June 05, 2016

(VIDEO) Muhammed Ali vs. Hulk Hogan: Who was more racist?

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Black Pigeon made a provocative video comparing the treatment of Muhammad Ali when he made racist rants, and white athletes when they say the exact same things. 


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commented 2016-06-07 15:05:12 -0400
Didn’t Ali change his views of race when he got a bit older, not long after he served his time in prison?
commented 2016-06-07 00:02:39 -0400
I’m a boomer and lifelong admirer of Ali; his athletic prowess, his physical appearance, his self promotion and the intent of many of his “causes.” Unfortunately there is a lot more to his life story than is portrayed by his media image, some of it good, but much of it bad. It wasn’t quite as cut and dried as many of the posters here consider it to be. Regrettably he seems to have permitted himself to be influenced and used by some disreputables interested only in their personal causes and willing to sacrifice him for their sake. We will probably never know if his words, now described by many as racist were his own, or simply provided for him to mouth. For now all we can do is remember him as he deserves to be remembered, a great athlete and personality.
commented 2016-06-06 19:39:23 -0400
Thank you for daring to make such a claim.

Ali did not want to fight in Vietnam because it meant killing non-whites.

“My enemy is the Black People, Not the Viet Kong” – imagine some white boxer stating this at such a time – you would have had race riots and the guy being permanently banned from fighting anywhere, even Chuvalo would not have fought him
commented 2016-06-06 18:38:47 -0400
Yup this post was clickbait garbage. The Rebel should re-evaluate some of their bloggers, some of them post utter garbage. Until the rebel tightens up some of their quality it won’t be taken seriously.

It serms like they are pushing out a lot of this clickbait garbage but for what reason? More ad revenue? It makes them look no better than a Geocities page.
commented 2016-06-06 18:19:15 -0400
Not only is there nothing wrong with draft dodging, I absolutely support the abolishment of conscription.

Canada taking in Americans that did not want to fight in Vietnam shows what a great country we are.
commented 2016-06-06 17:55:45 -0400
Ali later in life repented on many of the things he said as a young mine in a very turbulent past in the U.S. This is common knowledge to many, but eludes the author of this video. The question with Ali is whether or not the sins of past can be redeemed through actions and wisdom later in life. This video is really bad as it only takes a small part of Ali’s life and does not acknowledge his later works.

Perhaps the media in this case is not recalling those parts of Ali’s past that are not pleasant as there is still a wide held belief in not kicking a man on his deathbed and to not speak ill of the dead, at least before the funeral has even been held.
commented 2016-06-06 13:49:32 -0400
You know, it is possible that keith’s account is actually the troll account of a muslim guy (or gal) who’s having a bit of fun.
commented 2016-06-06 13:46:58 -0400
Keith, you totally wouldn’t punch him in the head.
commented 2016-06-06 13:02:13 -0400
Ron Christensen commented 4 hours ago

Completely delusional as usual. Go get some help dimwit

If you were in front of me, I’d punch you in the head and drop you like a bag of wet cement – you islamic terrorist loving fuck!!!!
commented 2016-06-06 12:27:28 -0400
A problem we face in our society is ascribing greatness to individuals. In reality individuals can “do” some great things, but no one is truly great. We are all humans, which means that we can both “do” and “say” both great and horrible things. Ali did some great athletic feats, and may have said or done other great things. But he, like all of us, is and never was “great”. Ascribing an all-encompassing label of “great” to any human is foolishness. Ali was a great boxer, but a racist and a loud-mouth. Let’s just leave it at that. Anything else is misguided hero-worship that falls apart upon closer examination of the truth.
commented 2016-06-06 11:47:38 -0400
And Muhammad Ali was even worse,
commented 2016-06-06 11:46:54 -0400
Cassius Clay was a big mouth racist , this is why the left like him so much.
commented 2016-06-06 11:41:46 -0400
Cassius Clay died in the early 1960’s.
commented 2016-06-06 11:20:31 -0400
mike Krchnak commented – bla bla bla bla – more herd animal unthinking trailer park BS.

