July 16, 2019

China bans Canadian food, steals our secrets, why won't Justin Trudeau stand up?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we went over Canada's deteriorating relationship with China as the Asian country bans imports of our foods.

In addition to holding two Canadian hostages, the Chinese government has slapped massive trade sanctions on Canada — banning our crops and meat with the spurious claim that they're unhealthy. That's obviously fake. Canada’s crops are the healthiest in the world. China’s just playing with us. 

Until recently, we had a whole Chinese unit removed by the RCMP from one of our confidential research labs for suspicious activity. They didn't even speak English, and the lab from which they were removed is one of the only ones in North America capable of handling pathogens such as the Ebola virus.

So why won't Justin Trudeau do something?

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commented 2019-07-18 02:46:08 -0400
I am well aware of the nature of that lab. Most Canadians had NO idea it was in existence. WHY on earth were these Chinese people working in this facility. Do we have people, Canadians working in China in their top lab? Good luck on that one. These individuals are spies more than likely. Probably hooking up their computer so that the Chinese can tie into the lab and all its operations. Maybe even release a deadly virus on our population, then just walk on in and assume control. One thing is for sure Canadians have to be the Stupidest of the Stupid. The country is crawling with Spies, Illegals, Welfare Parasites, Criminals, Terrorists, Drug Cartels, Fascists, Climate Change Crazies and Religious Fanatics, Etc. So this comes as no real surprise. All our Political Parties are now fully compromised. As they have been infiltrated by members of so many other groups that all have their own agendas for Canada and none of them have anything to do with continuing Canada. We as a nation, our history, our culture, etc. It’s being all wiped away, we have no control over our own country. We have Virtue Signalers, Foreigners, Globalists, Traitors, Betrayers and Islam all vying for the position of being in charge. If we don’t pick up and STOP this crap, it will be too late, we maybe a slight mention in the new world order history book under “Sheep To The Slaughter Chapter.” It will be a lackluster end. Start digging your graves Canada, this is going to get costly.
commented 2019-07-17 20:46:23 -0400
Great Interview Maxime Bernier! Straight forward crystal clear answers.. The Liberal wingnuts can’t answer honestly.. that’s why they babble on or cry like their Bosses Trudeau & Freeland.
commented 2019-07-17 20:42:06 -0400
commented 2019-07-17 11:02:36 -0400
“…why won’t Justin Trudeau stand up?”

There can be only one reason: because, he and his putrid friends have been so totally compromi$ed by the Ch-comms that they are powerless to retaliate.
commented 2019-07-17 10:53:23 -0400
Why won’t Trudeau take a stand against China? Based on what we know about Trudeau so far we can deduce the following.
1. Trudeau is a socialist dictator. He’s banning freedom of speech in Canada which suggests he supports dictatorships across the planet. Why would he stand up to China when they ban free speech outright. You can’t be a dictator and accuse another dictator of wrong doing.

2. For Trudeau to stand up to China is picking a fight with the school yard bully. Trudeau is tough when he has his security team surrounding him 24\7 in Canada but to go up against a powerhouse like China would be suicide for our girl leader Trudeau. What would Trudeau do? Call China a “big meany”?

3. Trudeau can’t stand up to China because he clearly has no ethics, morals or integrity. He’s a self serving tyrant. After all, when you look at his family history, in fact, just look at his mentally unstable mother. I think it’s fair to say that her psychological issues have been passed down to her son/s.

