January 24, 2017

CBC’s “White Power” stunt a new low in “fake news”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

There's so little real racism in Canada that the CBC had to invent some, and try to smear Donald Trump in the process. As I explained on last night's show, this hoax was pulled off with your tax dollars.


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commented 2017-01-25 18:25:59 -0500
They have to drum up victims for the human rights commissions. Canadians are generally just not racist. So sad for the left.
commented 2017-01-25 16:33:23 -0500
Try some source material Jay, there is no such thing a biasless news. The cbc just happens to be reaching the top of the list for fabricated lies, and the ‘master baiter’ award. The cbc are fast becoming bottom feeders.
commented 2017-01-25 15:06:21 -0500
Jay Kelly is probably paid by Soros.
commented 2017-01-25 09:15:55 -0500
@jay Kelly…the CBC bought into and promoted that “nobody came to the inauguration” crap with the photo that contains metadata that it was taken at 8:30 in the morning. The MSM did that at ALL of Trumps rallies. They took crowd shots twenty minutes after the event opened and said that nobody was attending. They carefully avoided showing crowd size until Trump supporters started chanting LUGENPRESS SHOW THE CROWD.

So no…the CBC does not dig deep for facts. I watched the inauguration on a non MSM live feed and that mall was jamb packed and there were lots more people trying to get in who were blocked by a pack of anarchist savages.

Over the years I have lost count of the lies and misrepresentations presented by the CBC. Not to mention the maligning villifying and belittling of males in the name of feminism.

The reason why there is “no other accurate news” is because ALL news goes through a central clearing house that the CBC controls. The CBC is a monstrous cartel that needs to be dismantled.
commented 2017-01-25 08:55:36 -0500
Jay Kelly’s postings are very predictable, time and again he does not bother to hide the fact he is a paid troll. It is all rather amusing. I do miss some a couple of his old aliases, they were a hoot and a half.
commented 2017-01-25 02:00:11 -0500
People look to the CBC to provide solid news coverage, even on days like this. The Rebel could look elsewhere but there is no other accurate news.

It turns out that the CBC tries to provide accurate details.
commented 2017-01-25 01:52:53 -0500
Jay you’ve been duped with fake news.
commented 2017-01-25 01:49:46 -0500
O’Leary is all for open borders. He’s no conservative. Do your research.
commented 2017-01-25 01:44:57 -0500
“the politics down south are not our politics. "
On the contrary , the"politics down south are the worldwide fight against totalitarianism and Cultural Marxism Trudeau, Lalonde, May, Merkel, Obama all belong or are controlled by to one political party – the Globalists.
“Canadians do not agree with Donald Trump’s hateful language nor with his bigotry. "

This is a total lie about Trump. Trump does not use hateful language nor is he bigoted. It seems you are in fact using cultural Marxism ie Identity politics and Grievance Politics which “are the politics down south”. The opposition to illegal immigrants and Political Islam and eh stacking of the political deck for the Globalists with immigrants that hate the West is NOT bigoted, it is sled-defense.
So in fact your statements show you to be what you pretend to be against. Only racists call DJT a racist ..usually anti-white racists, even white, anti-white racists , or Marxists.

Oh and BTW,as a Canadian I support President Trump ad the world Wide fight against Globalsit Fascism and political Islam. And so do many other Canadians. So what “Canadians” are you speaking for? How do you know these anti-Trump Canadians even exist?
commented 2017-01-25 01:24:31 -0500
CBC can certainly do better than this. They presented a story that they made up proposing that Canadians are racist. It was in poor taste.

The Rebel can respond well by affirming that Canadians are not racists, and that the politics down south are not our politics.

Canadians do not agree with Donald Trump’s hateful language nor with his bigotry. All CBC needs to do is to affirm that this was a trap to lure readers from the United States.
commented 2017-01-24 19:59:27 -0500
Bill, very apropos Ayn Rand quote.
It’s kinda text book and makes perfect sense in this instance and many other moves from the left.
commented 2017-01-24 19:13:42 -0500
I think this is a case of manufacturing crisis to sell a narrative – There is plenty of racial bigotry in the minority communities, so the communist state broadcaster will not look there. There is virtually none in Majority communities so they must manufacture racial enmity to sell the white guilt narrative and subjugate the majority groups with guilt regulating/ taxing.

“There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kinds of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted—and you create a nation of lawbreakers—and then you cash in on guilt.” – (Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged)
commented 2017-01-24 17:48:34 -0500
Well, I sure would like to see it vaporize. It would be a dream come true. Think of the fresh air in this country if the cbc was no longer.
commented 2017-01-24 17:05:12 -0500
Nobody watches the CBC
commented 2017-01-24 16:15:14 -0500
Just close CBC down ( they will all have gold plated pensions) sell it to the Rebel for a dollar.
That would be sweet justice.
commented 2017-01-24 16:14:11 -0500
Time to crowd fund a reward for whistleblowers. Even CBC staff have electric bills.
Loving watching JT stumble with wordy bi-lingual replies media asks for. :):):)
commented 2017-01-24 16:08:43 -0500
Exempting them from carbon taxes because of their work sounds Liberal. Legal ?
commented 2017-01-24 15:46:44 -0500
“Problem is it wouldn’t sink or swim on its own accord if it is already under ‘outside’ influence. Their funding would come from Soros et al.”

