April 14, 2015

CBC reporters demand a taxpayers bailout

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

What happens when CBC reporters get laid off? They demand a taxpayers bailout.

Out in Nova Scotia, they picketed Finance Minister Joe Oliver. During the day, CBC reporters cover him 'objectively'. But as a hobby, they go out at protest that same Finance Minister.

They don't see a problem with that, because everyone knows they hate the Conservative government. Even though it was their own CEO who made these cuts.

Do they really believe taxpayers owe them a job? More reason to defund the CBC.

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commented 2015-04-16 21:05:45 -0400
What’s tv?
commented 2015-04-15 22:45:28 -0400
Rich leftists in Hollywood seem to have the commercial smarts on hand to make decent money.
Our Canadian brethren should be given the chance to shine as owners of a bargain priced,
privatized, and zero subsidy CBC.
commented 2015-04-14 18:46:14 -0400
CBC will not be missed!
Too many other channels to care what happens to cbc
commented 2015-04-14 18:46:13 -0400
CBC will not be missed!
Too many other channels to care what happens to cbc
commented 2015-04-14 18:18:42 -0400
Ditto, David Topping. Make them survive in the cutthroat media world. If they can’t make it, well, too bad, so sad…
commented 2015-04-14 18:07:50 -0400
CBC hasn’t had a good program since The Friendly Giant stopped " hurrying over first to go in the back door so he could let the drawbridge down and open the front doors for us".
commented 2015-04-14 18:06:37 -0400
It’s all about greed! Shades of the BBC!
commented 2015-04-14 17:17:24 -0400
commented 2015-04-14 16:51:46 -0400
CBC has proven itself to be of no value and this demand for a bailout is appalling. They need to be defunded and kicked to the curb. Let them try to survive on their own dime.
commented 2015-04-14 16:36:33 -0400
hahaha….oh my, my kids thought I’d lost my mind for a few minutes there I was laughing so hard. Imagine…..I owe cbc reporters zip. I agree with David; privatize them and let their good buddies bail them out.
commented 2015-04-14 16:23:52 -0400
There is no need to defund the CBC. Simply privatize the CBC and let them sink or swim on their own merits. I am sure all their Liberal, NDP, Green, UNIFOR etc. friends will be calling their brokers to get in on the IPO.
commented 2015-04-14 15:49:50 -0400
CBC is crap. FU Hubert T. Lacroix – dirtbag!!!