May 10, 2018

Catherine Swift: Doug Ford's the best option despite flip-flops

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, guest-host David Menzies and Catherine Swift of Working Canadians discuss Doug Ford's flip-flops and if he's still the best option in the Ontario election.

If it wasn't for Tanya Granic Allen, Christine Elliott would almost certainly be the PC leader. But Ford dumped Tanya as a candidate after the Liberals released a video of her voicing opinions we already knew she held. A move Ford has not taken against the liberal running as a PC candidate in Toronto-Centre.

Catherine says she rather vote for her dog than Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne or NDP leader Andrea Horwath, and thinks that conservatives need to compromise and support Ford.

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commented 2018-05-11 09:44:21 -0400
Ford is in a little rubber dingey floating out in an ocean filled with media and union sharks poised to bite his head off at every word and every turn.
Common sense is not a term or phrase or policy that can even be mentioned in Ontario. Hudak found out the hard way that even broaching the subject of fiscal restraint was a vote killer.
Ontarians have embraced socialism and are addicted to the present freebies that have driven the province to be the most indebted non state entity on the planet .
I have a hydro bill so even if Ford saves me a dime , I’ll be happy .if he actually fights Trudeau over the job and country killing carbon tax I’ll be happy.
He just needs to get over the finish line .Wynne and Horvath and their socialist Marxist policies will finish Ontario for good.
commented 2018-05-11 06:52:50 -0400
I certainly understand Mr. Menzies’ concern and share his dismay with Mr. Ford’s changing positions. It’s hard not to wonder where this is going. It may be the case that his inexperience at this level is a weakness so hopefully he will learn lessons quickly. There is a huge appetite for fiscal conservativism and Mr. Ford clearly represents this. And sadly, we know the potential effects of not voting PC. Seems like a hold the nose situation.
commented 2018-05-10 23:17:50 -0400
Billy Howard you would think they could figure that out already. Hopefully it is just to get elected in Fords case, Scheer i doubt will change one bit if he is elected.
commented 2018-05-10 15:51:21 -0400
Ford is hoping his “Liberal” leanings won’t be suicide, Scheer is hoping the same in 2019. Conservatism is alive and well but our so-called conservative politicians seem eager to abandon their right-of-centre base in order to chase approval from the MSM (which they will NEVER get).
commented 2018-05-10 11:49:55 -0400
Well, a dead skunk would be a better choice than Wynne or the NDP, but if anyone thinks that Ford is the answer to Ontario’s woes, think again.

I just heard him on CFRA Ottawa talk radio. He was lobbed a soft-ball question about private vs. public health care, and instead of noting that the private sector already plays a considerable role in the Province’s health care system, he stammered that he supports public health care one hundred percent.

Just like his sad predecessors, he’s showing us that he’s scared shitless of the media, and will tailor his responses (and future actions) accordingly.