April 11, 2019

CBC journalist and “progressive crank” collude to fabricate “fake news” about Rebel

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

On Tuesday, after voting early, I jumped back in my truck to find that I had missed a phone call from a CBC reporter based in Calgary named Sarah Rieger. Her message said she had questions about my StopNotley.com signs.

For various reasons, including deadlines and accountability in my private sector job, I didn't call her back. But also, I sensed a trap.

I’ve done several stories about my signs, book and billboard. If she needed questions answered, she could find the facts in my videos.

But she didn't let up, emailing me later in the day.

It was cordial enough, sure. But now, I didn't just sense a trap, I sensed BS.

CBC wanted me to believe that someone from Calgary wanted one of my signs but didn't know that they were about a book, nor did they know the signs were from The Rebel?

Utterly unbelievable. Those two facts are plastered on the signs and you have to go to our website to sign up for one!

CBC wanted me to believe this concerned but confused conservative then reached out to the CBC to express dismay about possible elections advertising problems? It had to be fake news.

And it was.

Today I'll show you the utterly ridiculous story the CBC published without bothering to fact-check it, and what I found out about their phoney progressive professional protester who just wanted a Stop Notley sign.

It was a set up from the beginning by a left wing activist and CBC had to have known.

While I’m not worried about anyone judging me based on hilariously fake news published by CBC, I do want to demonstrate that this is what CBC is doing while holding itself out as the arbiter of what's real and what isn’t in this election.

They laughably call themselves “scrutineers.”

The Rebel exists precisely because CBC fabricates these narratives about conservatives. I guess I should thank them for my ongoing job security.

Fake news from the CBC is why people gladly help us fight back on their behalf, while the CBC runs to the federal government for a $1.5 billion subsidy every year to keep the lights on.

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commented 2019-04-15 18:59:14 -0400
Defunding the CBC is not even an option anymore as it must be uprooted, destroyed, and then sold off to the private sector as soon as the Dopester is gone. CBC is like the Democrats down south – they’re beyond help – as they’re dangerous to the public.
commented 2019-04-13 21:09:56 -0400
Thanks for this exposure. This is so disgusting.
commented 2019-04-13 14:51:12 -0400
“Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.” (Excerpt from the prayer to St. Michael.) Good on ya for spotting it.
commented 2019-04-13 12:38:42 -0400
The “Election commissioner” is Lorne Gibson – the guy the PC’s fired in 2009 and who lost a wrongful dismissal suit.
The Lorne Gibson that is Alberta’s first election commissioner in a position newly created by the NDP
A fired, butt-hurt former PC with an axe to grind so the NDP appoints him to the brand new “Election Commissioner” job that THEY created and he hands some rinky inner-party accounting beef over to the RCMP like it’s SNC Lavalin.
The Lorne Gibson that works for the NDP.
NDP crony Gibson turns over his “investigation” March 15 and Rachel drops the writ March 19. Weird huh?
The real scandal is the NDP appointing a partisan toady as Election Commissioner (Kommisar).
commented 2019-04-12 16:46:31 -0400
Although your video keeps the hope alive I think in terms of censorship there are dark times ahead. Tommy’s book was removed from Amazon, Jordan Peterson’s book was removed from Whitcolls in NZ…..Dark times ahead.
commented 2019-04-12 15:10:15 -0400
Caught on tape…she lied about researching the source. Shame on you Sarah!!

