January 11, 2018

Chelsea Clinton wishes Church of Satan a “Happy New Year”

Ben DaviesRebel Host | Rebel Reel Reviews

2018 has already been such a rich year for absurd stories, I had no idea which outlandish or apocalyptic statement could take the lead.

However, America's golden girl, Chelsea Clinton, and her Twitter conversation with the Church of Satan wins the prize.

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commented 2018-01-12 22:21:35 -0500
ANDREW STEPHENSON commented 2018-01-12 09:17:15 0500
Nobody cares except a few evangelicals who most likely hated her for her name anyway.
If its only evangelicals who care that means they are the only ones with a lick of sense.

The Clintons are not hated for their name. They are hated for what their name represents: evil, corruption, nepotism. and incompetence. What is not to hate?
commented 2018-01-12 13:41:15 -0500
Will she be sporting a medical boot in the near future?!!!
commented 2018-01-12 13:40:20 -0500
Oh I think they also hated her for financing her wedding on the backs of the impoverished; you know, that wily Foundation that stole financial aid that was supposed to go to Haitii.
commented 2018-01-12 09:17:15 -0500
Nobody cares except a few evangelicals who most likely hated her for her name anyway.
commented 2018-01-12 01:06:22 -0500
I never had any doubt the Clintons were adherents of the church of satan. Go Chelsea.
commented 2018-01-11 20:54:09 -0500
Love the sinner, hate the sin.
commented 2018-01-11 19:46:33 -0500
Well why wouldn’t she wish a Happy New Year to the Church of Hillary?
commented 2018-01-11 18:15:52 -0500
Thanks REBEL , I can direct post now .
I take that back , but I did once
commented 2018-01-11 18:15:00 -0500
Thanks REBEL , I can direct post now .
commented 2018-01-11 18:14:34 -0500
Thanks REBEL , I can direct post now .
commented 2018-01-11 18:11:58 -0500
BEN HUR , you killed with this one , connecting all of the points of the satan foundation
commented 2018-01-11 18:00:47 -0500
Did she even stand a chance with Killary as her mother? But then God did give us each free will, so it sounds like she’s made her choice, and rather publicly I might add. Hopefully someone can change her mind, so that she doesn’t spend eternity in hell.
commented 2018-01-11 17:50:52 -0500
Hmmmm, I wonder why she did not wish the Church of Satan “Merry Christmas”? [sarcasm]
commented 2018-01-11 16:58:12 -0500
Chelsea probably has the record for entry level pay. Didn’t she get hundreds of thousands of dollars with no experience or educational credentials from one of the major networks and some phoney journalism award before her first day on the job.
Chelsea is proof that criminality is hereditary.
commented 2018-01-11 16:05:48 -0500
Wow, just when you think the Clintons are finally done talking, Chelsea starts the New Year with messages to worshipers of satan. Bizarre!
commented 2018-01-11 15:57:54 -0500
Chelsea Clinton, like Mother like Daughter, is Satan’s alter ego. Satan is the loser on that one.
commented 2018-01-11 13:30:11 -0500
When Joram saw Jehu, he said, “Is it peace, Jehu?” And he answered, “What peace, so long as the harlotries of your mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts are so many?”
2 Kings 9:22