December 04, 2015

Child executioners featured in latest disturbing ISIS video entitled “Sons of the Jews”

Igal HechtIsrael Correspondent

The latest extremely disturbing video from ISIS, entitled “Sons of the Jews”, begins with various images of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu and includes several young boys participating in the execution of captives.

The Times of Israel and Channel 2 report that the commander of Islamic State forces in Sinai is currently on what was supposed to be a secret visit to the Gaza Strip to meet with Hamas leaders to coordinate their attacks against Egyptian and Israeli targets in order to widen their attacks.

Hamas formally opposes the Islamic State, but in practice they are cooperating.

Israel stands on the front lines of battling this extremist ideology that poses a threat not only to Israel but to Palestinians and other Arabs in the Middle East.

Gaza is under siege though the siege does not come from Israel or Egypt but rather, it is the siege of a Sharia law state and the leadership of Hamas is willing to sacrifice the lives of millions of Palestinians to achieve it.


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commented 2015-12-05 11:47:37 -0500
Witness the Islamist version of a spelling bee. The best students are chosen and honoured to be chosen. The only difference is nobody dies at a spelling bee unless radical Muslims show up.
commented 2015-12-05 09:09:17 -0500
Our politically correct fools who canada elected will be the cause of canadian deaths and bloodshed. Trudeau is viewed as a weak fool as are the rest of the politically correct progressives, They cannot even say the words islamic terrorist, muslim terrorist, WORDS SCARE THEM HOW ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO KEEP ANY SORT OF SECURITY IN THIS COUNTRY IF WORDS AND HURTING FEELINGS SCARES THEM. These idiots will be the death of canada, Islam is a death cult that much is plain and simple. THE VERY PEOPLE WHO CANNOT OR WILL NOT EVEN SAY MUSLIM TERRORISTS ARE GOING TO KEEP US SAFE. Canada is a sitting duck only a matter of time till something terrible happens here again.
commented 2015-12-05 08:50:18 -0500
The search for a “radical” islam link in the San Bernardino Sudden Jihad Syndrome (SJS) attack is a false trail.

Pure unadulterated islam is the reason for this and all the other islamic insanity blighting humanity since the 7th Century.

This is the only islam commanded by allah, the koran, and the mentally disturbed “prophet” of all muslims.
commented 2015-12-05 00:32:49 -0500
Looks like Workplace Violence to me, eh Obama?
commented 2015-12-04 22:48:45 -0500
Connie Gravelle,
Every person that voted Liberal in the election, just denied our Grandchildren of a future.
commented 2015-12-04 20:53:31 -0500
As a human being, imagine waking up everyday of your life wondering how many people you can kill . IMAGINEas a human being, teaching little children how to hate and how to kill. IMAGINE what must it be like to want to cause such heartache to people you have and will never meet in your life. IMAGINE when you blow yourself up there are NOT 72 virgins waiting for you. IMAGINE, that God would want all human beings on this earth to get along and make this a better world for us and our grandchildren. JESUS SAID DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU AND TO LOVE THEY NEIGHBOR" It is time to IMAGINE A BETTER WORLD.
commented 2015-12-04 18:06:57 -0500
Are the democrats going to blame the gun laws for this?
commented 2015-12-04 17:35:16 -0500
The thing that irks me about these Muslims. Western countries train them how to keep fit and fight like real Soldiers, then they turn around and fight us, using our techniques. It would be a lot better if we had left them as they were, firing off hundreds of rounds in to the air. For sound effects.
commented 2015-12-04 17:16:37 -0500
They are brain washing these young boys to hate and murder all infidels which is just about everybody. This evil cult will continue spreading hatred, fear and violent crimes against anyone who opposes them. The only way to deal with ISIS is overwhelming force as that is the only thing they understand. Can the West destroy them? I doubt it because there is just too much area to cover. We should not allow any muslims into Canada but we are too late for that. We must get prepared for escalating violent crimes in our own communities across Canada.
commented 2015-12-04 17:11:35 -0500
These people who train the children to murder will pay for it later. They may think they are going to get their very own 72 virgins so they get “have fun” for all eternity, but the opposite will be true. And if by some chance the atheists are correct when we die we all simply “poof” instantly snuff out of existence forever, then anything we do here on this planet is meaningless so they might as well do whatever they want … and anybody else for that matter.

That’s my comment of cheer and happiness for the day.
commented 2015-12-04 17:01:48 -0500
Well, Bravo, any media that whines can be rounded up and sent with them … and any leftie bleeding hearts.
commented 2015-12-04 16:50:39 -0500
Trained animals – slaughter them all with drones.
commented 2015-12-04 16:49:22 -0500
If countries started cleaning up where it matters FIRST and then going into the desert to finish them off – things would be far better.

These pics and vids are designed to shock – in fact they happen every day.

So – Canada US of A, France, Belgium, Germany, UK, Sweden, Norway and more……..

Clean up your own country – that is where the real danger lies – round them all up – citizens and all – and relocate them – back to any sandy desert – and lock the door.

Not politically correct – and the media would not like it – however tactically it is sound.

THEN go after those in the desert.

Never start a fight in a room when the enemy is also behind you and in your house.
commented 2015-12-04 16:37:48 -0500
It is safe to say at this point these islamic psychopaths have moved from religion to medieval killing cultists
commented 2015-12-04 16:15:11 -0500
Lefties response-Nothing to see here folks, just a misinformation plot by the evil Jews, or something like that. Only whites and Jews do bad things.
commented 2015-12-04 16:11:10 -0500
Bomb were they live..Raqqua, Mosul and wipe out future generations of terrorists.
commented 2015-12-04 16:10:51 -0500
Cute kids! If Obama had a son he would look just like them!