Great journalist work Rebel

keep up the good fight Sheila.
commented 2019-04-12 13:03:37 -0400
The sound of the CBC “scrutineers” voice, when she was being called out by Ezra was worth listening to more than once. She must not know Ezra’s background or she wouldn’t have been such an amateur.
commented 2019-04-12 12:45:08 -0400
I very much enjoyed watching your show today Sheila!
Great job!
commented 2019-04-12 05:46:12 -0400
Excellent reporting! Nothing like that feel good moment of having the CBC exposed for what it really is, fake news makers and repeaters! CBC certainly has been heavy into Alberta’s election, must be Trudoccio’s way of giving his western henchwoman a helping hand and their brand is disgusting to the extreme. Hopefully on Tuesday Albertans will be out from under the socialist thumb and heading back to reality and God blessed sanity.
commented 2019-04-11 23:04:56 -0400
Hello from California (the other “ca”)- We’ve been following the goings on in Alberta as different versions are happening here as well. For those with common sense, the world is becoming a scary place… Really appreciate your reporting, Sheila. It likely doesn’t make your life any easier, but just know that people far and wide appreciate the work you do.
PS love the design of “the sign.” Excellent!
commented 2019-04-11 22:54:50 -0400
What’s worrying is when Trudeau bans Rebel Media, TruNorth and others, the public will have no clue what is true and what is not from RT, er I mean, the CBC.
Even with all of Trudeau’s election rigging, scandals, censorship and lies, if Scheer does still manage to win a majority, he’d be an absolute fool not to defund or sell off the CBC.
commented 2019-04-11 22:54:49 -0400
What’s worrying is when Trudeau bans Rebel Media, TruNorth and others, the public will have no clue what is true and what is not from RT, er I mean, the CBC.
Even with all of Trudeau’s election rigging, scandals, censorship and lies, if Scheer does still manage to win a majority, he’d be an absolute fool not to defund or sell off the CBC.
commented 2019-04-11 21:39:00 -0400
Sounds like a Butts / Schleprock scheme.
Too funny.
commented 2019-04-11 21:37:13 -0400
So CBC puts an amateur on the Alberta election and she’s stupid enough to try to be sneaky.
That’ll learn her.
Right on Sheila and Ezra. Fun day at the office, wasn’t it.
commented 2019-04-11 20:33:27 -0400
Thank you, Sheila. I loved this report.
commented 2019-04-11 20:26:06 -0400
This thread will go one of two ways tonight…either the trolls will be silent and hope it blows over…or….

Nah…there is no two ways about this one…..;-)
commented 2019-04-11 20:09:45 -0400
276 000 voters in the first two days of advance polls, or 10.6% of the electorate; already an overall record and three days to go. Albertans long have had their mind made up, probably since their first family member lost work due to socialism.
commented 2019-04-11 19:57:38 -0400
“suspicion”…..stinking auto correct
commented 2019-04-11 19:56:22 -0400
It didn’t take long….evn in this venue she is a newbe and a wannabe….she has a lot more dues to pay before she would ever be invited to the Cornell Alumnae Bridge Club….

Ezra and Sheila….the biggest insult the CBC served you in all of this is just how out of her league the cheap shot artist was.
commented 2019-04-11 19:54:22 -0400
Sheila….I’m sure she was the one across the isle a few seats down from me at the Rebel Event in Calgary. She was diligently writing in a note pad none stop through the hole event. My senses were telling me if it looks like a skunk, walks like a skunk and smells like a skunk….its a skunk.
Seems you had got the same suspensions about this creature.
commented 2019-04-11 19:49:00 -0400
Excellent work, Sheila! People need to see just how the Notley News Network makes it up rather than reporting it. You’re the real journalist, not the flake who wrote that malicious article.
commented 2019-04-11 19:46:17 -0400
I will be watching the traffic count on YOUTUBE for this one…the CBC author looks like a womyn’s studies validictorian……I think I just might GOOGLE her and find out….be back in a bit…;-)
commented 2019-04-11 19:45:49 -0400
“Is there an honest journalist at cbc?”

I don’t know if Rex Murphy is considered a journalist, but if he is then he is the only one. Must be rough for a common sense honest man like himself to work in a den of liars.
commented 2019-04-11 19:43:43 -0400
I guess it is easier to blame Harper for not shutting down the CBC than to blame the CBC for being lying partisan hacks.
commented 2019-04-11 19:28:42 -0400
Sarah Rieger certainly looks and sounds the part. Trained from birth to be a compliant little troublemaker by the looks of it. Is there an honest journalist at cbc? I truly cannot think of one.
commented 2019-04-11 19:23:20 -0400
Damn that’s satisfying.
commented 2019-04-11 18:58:52 -0400
They’re not called the Communist Broadcasting Corporation for nothing. So no one should be surprised at what they do. Harper had a chance to shut their propaganda racket down, instead, he allowed them to live.