July 31, 2015

CBC business reporter uses partisan sources to attack Conservative child benefit ads

Dean SkoreykoRebel Blogger

CBC business reporter Sophia Harris’ piece titled “Universal Child Care Benefit ads misleading families say critics” set the alarm bells off in my head as all Media Party headlines with the words “say critics” do. It’s one of the laziest and most blatant ways journalists attack while hiding behind others pretending to be objective.

The first person Harris quotes is David Truman:

“There are going to be a lot of very angry parents when they go to file their 2015 tax returns,” warns Langley B.C. accountant David Truman.

Who Harris later mentions is a Liberal:

Truman, who is also a federal Liberal Party member, claims the ads are not transparent. “They are misleading because they’re only telling part of the story.”

The CBC needs to answer why would Harris even use someone who she knows to be a partisan.

And while Harris is explaining that, she should also tell us what kind of background check did she before using Harris as a source because it didn’t take me long to find this gem:

Moving on, the other person Harris quotes in this Conservative hit-piece is Rasho Donchev:

But that’s cold comfort for some, like Rasho Donchev who feels duped by the advertising.

“The government is misrepresenting the facts,” says the Oshawa, Ont. father after learning the full details.

Again, what kind of background check did Harris do because tell me it’s just a coincidence Donchev happens to be a pro-CBC advocate and a NDP supporter:

And this same “outraged father” also just happens to be a union official:

Rasho Donchev from the CAAT Support Bargaining team visited the Barrie Campus of Georgian on May 27 to update members on this round of bargaining.

But even more damning, Harris used the same guy as a source in a previous story:

That’s exactly what Rasho Donchev is doing. On top of his mortgage on his Oshawa, Ont., home, the college support worker owes $30,000 on a line of credit.

But rather than get another loan, Donchev has decided to work on becoming debt-free.

Why does a business reporter have an union official on speed-dial?

I’m thinking a CBC Ombudsman complaint may be needed to get Harris on the record and find out if the CBC management believes this follows their journalistic standards.


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commented 2015-08-04 18:24:46 -0400
It is highly deceptive however. We are given the new benefits but it is pretty much all taken away at tax time. In most of the announcements this is not forthcoming, and many would be surprised, if the media didn’t point to it. What has happened is that what we had to wait for at tax time, is now given to us almost a year earlier. Basically tax credits given in advance.
commented 2015-08-03 10:26:52 -0400
Prime minister Harper has my FULL SUPPORT. I am in complete agreement with ending funding for the CBC.
The socialist revolution needs to be SILENCED, and the end of the CBC in Canada will be a part of that effort.
Socialists want to eradicate our freedom, families, morals, beliefs, and our individualism.
Mr. prime minister; remove the gun bans for law abiding, tax-paying Canadians.
commented 2015-08-03 10:25:48 -0400
I’m praying that we get to see that sniveling socialist Peter Mansbridge on air, with his head in his hands, right after PM Harper wins another majority!
commented 2015-08-02 13:35:50 -0400
Well done, Mr. Skoreyko. It’s good to see somebody shine a light on these left-wing cockroaches who claim to be “journalists”. They lie and pass it off to a gullible public as the truth.
commented 2015-08-02 12:16:15 -0400
I’ve said it before but it is worth mentioning again. All the criticism of Harper’s “attack ads” are an attack ad in and of itself free of charge and not limit to 30 second snippets.
commented 2015-08-02 07:30:44 -0400
The crazies are running wild at the CBC – on its last legs operating on handouts.