Hey Mike, do yu even remember watching an Ali fight or were you still wetting the house breaking paper at the time – f’ing incredible how you braindead bitches see one biased vid and you know all there is to know about boxing/Ali/political ideologies.

Call me a leftard? Frig, you define a new kind of distilled stupid we’ve never seen here before.
commented 2016-06-06 11:05:41 -0400
Rather comical reading the posts of the leftist progressive fucktard trolls. In true form, their sycosis is evident through the posts here.
The video was spot on, Ali even disparaged Goerge Forman as being an Uncle Tom. But let the wing nuts on the left say what a great person he was. Don’t get me wrong, he was one of the best if not the best. But he was an even bigger bigot and racist, but hey all you leftist progressive fucktard, social justice warrior trolls…….don’t let the facts ruin your feel good bullshit. LMFAO!
commented 2016-06-06 11:00:42 -0400
The Boxing world will miss Clay. He was a giant in bringing the sport to an olympic level in quality and made it an upscale showbiz event which dwarfed the super bowl. I respect and value Clay for what he did for the sport – it took a nose dive back to street punk pugilism with former hoodlums claiming to be “champions” after that and it continues to spiral into the abyss of inner city cultural degeneracy today.

As a man I respect his drive to make something of himself and rise above his poor beginnings. It’s unfortunate that in his fame he was used by a growing “Blacksploitation” cult who used race as a lever to vault themselves to power and wealth. This flirt with negative race politics made Clay a conflicted man just like his original name – he was named after Cassius Marcellus Clay who was a white anti-slavery crusader who fought with the Union in the Civil War, whereas Muhammad Ali of Egypt his “anti slave” name was a historic warlord whose claim to fame was enslaving the Sudanese. Still, he was a conflicted man on the race issue as was evident during his months in Sudan training to fight Forman, a reporter asked him what he thought of Africa – Clay responded : “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat.”

As Clay aged his health failed but he matured as a man and spent a lot of his remaining time with worthy charities and inspiring inner city kids to reject “gangsta” culture and a very short criminal life. I think we should remember him as a man, not a legend – a man who had his warts like all of us and who over came those he could as best he could – RIP Champ, there will be no one like you.

Accuna – unlike the craven draft doger who ran away from their responsibility and convictions by coming to canada, Clay openly announced his intent was religious based and he was prepared to accept the consequences of his convictions – jail, loss of title, loss of career, loss of wealth. Takes nuts to take the consequences of your convictions
commented 2016-06-06 09:47:41 -0400
serving and former service members will always remember how he ran away from his duty and he will never be expunged for that… he did the back door like Dalton mcguinty.
I used to love the interviews with the carrot. the talking heads would talk talk talk and the carrot would vibrate , sleep, piss himself and vibrate some more.
fitting end for a coward.
commented 2016-06-06 09:31:20 -0400
He was a great boxer – I do not deny that.

He refused to serve his country and turned to islam to make that refusal possible.

A man can take a beating or give one as a boxer but to run from service – as the draft dodgers did – puts him in the same category.

Because he was black, a champion and an Islamic – and he now is dead – everyone will worship him.


In my opinion he was a coward.
commented 2016-06-06 09:29:48 -0400
sure he might have said some nasty shit about his masters and turned his back on his religion and was a draft dodger, but in the end ,he was a carrot in a wheelchair shaking like an electric dildo.
proof that karma is a bitch.
commented 2016-06-06 09:26:56 -0400
Ron C.
What claptrap from an apologist for Islam!

Can you apologize for Islam for the following?
I suppose that this behaviour is acceptable by you. I really believe that you are nothing more than another little sheet head!

