May 22, 2019

Lorne Gunter: Why people are “tuning out” Catherine McKenna’s climate scolding

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Lorne Gunter and I talked about why Catherine McKenna's shrill "climate change" scolding is making Canadians tune out her message:

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commented 2019-05-23 12:12:06 -0400
Ezra, Occasional Cortex is a great communicator? I’m losing confidence in you… Curling? Lol!! “Men With Brooms”. Leslie Nielson on Magic Shrooms… Now that was funny…
commented 2019-05-23 09:41:03 -0400
“Why people are “tuning out” Catherine McKenna’s climate scolding”
Could it be because people are finally coming to the realization that the whole Man Mae Global Warming thing is a hoax? Could it be that the people are finally demanding actual proof? Could it be that people are tired of the seemingly unending shrieking of warmists forecasts of doom when NOT ONE of these predictions has come true?

Could it?

Why, yes it could.
commented 2019-05-23 08:19:59 -0400
“….turdo’s support with men is down to twenty percent.”

Men. Ha ha ha ha ha………
commented 2019-05-23 04:08:19 -0400
I think many people are seeing the previous claims of disaster not happening so they are cluing in to the BS.
commented 2019-05-23 04:07:22 -0400
She is good for a laugh or as an example of what not to believe.
commented 2019-05-23 03:52:25 -0400
Thank you Sheldon Eisler… How many real Canadians now wish they were given the chance to be within a hickory battsworth of Pickle Nose…
commented 2019-05-23 03:47:44 -0400
The evident desperation of Climate Barbie is because in the next few years the “quiet sun” solar cycles are going to manifest themselves and blow this global warming fantasy into oblivion… They know it’s coming, hence the now frenetic language being used these days, and when the whole UN “wealth redistribution” scheme comes crashing down on the biggest scam in history, there’s going to be a lot of “Dr Zooks” running to hide on Nelson Island…
commented 2019-05-22 19:35:06 -0400
Trudeau you are the most hated person in Canada and deservingly so,most Canadians can’t even stand to look at you let alone having to listen to the fruitcake wimper that you talk with!!!
commented 2019-05-22 19:22:08 -0400
I want that screeching witch to go full on menopause until the election, so that Canadians can see what this government has devolved into. They are all as mad as hatters.
commented 2019-05-22 18:53:18 -0400
McKenna, Trudeau & Obama’ their time tolerance is measured in “seconds”.
commented 2019-05-22 18:22:37 -0400
Climate emergency means that they are running out of tax dollars and they can bump the carbon tax as high and as fast as they want .
Today on the news they were showing all the pickup going to Washington state to fill their trucks and up to 6 jerry cans . No wonder the carbon in BC is rising . Anything to avoid the tax . The Americans are laughing all the way to the bank .
If there is anything of a emergency is the number of illegals STILL crossing out boarders . Tory bitching out Ford for cuts to services . Our tax dollars are going to refugees and illegal border migrants . Told you dumb liberal voters 3.5 years ago . Ship them back where they came from or fire the border people . What the hell are they paying them for if you can just walk in ?
commented 2019-05-22 16:45:53 -0400
cathy,cathy, get it right. the ELM[environmental lying movement] now say climate emergency. which means with people that have a smidgen of common sense must now realize how nutty these people are getting. emergency means now or in 2 or 3 weeks the planet will be dead. can hardly wait for their next chicken little statements. got one for you. planet alive but ELM dead.
commented 2019-05-22 16:28:47 -0400
Hate words to be banned by Trudeau:
Vote for Sheer
Vote CPC
Vote CPC
Pro-life or anti-abortion
Just a small sample of what Trudeau plans for Canadians and I haven’t even broached the subject of Islam.
Of course the first phrase to be declared hate speech will be Go eff yourself , Trudeau which is what most rational Canadians think and say about our Dictator.
commented 2019-05-22 14:45:35 -0400
So the prancing pimp announces he’s promising to build ships and as usual he blamed Harper,but he was talking about the tasks the coast guard ships would be performing and one of those being-are you ready,pollution response WTF!!!!
commented 2019-05-22 14:36:32 -0400
If you believe in man made climate change , then you would probably believe that installing bungee cords along the San Andreas Fault would prevent it from shifting.
Is Climate Barbie as stupid as A.O.C.?
commented 2019-05-22 14:24:25 -0400
Why would anyone wanna tune into the screaming lunatic and her fake climate emergency!! When someone wants to suppress Canadians in the name of her cult and then she turns around and does the complete opposite by driving and flying all over the place,guess what the screaming banshee can go pound salt!!!