September 20, 2018

CBC Targets Children With Political Propaganda

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I reported on Justin Trudeau setting up a new department at the CBC called “Kids News.”

It's daily political commentary that is written by adults but read by child actors targeting our children  it's really creepy. 

For example, there was a report from “Jasmine,” who just happened to be at a rally in support of extreme sex-ed. She's eleven.

There weren't any other children giving the opposite point of view — the view that perhaps an eleven-year-old is too young to be learning about transgenderism, and other extreme sex ed.

Then there was the CBC child reporter who was excited about Justin Trudeau’s marijuana legalization. He says weed is "just like wine" and it's "good for economic development."

This isn't news, it's Trudeau propaganda. 

I examined this new CBC propaganda show earlier this week on The Ezra Levant Show. Normally, my commentary is for Premium Content subscribers only, but I thought this was important enough to share it for free on YouTube for everyone to see. 

If you want to watch the entire episode you can do so by clicking here and becoming a Premium Content subscriber. 

Premium Content subscribers get access to my daily Ezra Levant Show (from which this video was taken). And other members-only shows from Sheila Gunn Reid, David Menzies and other points of view that just aren’t allowed in the Media Party. 

It’s $8/month — or a discount of $80 for the whole year. But if you're a new subscriber, you can enter the coupon code “CREEPYCBC” and you’ll get an extra $20 off an annual subscription. 

So that’s just $60 — or $5/month.

Pretty cheap, considering how much taxpayer dollars you are forced to give to the CBC!

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commented 2018-09-21 14:36:52 -0400
21st Century Nazi Youth Corps?
commented 2018-09-21 02:55:33 -0400
Nicholas Conklin BBC is a propaganda station as well. And there would be media without tax money, they just have to tell the truth.
commented 2018-09-21 02:54:29 -0400
Nicholas Conklin the Rebel does not lie like the MSM, nor do they lie by omission. Still waiting for CBC to apologize for any lies.
commented 2018-09-21 01:37:27 -0400
NICHOLAS CONKLIN commented 8 hours ago

There probably wouldn’t be a media industry in Canada at all if some of it wasn’t funded by taxes.
There still isn’t a media industry in Canada. The MSM is a left wing propaganda industry. We wouldn’t miss it if it were gone. Then Canadians would have to think for themselves instead of being spoon fed BS.
commented 2018-09-21 01:30:29 -0400
Then he blamed the First Nation’s People for mismanaging things around there.
commented 2018-09-20 17:59:05 -0400
Iain Foulds,

I wouldn’t go that far with it being an injustice. That’s hyperbolic plus The Rebel has a bias too. There are national broadcasters all over the world. CBC, BBC, etc. There probably wouldn’t be a media industry in Canada at all if some of it wasn’t funded by taxes.
commented 2018-09-20 16:06:41 -0400
… There is no point discussing the CBC, it’s bias or anything.
… This issue is the insult and injustice of Canadians being forced to finance ANY media. It is being forced to buy products that most do not want. A bribed media is a corrupt media.
END ALL MEDIA FUNDING. It is very simple.
commented 2018-09-20 14:09:38 -0400
When has a self-proclaimed ‘diversity activist’ ever campaigned to bring foreign people to places where THEIR OWN ethnic group is the majority?
Diversity is entirely one-way: taking white institutions and populations and turning them non white.
It means No-White-Anything-Anywhere.
Its Anti White
Its Geno cide
commented 2018-09-20 14:03:46 -0400
CBC the biggest joke ever paid for by us . Well maybe the Trans mountain will be a close second . The CBC and all the Liberal nuts make me sick . NEVER VOTE LIBERAL .
commented 2018-09-20 13:38:07 -0400
Harper had a chance to shut down communist crap hole CBC, and wouldn’t do it no matter how much we begged him to. He wouldn’t stand up to the foreign money pouring into the country to attack our energy industry, or the eco terrorist outfits for hire who receive it. The same eco terrorist outfits and foreign money that got the corrupt Trudeau government elected. Now we have the phony conservative party voting for the Paris accord. What what side are these people even on. It’s sure as hell not the side of the people of this country.