April 27, 2016

CBC becomes national “podcaster”? State broadcaster to launch digital news room in London

Brian LilleyArchive

Another day, another CBC effort to stray outside of their mandate this time venturing into London, Ontario in a market that is already well served by local media to become the “national podcaster”! They’re using their $1 Billion PLUS taxpayer dollars to do things they’ve not been asked to do and hurting private media interests in the process. 

CBC has been saying for a long time that government has starved them and yet they’ve launched a music service that competes with other services that don’t get taxpayer subsidies. They’ve also started expanding their digital newsroom and have put on a big digital media push as they try to become all things to all people on the internet.

No longer satisfied with operating within the mandate that they were given to provide radio and television broadcast services across the country, they instead offer us scintillating stories on the interwebs about how Justin Trudeau lost some sleep when he heard the news of John Ridsdel’s barbaric beheading by jihadist terrorists.

If we can’t get Parliament to move to sell the CBC, maybe we can at least get them to agree to reign the CBC in and require that they stick to their mandate.

Allowing the CBC to continue in this way, will not lead to success but only to failure.

CBC needs to have their knuckles wrapped over this latest move into London and into digital music. Remember to sign and share the petition.

I don’t expect it to happen under Justin Trudeau but we can and should keep making our views known on this issue.

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commented 2016-04-28 12:24:48 -0400
Im not so humble. Please fix the fkn font. IM ready to rock but dont have binoculars handy.
commented 2016-04-28 09:44:15 -0400
Keith Barnes asked, “Is it just my PC or is everyone seeing the Comments in very small print ?”

Yes, I checked in a couple different browsers and cleared the cache in each. TheRebel staff have been messing with the style sheet.

I find the print too small. The previous was a bit too large … in my humble opinion, of course.
commented 2016-04-28 01:34:10 -0400
CBC is a virus. I cant wait until the Islamists take them apart.
commented 2016-04-28 01:16:12 -0400
Like the Rebel, I depend upon CBC for news coverage.

It would be great to have another national newscaster, but it would almost certainly be publically funded.

I agree with Donald Allan. We need a Foster Hewitt (now aged over 100), and a David Suzuki (now aged 80), and a Peter Mansbridge (aged ).
commented 2016-04-27 23:30:18 -0400
The only reason Foster Hewitt isn’t broadcasting hockey games for CBC is because he is dead. If humans lived for 150 yrs Foster would still be up in the gondola screaming he shoots he scores. Good God does anybody ever leave CBC? Mansbridge is useless and should be gone. Suzuki ….Leave or die PLEASE! … Even Cherry and McLean, its old old and boring.We pay for this propaganda. And it is nothing but pure unadulterated lies and distortions. Over a billion bucks of socialist drivel .
commented 2016-04-27 23:22:59 -0400
The cbc is western propaganda period. If you think for a minute the gov. In power has anything to do with the billions we pay to have our minds shaped, give your head a shake. First of all the billions they do get is not money, it’s a debt with intrest, to foriegn private banks. We’re broke. Second the narrative is global and a bad one, misinformation and diversion. What there doing is funding a cancer to spread like cancer. Be wise young ones and always question dought.
commented 2016-04-27 23:08:07 -0400
Somebody really needs to get The Rebel’s web designer on the ball to fix the font size. We old folks will need magnifying glasses on top of our browser print enlargement capabilities just to read the posts. Tell him/her to fix the format of the postings as well. Thanks.
commented 2016-04-27 22:18:01 -0400

You really show just how out of touch you are here, Brian.

What a joke.
commented 2016-04-27 22:14:01 -0400
That would be vomit green
commented 2016-04-27 20:09:29 -0400
What follows is a copy of an email from ‘Britain First’, who’s leader is running to be elected Mayor of London.
A bit of topic but I think we will be seeing this kind of thing in Canada, before long.

