April 22, 2019

CBC celebrates Easter Sunday — by putting Muslim terrorist Omar Khadr on TV

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Omar Khadr is a convicted war criminal and confessed killer. As a Canadian citizen-turned-member of Al Qaeda, Khadr murdered Christopher Speer, a U.S army medic.

Of course, not only is Khadr out of Gitmo already, he got a $10.5 million payout from Justin Trudeau.

Now, he’s on TV. As a hero.

It happened on Sunday, as a segment on a popular Quebec television program.

The studio audience applauded when he came out. They had music to accompany his walk-on to the studio set. That’s how you treat a celebrity actor or singer. They were treating a murderer like that.

And the timing — Easter Sunday. 

That same day in Sri Lanka, Muslim terrorists attacked multiple targets simultaneously, targeting the Christian minority. Last I saw, 290 people were confirmed murdered. It’s really Sri Lanka’s 9/11.

But Trudeau’s CBC decides that it is wise to proceed with this pre-recorded clip of Omar Khadr.

Would the CBC run a loving interview of Paul Bernardo on International Women’s Day? 

Khadr told prison guards in Guantanamo Bay that murdering Christopher Speer was the happiest day in his life.

I tweeted about this — and the producer of that CBC program replied. 

I'll show you our exchange TONIGHT, but here's what's fascinating:

According to the Twitter analytics for that one little tweet by me — in just a few hours, it had been seen a third of a million times.

I think within a few more hours my criticism on Twitterwill have been seen more than the original CBC broadcast. No wonder that producer blocked me.

He actually called me a propagandist. Right: Let me know when I put a convicted, confessed terrorist on TV, without saying he’s a convicted, confessed terrorist... 

If we lack the ability to call evil by its proper name, don’t be surprised if evil thrives.

Including here in Canada...

NEXT: Speaking of evil, Pamela Geller joins me tonight to talk about the horrific Islamic terrorist attack in Sri Lanka, and why the media and other elites are trying to downplay the fact that Christians were specifically targeted.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2019-04-22 20:46:06 -0400
Islamofascism and the CBC are one of the same
They both need to be destroyed
commented 2019-04-22 20:45:13 -0400
It is what it is.

Question is what is to be done in October? Similar to Alberta 2019 and Ontario 2018, or year 2015 repeated?

Problem is that the conservative leadership required federally does not mirror either Alberta or Ontario. Heck, the Alberta new opposition is more right of the Laurentian elite.
commented 2019-04-22 20:37:48 -0400
“If we lack the ability to call evil by its proper name, don’t be surprised that evil thrives” – There’s the quote for the times…
commented 2019-04-22 20:37:41 -0400
It’s one thing that Islamists will engage in terror attacks. That’s bad enough, but it’s what they do. We really need to be concerned about our own politicians and media that seem to almost condone their behaviour. That may be our biggest problem.
commented 2019-04-22 20:34:06 -0400
The Left suffer from backwards-brain.
commented 2019-04-22 20:32:20 -0400
The scum sucking maggot filth at the CBC are the enemy
commented 2019-04-22 20:15:47 -0400
Why is this Muslim supremacist rat still breathing,this filth should be hung in public!! This POS sat through that interview last night with his usual smirk that should be permanently wiped off his face. CBC has no respect for Christians,Easter,or the American soldiers that were killed by this Islamic filth!! When this government under Trudeau comes apart may the Canadian people unleash their anger on the treasonous PM and the CBC and any other followers of this Muslim supremacist filth!!!