February 18, 2016

CBC hiring to expand on-line print presence. How many newspapers will they put out of business?

Brian LilleyArchive

The CBC was created by Parliament to provide radio and television services from “coast to coast to coast”, as they like to say, except that’s not what they’re doing any more. 

CBC’s hiring - not for T.V. or radio but to compete with newspapers across the country.

Ask yourself - is this what the CBC was established to do? Is this why they get their over $1B per year subsidy?

No. Instead they compete in ways that make it impossible for privately owned newspapers to be competitive.

Newspapers in this country will be put out of business as much by CBC as anything else.

Whether you’re a detractor or a supporter of CBC, the news that they’re hiring for the on-line print news organization they’re building, which will compete with private newspapers, should make you angry too.

You don’t have to believe as some of us do that they should be sold off but you should be able to say they should be required to stick to their mandate and do what Parliament asks them to do, not find new ways to compete with the private sector.

But really, isn’t it time that Parliament clipped CBC’s wings?

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commented 2016-02-20 02:28:10 -0500
It is really pretty bad- when it looks like a Daddy must advise his kids to get a Gov’t job or at the very least , get a job with a Gov’t sanctioned Company. OR—- You could just tell your kid the TRUTH—- and tell him to go into the Trades and use the ‘black market’ as much as possible . If you really want to go mercenary on the Gov’t—— You do like an Immigrant-go full hawg welfare—and work for cash. Everybody does it. Why do you think the taxi drivers are in such a snit ?
commented 2016-02-20 01:44:28 -0500
Lloyd Nolan: The e-book is available right here from the Rebel. Go to: http://www.therebel.media/thedestroyers & enter your info to download it! You can read it on your computer if you choose the pdf file & it’s free! Hope this helps!
commented 2016-02-19 19:01:44 -0500
Lloyd Nolan commented 27 mins ago
Interesting link.
I going to have to trust and learn how to order on line. Spring project.

A tip, do not use your personal credit card. At Shoppers Drug Mart and most postal outlets you can purchase a temporary credit card. i.e.: A generic visa or mastercard for $50, then use that. You do not get a full $50 on the card it is $50 minus a fee but it protects your credit from online theft.
commented 2016-02-19 18:30:01 -0500
Interesting link.
I going to have to trust and learn how to order on line. Spring project.
commented 2016-02-19 16:32:50 -0500
The CBC has to find a new way to spend that new $150 million it received for helping to elect the liberals. If you expect this government to add more oversight into this bunch you are seriously deluded.
commented 2016-02-19 14:39:39 -0500
Up here in the north okanogan ,when I go in to a book store to order —the Destroyers.staff goes on line ,finds out its connected to the REBEL ,they look at me funny and say Nope,!! Anybody here recommend a book store that’s unbiased
commented 2016-02-19 14:06:20 -0500
CBC is an out-of-control monster. It has no business being in print journalism. It’s objective is clearly to dominate and if possible eliminate major private enterprise media in Canada. It has become the Canadian Pravda.
commented 2016-02-19 13:29:05 -0500
yup…buy up shell companies so that you can pump your message out there.
have you seen MTV lately? no wonder our kids are such fucked-up pussies.
commented 2016-02-19 10:58:42 -0500
Newsprint is still a useful tool to spread propaganda. I don’t buy the paper anymore but they are giving them away every morning at A&W. I read the comments for the letters to the editor, but I never read the editor’s responses anymore because they are always ridiculous, and childish.
commented 2016-02-19 02:51:29 -0500
Nobody cares about newspapers any more. Hardly anybody will ever consider forking over money to get past a paywall.
commented 2016-02-19 00:48:28 -0500
And the left seems to hate it when a rich corporation uses it’s wealth to push others out of business, yet they will like this.
commented 2016-02-18 22:57:21 -0500
Bravo Zulu commented
“All part of the plan to control information – much like merkel in Germany has almost successfully done”

She is merely following in her country’s historical footsteps.
Rule #1 Control all media

Propaganda served as an important tool to win over the majority of the German public who had not supported Adolf Hitler and to push forward the Nazis’ radical program, which required the acquiescence, support, or participation of broad sectors of the population. Combined with the use of terror to intimidate those who did not comply, a new state propaganda apparatus headed by Joseph Goebbels sought to manipulate and deceive the German population and the outside world. At each step of the way, propagandists preached an appealing message of national unity and a utopian future that resonated with millions of Germans. Simultaneously, they waged campaigns that facilitated the persecution of Jews and others excluded from the Nazi vision of the “National Community.”

I think CBC should be defunded totally, let it sink or swim on its own. With this announcement and the fact they will be getting even more money from Junior (election promise) this really doesn’t sit well with me. Look at rule #1
commented 2016-02-18 22:12:33 -0500
This controlling of information is the reason I don’t buy into those e-books. I want books that I can hold in my hands, and then I know that nothing has been changed.
commented 2016-02-18 21:49:37 -0500
All part of the plan to control information – much like merkel in Germany has almost successfully done
commented 2016-02-18 20:58:59 -0500
CBC along with all the other Left Wing Marxist TV stations, need to have their Transmission Discs knocked out. It would not be to hard to fry Dish electronics with a good strong Laser Beam.

Only a temporary solution, but it would give them something to think about.
commented 2016-02-18 19:51:22 -0500
The is perfect.

The CBC will have endless resources to put other members of the media party out of business.

This just made my day. Say good bye Torstar!!! Night Night Globe and Mail!!!
commented 2016-02-18 19:49:34 -0500
February 18, 2016
Dear Diary;
Normally I enjoy fantasizing about a good cat-fight, but with that little dust-up going on in Alberta between Sheila and my left-winger what’s-her-name I could use a feel-good story going out there about this wonderful government and its natural benevolence towards the news media.
I don’t remember if I promised this or not, but in any event Hedy Fry (who’s in my cock-us) is going to chair some heritage committee thing for a study which will “stimulate definitive action” on the financial struggles of large national media outlets with regard to how lawmakers can help Canadian journalism survive.
Even her NDP critic, Pierre Nantel, said he welcomes the study and says, “it will be important in particular to see how the media is serving Canada’s linguistic minority communities” yes, we all know who he really means by that, (but shhh. mum’s the word).
commented 2016-02-18 19:11:22 -0500
There’s a reason Herbie had his lawyers fight like turpentine-soaked cats to keep the government from seeing CBC’s on line numbers.

Big bucks low quality output, boring single narrative commentary. Frag ’em.
commented 2016-02-18 19:05:05 -0500
Placing 5 piles of shit in the market place instead of 2 won’t make the CBC more attractive to the market place so the piles on good stuff will remain.