February 02, 2019

CBC “journalist” tattles on pro-refugee social worker who questioned face veils

Rebel Staff

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I discussed a CBC story that wasn’t really a news story, but more of a mini political campaign serving the interests of Trudeau and the Liberal government, and serving as an infomercial for “World Hijab Day,” the Islamist celebration of the subjugation of women.

Frank Bauer is a refugee loving social worker who runs an organization called CARE, Central Alberta Refugee Effort, that helps refugees integrate into society, but he wrote something on Facebook in 2017 while engaging with others in a respectful, polite conversation about integration.

He gently probed the question of where the line is between being welcoming and reasonably expecting newcomers to adapt and conform to their new country, and dared to suggest that Muslim women wearing the full face covering in public, is a notch too far.

According to CBC's own report, not a single person complained about this 2017 Facebook post, so the CBC did — in 2019, on World Hijab Day, in a 1,000-word story claiming Frank Bauer “is under fire.”

Watch as I explain why this isn’t journalism, but activism by the state broadcaster on behalf of the Trudeau Liberal government.

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