Carleen Thomas | North Vancouver

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Carleen Thomas

North Vancouver

Alberta oil is "CRAP!!!!!"

On "Refining this CRAP in ALBERTA":

"and still there's no discussion about the waste of water to create this CRAP!!!!! there is no one asking the question of refining this CRAP in ALBERTA before it's piped out... WHY???? CAUSE THOSE IDEAS CUT INTO THE PROFITS TOO!!!!
Jan 25, 2014 Click here for screenshot

On Brainwashing:

Hmmmmm... guess people in the industry have to brain wash themselves to believe and espouse these projects are "for the good of our country" indeed... where will Canadian leadership be when a pipeline spills, when tankers spill, human health is impacted, let along the health of our ecosystems...
Mar 22, 2014 Click here for screenshot

On "Lve tarsands in the ground?":

look at alternative energy; or lve tarsands in the ground; or refine the stuff at source?
Sep 25, 2014 Click here for screenshot