Dear Keith,
It is time we paused and took stock of the situation.
Unlike other parties, we have faced a progressively worsening crescendo of police, local authority and media hostility and sabotage.
It is almost as if the Government itself has ordered a crackdown on Britain First.
Both party leader Paul Golding and I have been arrested this year for Mickey Mouse offences and faced crippling bail conditions.
We have been in court defending our freedom and civil liberties.
Other party officials, such as Steve Lewis, have been arrested and faced the same ridiculous bail conditions.
Several of these arrests have seen the involvement of “SO15 Counter Terrorism Command”.
In the past, our offices have been raided and equipment seized and taken away, including such innocuous items as dongles and office phones, all intended to shut us down.
On top of the arrests and raids, our website is subjected constantly to intense and worsening cyber terrorist attacks.
Several of our high ranking leadership officials, such as Chief of Staff Robin Lomax, have been subjected to unwarranted and un-welcome visits by Special Branch officials.
Paul alone has received thousands of serious death threats, as have I.
Various media outlets have thrown money at our activists to get them to turncoat and betray us.
We have had various meeting venues closed down, the most prominent example being when our annual conference was forcibly closed down by the police half way through proceedings.
Local authorities have cancelled bookings illegally just days before the event not leaving us enough time to drag them into court.
When we stand in elections, the Royal Mail, contrary to electoral law, refuses to distribute our election literature – only Britain First receives this treatment.
When we have legally taken to the streets, despite intense liaison with police commanders to help them do their job, they have reneged on promises and agreements and blocked our march routes.
Britain First is not a snivelling, craven bunch of career politicians, like the Tories, who will happily surrender to “Mob Rule” and State bias.
If they think all this sabotage, pressure and obstruction will so much as even slightly dent our dedication and determination, they are surely mistaken.
To the contrary, it shows we are hitting the “Big Time” and are frightening the traitors in the corridors of power.
Our campaign for the London elections has already reached millions of people in the capital.
The fact that we have overcome such intense and long-standing sabotage and hostility from the State and media to get to where we are now is astonishing
commented 2016-04-27 19:44:50 -0400
Me too.
commented 2016-04-27 19:26:51 -0400
Is it just my PC or is everyone seeing the Comments in very small print ?
commented 2016-04-27 19:23:11 -0400
CBC is the official propaganda machine for the new Islamic State of Canadistan. It will not be long before it ((CBC) will be the only news outlet in the Country.

How long will it be before You Tube Video’s come up with “Sorry this video is not available in your Country”

Dose anybody remember Guy Fawks and his Gun Powder plot !
commented 2016-04-27 19:20:18 -0400
The gutless MSM doesn’t have the sense to defend itself.
commented 2016-04-27 19:04:20 -0400
I was stuck with CBC on March 17 heading to work because the local station was down for repairs. There were four, count them, four local Edmonton jocks wasting my money for the two hours I was driving discussing who had the best green. To be fair, there were guests who could have given input on the issues of the day, but instead they had to comment on the Irish Green dress controversy.

First, a private broadcaster does not need four jocks at six figure salaries, generally they have two at the most or one. These being at just above minimum wage, not 1% wage. Second, a private broadcaster would expect something more for the minimum wage they pay than a discussion of the colour green for two or more hours.

But to be fair, CBC is nice lazy meaningless work if you can brown nose enough in the broadcast industry. So kudos to Rebel media personnel for not doing so. Hey Brian, what colour green do you think fits the fake Irish of CBC Edmontob?
commented 2016-04-27 19:02:25 -0400
CBC gets $1.4B per year.

The private media gets nothing.

Yet the private media is very quiet about this – they say nothing.

Hmmmm……I’d be pissed right off if my competitor received $1.5B per year and received nothing.

Or maybe the CBC is siphoning cash off to Bell Media, Torstar, CanWest, Postmedia – and all the other members of the media party.

And this way, everyone is fat and happy and working together.

I suspect that all Canadian media companies, if CBC approved, get their cut of the $1.5 Billion per year – awarded by the libranos years ago and done to keep all Media Party members in aligned.

Isn’t Canada great???? A monopoly in almost every industry.
commented 2016-04-27 18:45:44 -0400
The CBC sucks and we all know it. But they will never be sold. This is one thing that still pisses me off about Harper. Harper was in for almost 10 years. In that time he could have trimmed the feathers on the CBC every year until they cried bloody murder. But he didn’t. Now we are witnessing the social justice warriors take over the rest of the country. All because Harper wouldn’t cut them down to size.

So we are going to have to live with it. Maybe next time a real conservative gets into power, they will do something about it.