July 07, 2017

As cheerleaders for self-confessed terrorist, Media Party is complicit in Khadr pay-off

Brian LilleyArchive

Omar Khadr's settlement with Trudeau and the Liberals has outraged much of the country. Across political lines, average Canadians are furious that a self-confessed terrorist is getting rich off his crimes, but the media party is playing a part in this circus.

While most Canadians had no clue what was going on, several media outlets arranged interviews with Khadr about his big pay-off and the apology and held it back until the official announcement was made.

Watch as I expose one such interview and ask you to do something real to help, donate to Speerkids.com.

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commented 2017-07-10 14:57:05 -0400
Omar doesn’t deserve anything but more jail time. Americans are outraged.
The free world is outraged.
Goodale has said that we can’t ignore what the supreme court says, however the supreme court has made no ruling on this case, it is a completely political decision.
Kudos to Michelle Rempel for telling it like it is.
commented 2017-07-10 09:13:13 -0400
Rebelation Rebelation, excellent post.
commented 2017-07-09 23:00:47 -0400
I could not agree more R.R. Any Charter rights he may have had no longer should apply.
commented 2017-07-09 22:53:57 -0400
Khadr is guilty of High Treason, overriding any charter rights, as that case should’ve come first.
2nd, his mother is also guilty of High Treason for indoctrinating him into it and Providing Material Support. THIS, is what Cdn’s should be demanding!!!

When you add this to the list of things Trudeau has done, such as inviting Imams to pray in Parliament (whom then tweeted “caliphate comes to Canada”), making numerous secret visits to the Agha Khan, pulling our jets, taking the Shahada etc, he’s definitely guilty of high treason also.
commented 2017-07-09 16:39:59 -0400
Exactly Liza Rosie..about duel citizenship.
commented 2017-07-09 14:05:02 -0400
With duel citizenship, all we have to do is strip the Canadian one and send him packing. But Justin says a terrorist brought up in Pakistan and Afghanistan is as much a Canadian as we are. That’s the part we have to change so vermin like Khadr and his family are never a problem to us in the first place.
Damn Omar Khadr, he will never be welcome or even tolerated. I would walk out of a room he entered.

The Anni Cyrus link Ron Voss posted is worth a watch and share.
commented 2017-07-09 11:06:22 -0400
His parents, no doubt, encouraged him to sue for that settlement and he says it’s no time for greed. The lies are pouring forth. He should be publicly donating that cash to Canadian programs. I will not forget this and will hound every Lib that I meet about the lunacy of choosing this government again. We have to tear them down, find representatives not afraid to change things so taxpayers actually GET something from their government. Take away the massive power of the PM and boot out the elitists who dare to think taxes become theirs to spend as they choose. Our system has become bloated with career pigs, sucking from the taxpayer trough.
commented 2017-07-09 08:19:47 -0400
This wouldve never happened if Canada didn’t allow 2 passports! Immigrates have this advantage or native born!

Ban duel citizenships!
commented 2017-07-09 02:02:13 -0400
Ken Coutts—you don’t have to feel sorry for Omar as he will be safe living in Edmonton among the Notley supporters. Government workers respect people like Omar that didn’t have to work for their money.
commented 2017-07-08 22:54:44 -0400
I kinda feel sorry for Omar not all Canadian’s are polite,forgiving or willing to turn the other cheek I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder! Enjoy your 10.5 million an tiger balm should help the krick in your neck!😎
commented 2017-07-08 22:47:19 -0400
Jill and John ward: It’s bad enough they spend our money recklessly but the worst is when they tell us it is none of our business. Imagine if you filed that on your tax return. ( I don’t suggest it don’t want anyone getting into trouble. The same trouble they don’t worry about).
commented 2017-07-08 22:16:08 -0400
Jill and John Ward..Build it and they will come.. Start it and we will help…
commented 2017-07-08 21:36:35 -0400
Now seriously. Look at everything Trudeau has done since Christmas alone. He has converted to Islam. For better or worse, but it is glaringly obvious that he has.
commented 2017-07-08 21:13:18 -0400
I want to add to my last comment…This by all means was not to disturb the victims Families..It was just to show on how CRUEL THE MODERATE & EXTREMIST LIBERAL voters are on Everyday People in Civilized Society!!
commented 2017-07-08 20:50:16 -0400
Maybe holmoka will give him a call..and say hey baby…we got a lot in common we like to rape and kill people…what da ya say? we got a date?
commented 2017-07-08 20:44:56 -0400
This man was in every newspaper across the West today.!! I don’t know about eastern Canada.. However what he had to say was “he’s turning over a new leaf”
That means he acknowledges his crimes from the past and he has been paid $10 million for killing people… good people… And he’s done so remorselessly. I will believe that he is “turning over a new leaf” when pigs feed Muslims.!!
commented 2017-07-08 19:49:33 -0400
Anni Cyrus is an Iranian-born woman who rejected Islam and fled Iran to America legally in her teens. She came to the United States after years of persecution, torture, and imprisonment. As pointed out in her commentary, “Canadistan Rewards a Jihadi”, by such action by Trudeau Canada is “officially an Islamic country” subjecting itself to sharia law.
commented 2017-07-08 16:09:08 -0400
This is not a time for profit? Then, Omar, hand over the money to Mrs. Speer. Show us you’re a better man than our prime minister (but then, really, who isn’t?). The apology will restore some of your reputation? Your reputation is you’re a convicted terrorist! That isn’t going to go away.

