April 08, 2015

CBC focuses more on the Mike Duffy trial than terror plots and Ben Levin's sex crimes

Brian LilleyArchive

Brian Lilley gives you the latest on the Mike Duffy trial and the Media Party's coverage. It's ridiculous.

The CBC and CTV have wall-to-wall coverage of the Mike Duffy trial, yet terror trials and Ben Levin's sex crime charges against children received little to no coverage.

Is coverage of this case overkill in an attempt to bring down the Conservative government? Are people trying to settle old scores?

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commented 2015-04-08 23:12:17 -0400
Very good report , Brian
commented 2015-04-08 22:42:07 -0400
They are worried about Duffy and $90,000.00? How about worrying about the Libs and NDP with their universal day care @ probably $9,000,000.00 or more of OUR DOLLARS?

But, hey,$90 Grand is still JUST PAPER MONEY…compared with this:

“Ontario Court Justice Heather McArthur formally convicted Levin of making written child pornography (he wrote a story detailing the violent sex assault of a 16-year-old), making available child pornography and, the most startling charge, counselling a person to commit sexual assault upon a child.”

This is about YOUR CHILDREN and the LIFELONG CAREER of a man FROM THE LIBERAL PARTY AND THE EDUCATION MINISTRY OF THE LIBERAL PARTY who had access to LITTLE CHILDREN for about 40 years!!! and was never caught, until now, in the porno he was involved in…and the media says “WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?”…

Now writing a story about sexual assault of a 16 year old is not the same as a story DETAILING the violent sexual assault of a 16 year old…you might write the first and not get charged but he revelled in the DETAILS and described them, like one who wanted to dwell in the imagery of what was involved…but then he also made child porn available…so children were hurt…and then this guy ACTUALLY COUNSELLED a person to commit sexual assault upon a child…this man who for 40 years was responsible for who knows how many children. What a lecher! How did he keep his job? How did he hide his proclivities. How did the teachers ALL AROUND HIM not have a clue…or did they? There is surely a multi-faceted story here…Surely the media might at least SHOW UP FOR ALL THE TRIALS! Why not bother much? THIS IS WHY: Levin wasn’t a Conservative!!!!! …UNLESS A PERSON CAN BE USED TO DESTROY THE CONSERVATIVE VOTE they are not interested…THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM THE BUSINESS OF NEWS CASTING…because they aren’t interested in news…they are only interested in molding the public point of view. They are manipulators for the left political machine. We don’t want them…get it?

So you see if Levin had been a Conservative HE WOULD BE A HOUSEHOLD WORD…instead this small time case of Duffy has become NATIONAL NEWS…and it is BORING national news…the only ones interested in Duffy are the media that is interested in destroying the Conservatives. If they could have used Levin THEY WOULD …in fact, Duffy is the diversion they need to PROTECT Levin and the Liberals.
commented 2015-04-08 22:36:36 -0400
“The CBC is only interested in what the CBC lovers have to say.”

The CBC is a left wing site and they claim to be the ones that champion free speech while they attack the right wing as those who oppress free speech.

Yet meanwhile on this site, a staunchly conservative site, our posts are not at all censored. Go figure.
commented 2015-04-08 21:54:01 -0400
Virutally every comment I make on the CBC web page is banned.
Even something mundane like gee Trudeau said that if we give them money they will love us. RE the Kenya slaughter of innocents by a muslim lawyer… The CBC is only interested in what the CBC lovers have to say.
commented 2015-04-08 21:09:51 -0400
“almost any mention of levin on cbc.ca is censored”

That does not surprise me in the least. The CBC comment censors “content disable” any comments that don’t fit their agenda. Suppressing any mention of a Liberal senator that spent over $300K in inappropriate claims would not be a welcome post on the CBC. However, any time you want to accuse or swear at Harper, Duffy, or any Conservative, your comment will gleefully be posted by any of the CBC comment censors police.
commented 2015-04-08 20:23:21 -0400
They have to do something since they can’t publish real news. Dirty laundry to the laundered media
commented 2015-04-08 19:23:45 -0400
I don’t get how a politician padding an expense account is news, aren’t they all doing it ?
commented 2015-04-08 18:49:09 -0400
Its disgraceful how ‘The New Duffy Show’ is taking precedence over cases such as Benjamin Levin and the Christians being killed (CBC couldn’t bring themselves to say ‘Christians’ in Sunday’s news broadcast of the Christians killed. CBC simply referred to them as the ‘non-muslims’). Its called job security for CBC to create this CNN style of sensationalized, empty, erroneous, blah, blah, blah, news. That’s entertainment!
One has to consider that Duffy knows what he is/was doing, after all, he was part of the media. You can take the boy out of the country, but he still knows how to play the game. He knows the media (MSM) is out to get Stephen Harper so he’s simply contributing and manipulating the situation to shine his spotlight onto the PM. And if he didn’t know he could claim all these expenses, then the finance/travel clerk who processed his travel claims will be the one fired for ‘not knowing’ how to apply the travel directives and regs (and all that other government lingo).
With the CRTC changes, CBC News Channel will no longer be part of the ‘basic’ cable and will have to be purchased through a separate package for news channels. Do you think many will be buying that package…plus pay for CBC with our taxes? Maybe it will take care of itself.

