June 06, 2017

Cassandra Fairbanks tells Gavin McInnes about violent threats against her

Gavin McInnesArchive

On Saturday's show, I interviewed Cassandra Fairbanks. She told me about the threats she's received from leftists because she switched from supporting Bernie to Trump. 

These cowards have threatened Cassandra and her daughter, with physical violence and attacks by Islamists

It's ironic that these so-called "progressives" would support misogynist, jihadists inspired violence against a woman expressing her opinions. 

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commented 2017-06-06 22:04:07 -0400
The Libtards head Cuckold is Justin (Mohammad) “bin Zoolander” Trudeau
commented 2017-06-06 21:00:56 -0400
There is nothing to add to this Interview…liberals have a mass/mob mental illness..they back up violence..trudeau..guess what you are? You are a liberal.
commented 2017-06-06 19:44:08 -0400
That is so horrible that the lefty’s attack a woman and her child. I find that on youtube the males really like to spew their vomit (words) at females and avoid the men also. They have a disease called “sack full of air.”
commented 2017-06-06 15:06:40 -0400
Bernie is a true communist, that’s who he is, fine. Trump has an ego the size of a Zeppelin, hey, whatever. I could support a vote either way. The Clinton’s are criminals. Period. What Gavin described at about the halfway point of the video, pretty much describes the Clinton’s, power at any and all costs, no low to low, ideology, left or right, simply a means to that end. Pretty much the same as their useful idiot supporters. Not that we have don’t have a certain Federal party in Canada (and provincial one in Ontario) with much the same belief system.