February 25, 2016

Checking in from Cologne, Germany

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Today I'm in Cologne, Germany, standing in the public square that was the scene of those mass sexual assaults on New Year's Eve.

While here, I interviewed a bouncer from a nearby club who intervened to help women being attacked.

I also spoke to residents of a mostly Muslim neighbourhood.

We're making one more stop in Europe then returning to Canada to put together our special shows. I promise they'll be like nothing Canada's Media Party would bother reporting on.

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commented 2016-02-28 08:33:51 -0500

You mean the bravo sierra bit you dug up from Huffpost or some other leftwing trashbin?
commented 2016-02-26 14:58:30 -0500
Ken M
Our German friends are coming to visit us in the summer. They told us that now, for the first time, they must apply for a visa to enter Canada! So, Syrians get flown in and placed in fine hotels at taxpayers expense, Mexicans don’t need a visa any more and convicted terrorist traitors get their Canadian passports back. What’s wrong with this picture?
commented 2016-02-26 09:12:41 -0500
Did you read the bit about how only 3 of the many hundreds of reported assaults were related to refugees?
commented 2016-02-26 00:53:02 -0500
Well, we certainly do not want to follow the same path, but we’re not the gov’t, we’re not the leaders, the Liberals are now running everything & they don’t give a damn about what we want, so they’ll just keep on undoing every single thing that PM Harper ever did in those ten yrs & we can’t do a darn thing about it, except sign petitions which really go nowhere & I can almost guarantee you that most Canadians are dumb & deaf to politics & only pay slight attention when the election comes around.
I email many of the videos seen here to those in my address book & I can count on one hand those who react to what I’ve sent, so darn frustrating & depressing like I’m talking to the wall.
commented 2016-02-25 20:07:12 -0500
Thank you Ezra for showing us the truth the mainstream media refuses to show. I look forward to more in depth reporting.
Now that my eyes are open to the truth I need bleach. Lots of it.
commented 2016-02-25 19:47:51 -0500
Looking forward to your insights Ezra. Hopefully you will bring back some form of hope for us.
commented 2016-02-25 16:59:06 -0500
You can’t have the one Kader was in ,the libs are turning it in to a holy shrine,I already asked .
commented 2016-02-25 16:58:23 -0500
Hey Ezra,

I look forward to hearing the things that the Lamestream Media Party dare not mention.
Amazing how truth is an unfilled niche. :)

commented 2016-02-25 16:50:40 -0500
If they get German passports, then 100s of them could come here for a fun summer “terror” vacation.
commented 2016-02-25 16:40:50 -0500
Looking forward to your report Ezra. Try to have a little bit of fun over there. Say hi to Angela for me.
commented 2016-02-25 16:10:56 -0500
I heard the Liberals are going to lease the empty cells at GITMO and send Ezra Levant and all the Rebel dissidents to fill them. I’ve already asked for a room with a view.
commented 2016-02-25 15:18:40 -0500
Hope Ezra gets to Holland and talks to Geert Wilders
commented 2016-02-25 13:41:12 -0500
I hope that. Bouncer bashed a few Muslims in the head.
Yes here dumb add Trudeau is reversing all Harper’s citizenship changes. He even reversed the citizenship of those taken away by Harper. What an idiot.
commented 2016-02-25 13:30:46 -0500
Steve Hicken – Obama has already let in the riff raff through the Mexican boarder.
commented 2016-02-25 13:16:18 -0500
with the changes in immigration theres all kinds of disgusting people going to come to Canada. The doors are open wide for the dregs of the world to enter. Look out USA—— you better put a wall up
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