As you said, Brian, this was all carefully planned so that he gets a platform with no rebuttal whatsoever. All while we, the payors, are lied to. I am still having difficulty grasping this.
commented 2017-07-08 14:52:56 -0400
But, Maryann, what would we do with he idiots that vote him in in the first place? There ain’t enough millions to bribe them all.
commented 2017-07-08 11:28:52 -0400
Mr. Trudeau, if we gave you $10 million and an apology, would you leave politics forever? I’m sure we could crowd funding that.
commented 2017-07-08 11:17:39 -0400
Edward Jobin, Exactly!!! This is the liberal mindset and has been for decades now. Our money it THEIR MONEY AND IT IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS WHERE AND ON WHAT THEY SPEND IT! IN fact a M.P. (sorry don’t remember the name or the party) was interviewed on a talk show and he was being asked about wasted tax dollars and so on and he became quite indignant and said very sternly, " IT IS NO ONE’S (CANADIAN TAXPAYERS) BUSINESS WHAT WE DO WITH THE MONEY WE RECEIVE IN TAXES"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have allowed this to go on and on and on for decades and now we wonder why they don’t even have to hide their disdain, contempt, hate for us, lies, theft, , criminal acts and breaking /circumventing the laws of the land and parliament – especially with mohammed trudeau , from us????lolWE HAVE CREATED THESE MONSTERS AND ONLY WE CAN BRING THEM DOWN AND THE FASTEST WAY I CAN THINK OF IS A NATIONAL REVOLT SHUTTING DOWN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY, ALL BORDERS/ENTRY POINTS, ALL GOVERNMENTS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, ALL MONEY TO ALL GOVERNMENT COFFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WOULD BRING THEM ALL TO THEIR KNEES IS SHORT ORDER AND JUST AS QUICKLY REMIND THEM WHO THE BOSS IS IN OUR COUNTRY AND WHOSE MONEY PAYS ALL THE BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But sadly canadians are cowards , apathetic and apparently have just as much disdain, contempt and hate for this, our country and the taxpayers as trudeau does so nothing will be done as we float along down the sewer to islamic , third world. global/welfare hole status!
commented 2017-07-08 11:15:23 -0400
Very touching. Now hand over the money to the Speer family.
commented 2017-07-08 11:12:21 -0400
The biggest traitors of all in this are the lawyers who tendered the lawsuit on contingency and the judge who deemed the lawsuit to have merit and be heard.

Apparently they stood to gain even more than this amount if the matter went to court.
commented 2017-07-08 09:33:21 -0400
Ralphy boy Goodale was royally pissed that the alleged amount had been leaked to the public as they had signed a non disclosure agreement. What bloody right do they have to hide the amount from the tax payers who are funding this debacle?
commented 2017-07-08 08:21:47 -0400
The C.B.C.will have report out soon on how much the lawyers will get ,and how much of it will get back to our PM from QUE.
commented 2017-07-08 01:27:56 -0400
He thinks he is entitled and we should just accept it.
commented 2017-07-08 01:22:50 -0400
“Did the appointed lawyer get a cut of the settlement? "
I think you can count on it being a big fat one Greg. I’m sure Omar’s living costs while he was staying with his lawyer and family will be reimbursed big time as well. Little Omar will be the ’golden goose ’for many people, foundations and Muslim associations you can count on it. That money needs to be tracked. We have a right to know where it goes, since it was taken out of our pockets against our will.
commented 2017-07-08 01:00:46 -0400
I’m so angry about this I could spit, in public!!!!!
commented 2017-07-08 00:58:45 -0400
To Allan Peterson, These trifling problem’s of not having employment, persecution,and find a good hair dresser, will all go away now, cause money talk’s. While the servicemen who died and were disfigured suffer. Gotta love it. NOT