2016-05-31 13:20:32 -0400
The Catholic church has a history of being on the wrong side, so that they can fill their coffers. Martin Luther was right!
commented 2016-05-31 12:42:36 -0400
This Church Leader reminds me of the Pope, They both kiss Muslim Butt in the hope that they will be spared when the Jihad starts.
commented 2016-05-31 12:42:28 -0400
Living proof of the merger of church and the state – the new aristocracy
commented 2016-05-31 12:39:27 -0400
Good one Mr. Allan,…if truedunce is standing there too, I get to drive!!!
commented 2016-05-31 12:32:26 -0400
Oh come on, Stephen E., get real. The hateful comments about Islam that we see on this site are not written by people who have read the Koran. A reading of that scripture leads people into a prayerful and reflective state of mind, and a searching for how to build a better society.

Take sacred scripture, reflect on a passage for a time, and see if it still hardens your heart.
commented 2016-05-31 12:24:01 -0400
We all remember the fictional characters always believing the enemy, invader, or space aliens would want to talk nice and that everyone should join in greeting them. They march out, white flag in hand, get within easy range and poof… They are gone.

Chamberland was one such historic figure. So were the leaders of Mecca 1400 years ago.

Surely this religious leader would have read the Koran for comparative studies or to further understand the waves of economic migrants. Surely this religious leader must have picked up a newspaper, listened to the news on the radio, watched TV and seen what has been happening to Europe wherever these economic refugees are settling, or the first waves since the 1970s (Turks were a major problem in Germany since then).

The expressions, “The blind leading the blind”, and “Useful idiots” come to mind.
commented 2016-05-31 12:23:45 -0400
Al, looking at the pictures of the bombed-out cities of Syria I think I would want to flee in order to protect my children.

It is true that Jesus was Jewish, but both Muslims and Christians honour and respect him. Christians, by the way, have disproportionately been the ones fleeing Syria.
commented 2016-05-31 12:17:05 -0400
Ah, but Jay Kelly thats where the similarity ends. Most of these migrants are looking for a better handout they are not true refugees. Jesus was also not from a religion of rapists and liars whose purpose was to force the world into submission or be killed or taxed.
commented 2016-05-31 12:08:46 -0400
The Cardinal is probably remembering that Jesus was a refugee as an infant, when Joseph had to take him and Mary into Egypt. Remembering, too, Jesus’ words that “if you did it for one of these little ones, you did it for me.”
commented 2016-05-31 11:47:40 -0400
donald ,i would like to be the driver of that peterbuilt if i can
commented 2016-05-31 11:23:44 -0400
The Catholic church appears to conspiring with evil. Of course this little show was inspired by the pope himself!
commented 2016-05-31 09:27:40 -0400
Changing the countrys they enter into their own likeness and image
That pretty well wipes out the leftards ideology and the trolls
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