January 06, 2016

CBC is taking your money -- while keeping their secrets

Brian LilleyArchive

CBC loves to expose wasteful spending in government departments yet somehow exempt themselves from that same kind of scrutiny. 

Make no mistake, the state broadcaster is a government department taking in more than $1.1 billion dollars of taxpayers money per year, soon $150 million more thanks to Justin Trudeau.

So how does CBC react to access to information requests filed against them? Are they open and transparent? Do they provide the same level of openness as they demand of every government department?

See for yourself what happened with my latest request for information.

As you’ll see, the CBC wants to have it both ways as they seek to unfairly compete with the private sector despite being subsidized by taxpayers, while at the same time try to hide behind an exemption meant to protect government departments from having to release information that may be injurious to the economic interests of Canada. Which is it?

This is an abuse of the system. This is an attempt to shut Canadians out from information they have every right to know despite the Trudeau Liberals promising a new era of openness.

We’ll see if the Liberals actually meant and force CBC to show Canadians the same transparency that the CBC demands of every other government department.

Some how I doubt that will happen though, which is why I continue to say, it’s time to sell the CBC.

If you agree, go to our website and petition to add your name at SellTheCBC.ca.


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commented 2016-01-08 04:19:18 -0500
You were a veteran? That’s too bad. The poor soldiers think that they are going over to fight for peace, but the truth is, soldiers are just a pawn of the government. Soldiers don’t die for their countries. Soldiers die because of a failure on the part of the politicians.

And the soldiers that don’t die turn into brutal people. These soldiers think that merely able to pick out somebody who did something wrong, gives them the right to be a complete asshole. I am sure you can relate.

I was once asked to put some food into a Christmas hamper that would be shipped off to overseas soldiers. I am glad I didn’t contribute.

Canada needs to de-militarize.
commented 2016-01-07 12:44:26 -0500
CBC.ca disables my comments on politics, refugees and Trudeau. They even disabled one on gun control in December when I mentioned that perhaps the $15,000,000 -$20,000,000 cost to relaunch it, would save more lives if spent in other areas. Notice their headline on December 3rd: Quebec’s proposed long-gun registry ‘good news,’ says Polytechnique survivor:
http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/quebec-gun-registry-bill-1.3348193. Obviously, CBC approves of and supports the gun registry.
It’s entirely wrong that a taxpayer isn’t able to voice a politely written personal opinion.
commented 2016-01-07 10:53:59 -0500
Brian Kelly – you and the rest of our veterans make me proud to be a Canadian! You are the antidote to this evil minded government, and are very much needed here in Canada now, for the battles that are coming. Who would have ever thought that our own government would turn on the people like this? The fight is just beginning!
commented 2016-01-07 06:43:44 -0500
Sam Young- there’s more than Lilley that hates the CBC, there are a thousands of people that wants them defunded. You may give up easy because that what socialists do as they are cowards. Some people in this country will fight for what they believe until the fight is over, socialist cowards are just that, cowards that crawl under rocks when the going gets tough. I understand your predisposition to give up but please keep your coward comments to yourself, but then that is what socialists do, they sit on the side lines and bitch while the real men are fighting. As a veteran I fought for what I believed and will fight every day of my life and never go down quite, what have you fought for Sam Young?
commented 2016-01-07 03:12:54 -0500
We get it, Brian. You hate the CBC. Now find something new to bitch about. Preferably something besides the portrait of the stupid queen.
commented 2016-01-07 01:53:33 -0500
but—Chris- I know we pride ourselves on never complaining—- we are a proud people- we don’t whine and we don’t whimper— but— the government is intent in on -———-. No cameras please—- I don’t even know that guy.
commented 2016-01-07 01:34:14 -0500
I don’t know why we bother complaining about the CBC. Nothing is going to change especially now that the shiny pony is in charge. The only thing we can do is boycott it until there is a conservative party in power that has the balls that Harper didn’t have and get rid of this left wing news rag.
commented 2016-01-07 01:11:28 -0500
We already have a Voice—— there is nobody better than Ezra—- shit - this is not coming out right at all— I just thought this Rebel Yell song might be of interest.
commented 2016-01-07 00:35:13 -0500
Maybe there comes a time when the People are allowed to demand the right to Access the ACCOUNTS of the Media that script the minds of our Children . We need a voice—— https://youtu.be/VdphvuyaV_I
commented 2016-01-06 20:11:22 -0500
Doesn’t sound like very Free access .
I wonder what the ‘hidden agenda’ of the Liberals is that it takes a $150,000,000 bribe to the CBC to hide it from Canadians?
commented 2016-01-06 19:45:17 -0500
I get tired of hearing about access to information resulting in documents being handed over redacted. Why even have an access to information if you can side step it like this. How will we know if what they redacted was to protect anyone’s legal rights or to protect themselves. The law needs to be consulted on this.
commented 2016-01-06 19:15:12 -0500
I’m just waiting for the day when CBC media sycophants Macleans, the Globe, The Star, et al finally realize that they are COMPETITORS of the CBC in the same news space. When further cutbacks/layoffs come at those news outlets (and they will), and the CBC gets their full previous funding back + a healthy $150M top-up, we’ll see if they back the CBC with as much zeal as before.
commented 2016-01-06 19:12:16 -0500
With All due respect, you could get 10 million signatures but it wouldn’t convince the lieberals to dismantle their favorite propoganda source
commented 2016-01-06 18:14:05 -0500
January 6, 2016
Dear Diary;
Seasons Greetings to all my peons and fellow worshipers of Islam.
Back when I was an awesome professional educator I don’t know how I managed to keep my hair without some half decent holiday breaks like these ones that I’ve now earned. Still, you all know what a workaholic I am, so it’ll come as no surprise to learn how much I’m looking forward to getting back to work. It’ll be good to get my sleeves rolled up, not above my elbows like folks who really work, but just up to under my elbows because that’s symbolism, and everyone agrees with me that symbolism is more important than substance.
I’m making plans to visit my best buds in China, maybe in March, but only after I meet with B.O. so that he can tell me what to say and what not to say. That super, valiant, intrepid, investigative reporter, Bob Fife, got wind of all this when he was talking to a “senior government official” who had been told by Gerald not to talk to anyone about this, but he did anyway, probably to give everyone the impression that I’m not a muzzling fascist, which I think just goes to show how transparent I am.
I really believe other people are coming around. Passing in the hallway I even overheard a conservative say, “grow-op ” and then “sunny-boy”. I asked her if she’d like a selfie with me, but she must not have heard me because she was laughing at something.
commented 2016-01-06 17:54:47 -0500
That should have been ‘Hubert Lacroix’.
commented 2016-01-06 17:52:41 -0500
Sell the CBC! Shut them Down. Charge all the top managers including the top liar himself Hubert Lacriox with Libel and theft of public funds.