May 28, 2015

CBC's Omar Khadr "documentary" puts your tax dollars to work for the Taliban

Rebel Staff

Just as I predicted, the Canadian media is turning convicted terrorist Omar Khadr into a celebrity.

Canada's largest newspaper, the Toronto Star, teamed up with CBC, the state-run broadcaster, to put out a documentary about Khadr that airs tonight.

Except it's more like propaganda than a documentary.

And couldn't be more pro-Khadr if it had been produced by the Taliban.

In a long promotional article that ran in the Star this morning, the word "terrorist" is only used sarcastically, mocking the idea that Khadr should be referred to as one.

The Star calls Khadr merely a "translator," but he was really a bomb maker, as we've seen in video evidence.

Believe it or not, the Star actually refer to Khadr's father -- a fundraiser and recruiter for radical Islam -- as "a humanitarian worker"!

If you really want to learn the truth about Omar Khadr, visit our website for court documents and other evidence the Canadian media doesn't want you to see.

(photo: Toronto Star)

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