Should be funny when we see Harper get another majority – this will piss off these CBC nazi’s to no end.
commented 2015-08-01 19:37:33 -0400
It is sad that a so called news service needs to have an ombudsman to deflect the outrage of non-NDP or Liberal viewers or listeners; it is outrageous that all Canadians have to continue to fund this.
commented 2015-08-01 19:35:12 -0400
DEBORAH RENAUD: I think you were meaning to say that the CBC should be sold to CNN, or MSNBC, or NBC. All are left wing mouthpiece outfits, with little or no journalistic integrity. CBC is a perfect match.
Fox News is the only major news source in the USA that gives fair coverage to conservatives.
commented 2015-08-01 19:27:12 -0400
I hate the CBC, they do not represent me. The CBC sucks and the ombudsmen used to work for the CBC for over 25 years, He is bias..
commented 2015-08-01 18:18:53 -0400
Democracy is “truth-dependent”. Cdns have a NEED and a RIGHT to the truth ij order to make informed decisions. A Free Press is one of the Pillars of Democracy, as such, mainstream media has a Fiduciary Duty, a (Duty of Care). CBC in particular, since they’re funded by the taxpayers. To be less than thorough, to leave out half the facts, to lie, to mislead in any way, is a Breach of the Trust we put in them. Compile a number of incidents, and file a private charge for Breach of Trust is the proper, most effective way to deal them a blow and set them on course forever more. This does not infringe their Free Speech, but wouldn’t matter if it did, as the Charter allows for minor infringement when it’s in the Interests of Democracy. When the CBC colluded with other media to block a Conservative ad is the best incident to date. That alone is sufficient for a charge!
commented 2015-08-01 16:18:27 -0400
This isn’t an area of law I know much about but it would be hilarious to sue the liberals/cbc on the basis that the cbc’s budget is an end run around election finance laws
commented 2015-08-01 16:02:02 -0400
The first thing “we” conservative proud Canadians need to do following the federal election is bombard Capitol Hill with emails, letters and petitions to disband the CBC, put those monies back in the Canadian economy!! Sell the dam CBC to Fox News – They would make great partners!! They’ll have a larger market share for propaganda!!
commented 2015-08-01 15:47:42 -0400
im in mark… 2 is enough…“ombudsman” ester enkin told me to complain to ubare dacrock… im still waiting for a reply..no surprise
commented 2015-08-01 15:26:37 -0400
It may be time to launch a class action law suit against the CBC for wasting our money and for being a political propaganda machine. Their bias and partisanship is outrageous and I do not want my tax dollars to go to funding it.
The CBC and the mainstream media have been campaigning against the Conservatives ever since PM Harper took the reigns. Private companies like CTV and publications like the Toronto Star can do as they please but not so with the CBC.
The other day on CBC radio, they were doing a book review and interview with an author who wrote a book about Argentina. Like what does that have to do with Canada? The CBC is out of control and needs a really good housecleaning.
I really appreciate articles like this one. The CBC should not be allowed to get away with their social reengineering attempts.
commented 2015-08-01 14:41:29 -0400
The CBC is a cruel joke on Canadian Taxpayers. They are scamming us for a billion a year and feeding us outright lies. Yes, THEREBEL.MEDIA has a conservative lean but they are up front about it at least. The CBC are frauds of the worst kind.
commented 2015-08-01 14:37:20 -0400
CBC cares not for the truth. Only support they can access in their conservative bashing narrative.
commented 2015-08-01 14:02:33 -0400
peter is 100% correct the cbc ombudsman, ester enkin, answers questions about censorship, with her job is to regulate the “spew”..i cant stop laughing, much like most ombudsmen, she is stealing money. terry milewski snarls and almost spits everytime he mentions conservatives and now evan dyer is on every afternoon with his undemocratic blah blah blah…on the upside, they are playing to a very limited and consistent audience.. $1.1 million per day and yet cbc still has to buy articles from torstar owned cp….why is that?….
commented 2015-08-01 11:46:06 -0400
CBC . . . the most incompetent media Tax Dollars can buy . . .

The CBC needs to be Set Free . . . no more of my tax dollars to fund this marxist loonie bin . . .
commented 2015-08-01 00:35:23 -0400
Peter I agree. I wrote to the Ombudsman about Suzuki. Got an email back that said the complaint had been forwarded to the proper department, and never hear another word from them.
commented 2015-07-31 13:01:47 -0400
The CBC Ombudsman will just yawn as he/she trashes the complaint. The CBC Ombudsman is not in any way neutral.