(Joan: couldn’t find anything on B. Levin on that website)
commented 2015-04-08 18:02:07 -0400
I sent, by Twitter, to my Ontario teacher friends a copy of the agreed statement of facts between Ben Levin and the Crown that very explicitly detail his sexually sadistic interest in children. It was posted, uncensored, on http://blazingcatfur.com. Otherwise, how are Ontario teachers to get the news they need about Levin? Not from the msm. Not from cbc.

And of course, Mansbridge and cabal will try to use the Duffy trial to bring down Stephen Harper. Let’s just hope Duffy can beat the charges and make Mansbridge look stupid, and with him, everything he and his msm co-conspiratrs say.

I am so sick of media, especially our state broadcaster, representing not the country’s interests but their own greed and power agendas.
commented 2015-04-08 17:30:24 -0400
almost any mention of levin on cbc.ca is censored
commented 2015-04-08 17:26:36 -0400
yesterdays cbc poll question on “power and politics”..will the duffy trial make you change your vote?
the poll showed 80% no, 18% yes and 1% not sure..this was day 1? apparently 18% lied.
commented 2015-04-08 17:24:23 -0400
a couple of years ago i saw a cbc “crew” at work…..they had set up a woman, selling 5 or 6 coloured rotary telephones at a table by the st lawrence market, apparently for an op-ed… there was the “journalist”, a sound person, a camera man, a gopher and a brand new van with a driver.. the piece was never aired.. every time i see milewski snarling about the conservatives, i am reminded of this..
commented 2015-04-08 17:13:26 -0400
If Harper could pull the plug on the CBC, now would be the time. Don’t even try to sell it, just end it and sell off the equipment and buildings. Canadians would be far better off. The real news is available to anyone with an internet connection.
commented 2015-04-08 16:25:13 -0400
The CBC, Torstar, CTV, National Post, Globe and Mail – they all carry water for their boy – Stoner trudeau. These MSM turds still think they have “control of the Canadian mind” and act in a coordinated was to present a common message to pump Stoner and invalidate the Conservatives.

Harper has already proven in the last election that you don’t need the MSM to win. So the MSM pushes harder to tie $90K in Duffy expenses to Harper. So much for the media in MSM. More like liberal party brochure publishers. FU CBC. FU CTV.

And this is why we disconnected cable years ago – who wants to listen to this MSM liberal crap??
commented 2015-04-08 16:23:33 -0400
The Left Wing Media are going into their feeding frenzy mode. They are nothing more than fifth rate spin doctors. Why should normal people have to pay taxes to support CBC and the Stalinist garbage they put out. As for the CTV and Global, they are just comic books for lame brained idiots to read (Look at the pictures).
The real problem is, the people who read these rags actually believe them. The Left Wing teaching staff that dominate our school system have a lot to do this also.
commented 2015-04-08 16:11:55 -0400
it’s little wonder the rat Duffy kept saying he’s the one who’s going to bring down Harper. With mainstream like we have here in Canada, with mikes in hand, ignoring all other news in the country, just about having multiples, waiting for any and all negative information on Harper, they pretty much want to help him try to do it. I hate our mainstream and I’d like to know why we cannot get rid of cbc. Let them fend for themselves; why should people support something they can’t stand? They are so biased that they don’t even stand by what should be journalistic standards. I seriously wonder how it goes when students go to uni for journalism. Are the courses different for mainstream journalism, because to work for cbc or ctv one is merely regurgitating what they’re told to say and are as liberal as I am conservative.
commented 2015-04-08 15:48:43 -0400
GREIG MCKINNON, I, as well, have been perplexed why the Conservatives haven’t removed the CBC from the public trough! I agree that one of the greatest liabilities for the Conservatives in the upcoming election is the left-stream media. The question is how to get people weaned off of relying upon the LSM for their news and information? Making them aware of TheRebel.media in order to show them the bias?
commented 2015-04-08 15:16:26 -0400
The greatest liability for the Conservatives in the upcoming election is the left-stream media, particularly the vile CBC with their over the top anti-Conservative, pro-Liberal agenda. Yet the Conservatives just don’t get it and continue to pour billions of our tax money into the State Broadcaster. Thankfully the courts will be deciding Duffy’s fate not the LSM.
commented 2015-04-08 15:15:40 -0400
I don’t watch CTV…ever. I only watch CBC and CNN for the chuckle factor. Yes. I want to know if Duffy ripped us off but please don’t limit the witch hunt to Duffy. Investigate every member of the senate. Dennis. Correct on Mansbridge…hypocrite.
commented 2015-04-08 14:57:37 -0400
Oh shit, Mansbridge talking about ’it’s about your money’, it doesn’t get any more hypocritical than that. Mansbridge and his cohorts have taken more from the public troughs than Duffy could ever dream of.
commented 2015-04-08 14:19:19 -0400
The MSM have been trying to take down the Conservatives for more than 10 years now. That’s more than $10 billion of your taxpayers dollars from the CBC for one purpose. The Cons have stated over and over again they wanted to abolish or reform the senate, yet the Libs have tried everything to thwart them. I wonder who comes out on top after this fiasco?