February 25, 2015

Crowdfund the Rebel

Rebel Staff

We've been borrowing camera equipment and shooting videos from our living rooms since the Sun News Network closed. That's what a start-up should feel like -- but we want to build something more serious now. Will you help us?

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commented 2015-03-06 17:07:00 -0500
Great idea. Real glad to see what you are doing. All the best to the team at TheRebel. Will continue to support your efforts.
commented 2015-03-03 12:22:54 -0500
We feel we are shareholders, Ezra, so really enjoy the updates such as your tour of the new offices. This is the beginning of a new era and we are proud to be a small part of it.
commented 2015-03-02 18:47:32 -0500
I sent a cheque for $1,000.00 to be used as the Rebels wish. While this is a stretch for me I look at it this way …cheaper than the increased taxes I will pay if JT or TM end up being PM
commented 2015-03-01 12:11:43 -0500
Thrilled to be part of The Rebel! So very happy, but not surprised the crowd funding has been so successful.
commented 2015-03-01 09:37:39 -0500
Wow! So impressed with the level of support through the crowdfunding campaign. In such a short period of time too!
Whenever I would mention Sun News in conversation, people usually responded that they either did not watch or were not aware of it.
I worried that a balanced approach to the issues was not being heard and felt we were being consigned to a never-ending barrage of maniacal, nanny state policies because the apathetic voters with their heads in the sand are letting them get away with it at every level of government.
Thanks to the public response evidenced here on The Rebel, I no longer feel like I am on an island unto myself!
It seems the silent majority might no longer be silent. Are we all so fed up with being pushed around that we are literally putting the money where our mouth is by voicing our frustration with our wallets and pocketbooks?
It all makes me optimistic that The Rebel can become a beacon to like-minded individuals who possess even a modicum of common sense, creating a groundswell of backlash against the destruction of our values and personal freedoms (and our finances) by the entrenched leftists and their media hacks.
Really from my heart. Thank you Ezra and team so very much and thank you to all who contribute to the cause!
commented 2015-02-28 19:04:25 -0500
As per Peter Babich, difficult to choose, please can we have a general box for donations so you guys can budget. I want to setup a monthly but not to a set designation. Good luck.
commented 2015-02-28 18:04:19 -0500
I didn’t know how to best designate my contribution so I hope you do
commented 2015-02-28 17:28:16 -0500
I mailed my cheque and I would be willing to make a monthly subscription payment to fund the support staff. I noticed some of the necessities are over funded so perhaps the excess could go to this cause as well. Miss sun news. Can’t wait to see you all back at your best
commented 2015-02-28 08:18:36 -0500
I’m a transplanted US citizen here in Canada. Been here almost 12 years. Saw the Conservative Party get elected and was very proud (I am a Republican back in the States). The Sun News Channel filled a void for me as I came to Canada — and when it was lost I was lost. Nice to know that Ezra and the good folks at The Rebel are back on the scene. So glad! Keep up the good work, folks!
commented 2015-02-27 19:52:07 -0500
Michael Crowell — that’s the spirit. How about a petition page or at least as sympathizer of the view page. Time to leave the CBC with the low information crowd.
commented 2015-02-27 19:32:59 -0500
Wanda I think Paypal has problems with Blackberry as I use it all the time and customers dont have a problem paying with Apple or Android devices.
commented 2015-02-27 19:11:42 -0500
I thought I had donated twice via PayPal, but the first one was cancelled as an automatic payment, and the second one there is no record of the transaction. I don’t believe I had a Rebel account yet, so that might have been it. Regardless, awesome job, Ezra and your gang. This is sorely needed!
commented 2015-02-27 18:49:31 -0500
Jeff, are you trying to contribute from a smartphone? I found the same thing happened when I tried from my blackberry but when I tried it on my laptop it worked fine. I think this may be why they’re looking to fund a mobile app. Try from a laptop or desktop and see what happens.
commented 2015-02-27 18:49:15 -0500
In addition I would like to have the Government send my tax dollars allocated to CBC directly to The Rebel. In return I promise to never watch CBC again, ever.
commented 2015-02-27 17:51:35 -0500
Trying to send funds but not getting past the info stage of the payment process
commented 2015-02-27 17:45:33 -0500
Conservatives tend to do it themselves.
Liberals would still be waiting for the government to fund it.
commented 2015-02-27 15:14:10 -0500
I’ve done a very rough count and it appears that you are over $150,000 now (including one month of the monthly pledges). Heads are exploding over at huffpo and other similar sites. This is really very impressive. It’s like an insurgency into the world of the consensus media.
commented 2015-02-26 17:03:38 -0500
Ezra, could you set up a system where we can donate on a monthly basis utilizing a credit card. Thanks! Really appreciate what you and the others are doing.
commented 2015-02-26 15:00:01 -0500
I am so grateful to be able to help make history. I would really like it if TheRebel.media could partnership with a search engine. So that as well as having news articles, the site can be set it up as a home page like the nature of yahoo or msn. Just a thought for the future. Might help it grow as more people open the internet and find the site. If they are impressed with the articles enough they might add it as their own homepage. Let’s think big.
commented 2015-02-26 14:40:29 -0500
Guys you need to immediately get on Chromecast, Roku and Apple TV. That will allow folks to tune in all the stories and live shows on their TV set just Netflix.
commented 2015-02-26 14:34:18 -0500
And to everyone not sure to donate, I did $15 but does not matter how big or small. This is something great, and like most of us here believe, we don’t need the help from the government just the local and national community.
commented 2015-02-26 14:30:57 -0500
Sooo happy that this is getting bigger, and that I can be apart of it. As long as the memberships are not crazy expensive, I know myself and many others will be willing to pay! Keep up the truth!
commented 2015-02-26 14:00:28 -0500
curious to where the funding request are for the Lead journalists, (including Ezra) Are they not requesting an income at the moment?
commented 2015-02-26 13:43:42 -0500
I contributed towards equipment and will contribute towards the election fund as well. Just wondering – I want to contribute on a monthly basis but would rather be counted as a subscriber to your content (premium subscriber or whatever you might call it). Gives you bragging rights – ie. we have so-many paid subscribers. So I will wait for that option to hopefully become available.
commented 2015-02-26 13:27:56 -0500
Just topped up the funding for Conservative news. Glad to be a part of history. Thank you Ezra & company.
commented 2015-02-26 09:52:09 -0500
I really miss my SNN shows and would love to watch on my Roku or Samsung smart tv. I know it’s early days but is there any chance of this in the future? Keep up your excellent work.
commented 2015-02-26 07:57:21 -0500
I tried to donate through my iPhone but it wouldn’t let me get past the info stage. I will try again.
commented 2015-02-26 00:20:03 -0500
I donated and will again soon. We need the Rebel!
commented 2015-02-25 23:31:35 -0500
Would love to see an app for our very own BlackBerry BB10 phones as well. Pay-Pal would also be a great idea. My donation follows.
commented 2015-02-25 23:25:43 -0500
donated to the mobile app. Looking forward the future. Miss my sun news. We need a news program similar to fox news channel covering news from a Canadian perspective. Let’s go.