Jihad Report
May 28, 2016 – Jun 03, 2016

Attacks 46
Killed 457
Injured 414
Suicide Blasts 11
Countries 17

Here is a price list for slaves of the Islamic State members at one of the caliphate’s sex slave markets in November, 2014. A price list was released setting the rate Yazidi and Christian girls between ages 10 and 20 at $130. Women between the ages of 20 and 30 were being sold for $86; a 30 to 40 year was being sold for $75 and 40 to 50 year old women were listed for sale at a price of $43.
The price list began with these words: “In the name of Allah, most gracious and merciful. We have received news that the demand in women and cattle markets has sharply decreased and that will affected Islamic State revenues as well as the funding of the Mujaheddin in the battlefield. We have made some changes. Below are the prices of Yazidi and Christian women.”

Perhaps this is acceptable in your uncivilized tolerant Islam but it should not be for any one who respects the sanctity of human life and freedom.

commented 2016-06-06 08:50:11 -0400
Rest in peace champ! He was a great ambassador for a tolerant Islam and for humanity. The world is better off because of Muhammad Ali.
commented 2016-06-06 08:46:56 -0400

Completely delusional as usual. Go get some help dimwit
commented 2016-06-06 08:45:05 -0400

Completely delusional as usual. Go get some help dimwit
commented 2016-06-06 05:42:14 -0400
Ah, I was counting on the rebel to post a click bait article on Ali. Well done!
commented 2016-06-06 04:01:00 -0400
Jay Kelly commented, “He saw in Islam something that the Christianity of his upbringing lacked: a tolerance for all, including black Americans.”

Is that why people of the Islamic faith are lopping off heads of Western journalists? I believe it started with Daniel Pearl, a Jewish American. Not long ago, a Canadian journalist, Amanda Lindhout was held hostage by Somalia based Al Shabaab where she was physically, emotionally and sexually abused by her Muslim captors. Amanda mistakenly thought she had found refuge at a mosque, but there was no safety at the mosque. The elders there literally threw her back to her captors.

The press has even lost their freedom to report the atrocities that are happening in Germany. Retired media boss, of the major German broadcast centre, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen warned that the state is now controlling the message. He said they took orders from the government in what and what not to report and that "journalists were received instructions to write news that would be to Ms. Merkel’s liking. That is not freedom of the press.

Mo was a draft dodger. The American men who came home from Vietnam were walking, talking miracles and for Mo to say the “My enemy is the white man”, only shows what a war monger he was.
commented 2016-06-06 03:46:02 -0400
Lennox Lewis was the greatest of all time ( a Canadian if you can believe it, but, left Canada for England after the Olympics to pursue his pro career). George Foreman declared, “He [Lewis] is, no doubt, the best heavyweight of all time. What he’s done clearly puts him on top of the heap.”


Tyson ran from Lewis during his career peak – Tyson did not want to fight Lewis in order to preserve his “myth” in the ring.

Too bad the Lewis-Tyson fight didn’t happen years earlier.

No islam, no socialist media to mass promote. Isn’t that weird??? LMFAO!!!!
commented 2016-06-06 03:35:04 -0400
Michael Mann commented 3 hours ago
By the way Victor – it’s Muhammad Ali. Not Mohammad.

Who gives a shit?? Close enough.
commented 2016-06-06 03:33:28 -0400
Muhammad Ali is a muslim. Obama is a closet muslim (his father was muslim).

Stupid media keeps talking skin color.

And socialist media laid it on thick when Ali died – in support of their muslims.

Socialists and their media, once again, publicly promoting their muslim partnership (indirectly in this case).

Ali said all sorts of racist stuff, but during the time he did, marxists wielding their PC weapons didn’t exist.
commented 2016-06-06 02:13:20 -0400
Jay Kelly you blame Trump and say his supporters are haters when it is the anti trump people doing all the hating and violence, you expect me to respect that kind of idiocy?
commented 2016-06-06 02:06:26 -0400
Jay slavery did not exist in the US at that time, it did in Africa and still does. And it was your comment i was talking about. Never said Ali was a terrible person. The point of the story is that a black can spout off racism but a white cannot, that is not equality or is it freedom.