Need more be said?
commented 2019-07-17 10:30:44 -0400
first of all, canada/canadians DON’T HAVE A LEADER.
But we DO HAVE open/lawless borders, a broken nation now a post national state, terrorist states popping up all across the land (different religious terrorists – not just islamic), a broken economy, a fractured people, no foreign or domestic investment in canada, no allies, no money, no respect, no democracy, no law abiding/pro canada , politician/political party or government and no freedoms or rights with much more to come.
keep your heads in the sand canuks and before you know it , you won’t have any place on the planet to live or worse, you won’t even be here anymore.
trudeau is beyond corrupt, beyond vile, beyond pathological lyingthieving, and beyond treason now. he is a cancer spreading across the land and there is no cure or way to get rid of him now- again, just as I warned before the 2015 election.
Canada is DONE and soon the u.n. troops will be patrolling, we canuks in the gutters and the land destroyed and at war via the many , many different terrorist groups now having claimed their new religious terrorist states across the land – all with their own laws, leaders and weapons.
in short, canadians have been ALLOWING THIS FOR LITERALLY DECADES NOW and sadly voting in this nazi was the worst possible move and now it is ALL OVER – not only for the former Canada but, WE CANADIANS !
commented 2019-07-17 10:13:30 -0400
Why won’t he do anything? Because he loves China. They can turn their economy around on a dime, remember? He should move there and stop interfering with ours.
commented 2019-07-17 10:06:03 -0400
Trudeau won’t “do something” mainly because he has let this China/Canada issue fester for so long there is now nothing he can do. And don’t forget he is in full pander mode due to the upcoming election,and the Chinese voting block is a powerful one. It is astonishing how Canadian governments have been so determinedly naive re Chinese spying and sabotage on our military,industries,and now the Winnipeg CDC lab, which in itself is enough to make anyone nervous. I suppose greed over access to that huge potential trade market overruled common sense in every PM since Pierre Trudeau. I try to NOT buy any food products from China,but Canada never did pass laws as to country of origin,so we are left with food labelled, “Imported by So and So Foods, Montreal”, with NO idea where the product originated. This issue was never corrected, even under Harper’s government. Ezra’s remark on “I’ll still do your homework even though you stole my lunch money” is spot on, Canada has become the wimp bullied by the world under Justin Trudeau,and this is especially ironic given Trudeau made his “REP” by beating up an Indian in a boxing match. Phony doesn’t begin to describe the character of Trudeau. Useless twit.
commented 2019-07-17 08:13:19 -0400
I would like to ban the following from China
billions in drugs sold in Canada
Casino,s that launder the money.
Asset forfeiture on money and property is needed for the above.
commented 2019-07-16 21:09:03 -0400
Andrew Stephenson what stand? We are following the law. And they are crapping on us and our leaders are doing NOTHING!!! That is hardly A STAND!
commented 2019-07-16 19:40:12 -0400
As Richard Fadden the former head of CSIS said over 10 years ago ( he was immediately condemned , put out to pasture and retired after accidentally telling the truth ) The biggest threat to Canada by far is China.
China has infected every level of our political / economic system , Federal , provincial and municipal.
There is NO ONE at the political level acting for the interests of Canadians as they have all been compromised ( example….the biggest donars to the Trudeau foundation are Chinese nationals and “businessmen” ) and Canadians are completely asleep and complacent.
And “our” MSM won’t touch it of course for fear of being called “racist”
So China always gets a free pass and a get out of jail free card
commented 2019-07-16 16:35:27 -0400
the gutless useless one rises to the occusion over and over and over. why should he not harm canada one more time. amazing people around the world joke about this disaster as a “leader” and yet at least half the country think somehow he has a brain lodged somewhere between his toes.
commented 2019-07-16 16:34:27 -0400
I never buy any food that comes from China . . . most polluted country on the planet.

Put Tariffs on China krap just like Trump . . . the Chinese economy is failing today !
commented 2019-07-16 13:32:10 -0400
I really wouldn’t worry about China stealing secrets considering the language barrier is so frigging bad most of the time.
commented 2019-07-16 13:25:55 -0400
Canadians will take a stand in October this will upset the great admirer of China.
commented 2019-07-16 13:24:21 -0400
Ya what stand would that be?
commented 2019-07-16 12:55:34 -0400
The Chinese are doing this because we HAVE taken a stand, and this upsets them greatly.