Currently the brunt of the burden is carried by the taxpayers, it is a hefty yearly price tag. It may be a too big of a yearly price tag for the likes of even Soros. It is the control aspect, if all of CBC’s reigning control is stripped it will have little effect in comparison to how they can dictate to the rest of MSM currently. Like turning off the electricity in a building doesn’t make the building go away it simply makes living there that much more difficult. CBC would eventually either sink or have to downsize radically to keep afloat financially. If CBC is radically reduced in size so too would its reach.

I can see an entire new can of worms being opened if the populace could vote for the CEO – promises of select nepotism and platform promises (bribes) would become commonplace, elections virtually rigged by third party funding meddling, and so on. Best to defund, strip it of all control, then let it sink or swim on its own.
commented 2017-01-24 15:03:19 -0500
Problem is it wouldn’t sink or swim on its own accord if it is already under ‘outside’ influence. Their funding would come from Soros et al.

“The solution is NOT to simply sell the CBC to another Globalist or set of Globalists.
How about giving voting rights to all the Canadian public for CEO’s of the CBC – think about it.”
This is a really good point Max Brenner.
commented 2017-01-24 15:02:37 -0500
Purge all of the CBC and CRTC and if we go that far, we should purge all today’s so called Liberals…just a thought
commented 2017-01-24 14:33:26 -0500
“The solution is NOT to simply sell the CBC to another Globalist or set of Globalists.
How about giving voting rights to all the Canadian public for CEO’s of the CBC – think about it.”

Consider instead – Defund it totally, strip it of its current reigning control, then allow it to sink or swim on its own accord. Forget this selling and privatizing idea, that’s for the birds because the only takers will want its current control. The programming offered by CBC is pathetic so without public funding its resources would dry up faster than a pond in the heat of the summer. Once their funding goes the way of the Dodo bird so too will that entity. Selling it/privatizing it will only open a new can of worms, better to defund it totally, strip it of its control, and let it fade into memory. Consider the monetary loss as a lesson that needed to be learned and just let it go.
commented 2017-01-24 14:22:29 -0500
RON JOSEPH ; You believe the CTV?

The CBC are just Marxist Spin Doctors. Like their bed mates, the Liberal Government.

Scum begets Scum.
commented 2017-01-24 14:08:54 -0500
CNN = Controlled News Network
CNN – Clown News Network.
CNN = Criminals Non-News News
CBC = Controlled Boring Commies
CBC = CNN = Globalist Controlled LIARS!!!
commented 2017-01-24 14:03:56 -0500
I hear “Privatize the CBC!” That’s nonsense.
CBC IS privatized – it is an entity under the control of Globalists through economic co-operation – they have been bought out or sold out to Globalists. The Thompson and Desmarais Families pull the strings at CBC – They bought the Execs at CBC and entangled all future execs in contracts with them, a long time ago. It’s a very sneaky way of control.
Why else would CBC be pursuing Globalist Agendas if they were not under the control of Globalists???
Use your thinking caps!!!!
The solution is NOT to simply sell the CBC to another Globalist or set of Globalists.
How about giving voting rights to all the Canadian public for CEO’s of the CBC – think about it.
commented 2017-01-24 13:45:09 -0500
I forgot cnn.
commented 2017-01-24 13:43:58 -0500
But if Trost could pull off privatizing the cbc it would go a long way to cleaning up politics in Canada.
This is right up there with the racist rap dance video cbc did, calling Canadians who are Caucasian a dying breed and other insults. The cbc are becoming master baiters, and it is very damaging, especially to those who don’t have the time or inclination to think for themselves and get some perspective from other news sources, and I don’t mean ctv or global, Mcleans, the Huff, Star,NP, the Globe, Washington Post or NBC etc. I mean gathering information from source material to weigh against the bias you get from just about any reporting really. The cbc is for idiots, they know their audience and they abuse their responsibility to report. They slander and incite and they should be shut off from government funding. Soros would probably step in, how much you want to bet. Sad all around.
commented 2017-01-24 13:26:52 -0500
CBC is a propaganda machine being used to turn Canada into what the U.S.A. was before Trump won. The disease laden sewer rats are scurrying around looking for cover so they can’t be exposed. Hopefully CNN is going down soon and perhaps CBC will follow.
commented 2017-01-24 13:10:34 -0500

Slightly OT to this article, but I am curious as to what Brad Trost’s positions on items like immigration, national defense, and taxation are. I did a quick search on the ’net but it mostly discusses his platform on abortion and same-sex “marriage”.

I want to see a true right-wing Conservative, not a Liberal in a blue suit. Will this guy fit the bill?
commented 2017-01-24 13:10:31 -0500
The Leadership and Prime Minister decisions are made before Western Canada even votes. This is why we need the Electoral System like the US.