April 28, 2015

Christian bakers who were ordered to pay $135,000 to 'emotionally damaged' lesbian couple: This government is scary

Rebel Staff

Aaron and Melissa Klein, the Christian couple who were ordered to pay $135,000 to a lesbian couple after refusing to make them a gay wedding cake is speaking out against the government. 

“A government that can tell you what you have to do and what you have to say is pretty darn scary, and when they come at you and try to take everything you have because of it, well, I mean, that’s almost horrific. We are the average American family trying to live out the American dream and honor God in our life, and so, that’s why we’re in the situation we’re in ,” Aaron Klein said during the Church Boys podcast.

The Kleins say that the $135,000 wouldn’t come from their business or insurance and would have to pay out of their own pocket. They say it would put them 'out on the street'.

“It’s coming straight from our personal assets. That would be our vehicle, our house, the money that should be used to feed our kids, you know, that sort of thing. So, this is not something that will be real easy to pay up,” Aaron Klein added.

The Blaze reports that the judge wants $75,000 given to Rachel Cryer-Bowman and $60,000 to Laurel Bowman-Cryer for
“emotional suffering”.

“I figured a government was put in place to protect us and protect all people, and not to punish people — especially for living by your faith, and that’s all we did,” Melissa Klein said.

The Kleins set up a GoFundMe account where people could contribute to helping pay their legal bills. Despite raising over $100,000, the page was pulled.

“After careful review by our team, we have found the ‘Support Sweet Cakes By Melissa’ campaign to be in violation of our Terms and Conditions and have removed this campaign,” GoFundMe said in a statement on its website.

The money, however, will be available for withdrawal.

Who do you think is dealing with actual emotional suffering?

Photo: Sweet Cakes By Melissa/Samaritan’s Purse

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commented 2015-05-15 16:12:19 -0400
Quite frankly if I had been asked to bake this item and had my beliefs “trampled” in the process I might have made it for them in order to appease them after my first refusal – it would not have tasted very good, but I would have baked it.

In this day and age you are not allowed to have beliefs – unless they happen to be of the politically correct type.

On the other hand this homosexual couple could have gone to another store – I find them as guilty as those who are being charged

After all – tolerance is a two way street – that is never mentioned by anyone it seems.

Something the governments and special interest groups will never understand or care about.
commented 2015-05-09 12:19:32 -0400
PeterBabich – Do you hear yourself? What do you think Jesus would say about how you are treating one of his? Give your head a shake!!

I love God, others – including you – and myself. I love God’s world and everyting in it.

I don’t know why you are so proud of entertaining Satan. I never give Satan the time of day.

You are full of hatred. Maybe you should seek an exorcism.
commented 2015-05-05 18:23:41 -0400
Joan, you must not love yourself as you don’t love others. I haven’t met Jesus but I’ve met satan. Sounds a lot like you. Thanks for the advice
commented 2015-05-05 01:49:08 -0400
Peter Babich – have you personally met Jesus Christ? I bet you have never been before him in the city of gold, been breathtaken by his beauty, been told it is not yet your time, that you must return to earth to complete your mission for him. I’m right, aren’t I? You have no personal relationship with Jesus, just a self-righteous assumption yours is the only opinion, the only perspective, the only life experience worthy of Christian love.

Well, you can go to hell because that is where you are headed with your hatred, your exclusion and your self-righteousness!!
commented 2015-05-05 01:43:09 -0400
Peter Babich – Jesus loved everyone. He did not hate gay people. He did not hate people whose opinions differed from his. On the thread about sex ed, you refuted my claim that those rebels who hate me for my views is a minority. You responded “not a minority” to suggest, essentially, that everybody hates me. How is your hatred in any way the practice of how Jesus taught us to love?
commented 2015-05-04 22:38:19 -0400
Joan sigh
commented 2015-05-04 20:54:27 -0400
Thanks Liza, I knew you’d understand. Love one another as I have loved you. That was His command
commented 2015-05-04 07:20:10 -0400
Liza – your threat is terrorist, intended to intimidate. You need to stop the bullying. I post views that disagree with yours. That is exactly how Jesus acted – he criticized falsehoods. And people with attitudes like yours hated him for it.

Don’t think for a second that these threads are not monitored by stingray technology. Of course we are being watched.
commented 2015-05-04 00:10:44 -0400
You don’t. Every thing you post is the opposite. It doesn’t go unnoticed, and I don’t mean by me.
commented 2015-05-03 23:11:03 -0400
Love God and love your neighbour as yourself.
commented 2015-05-03 19:39:29 -0400
You search the scriptures, because in them you think you have eternal life;and it is they who bear witness to me;yet you refuse to come to me that you may have life. I do not receive glory from men.But I know that you have not the love of God within you. I have come in my Fathers name,and you do not receive me; if another comes in his own name, him you will receive.
How can you believe, who receive glory from one another and do not see the glory that comes from the only God? Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father; it is Moses who accuses you,on whom you set your hope. If you believed Moses, you would believe me, for he wrote of me. But you do not believe his writings, how will you believe my words? John 5 39-47
commented 2015-05-02 19:21:23 -0400
Jake Carson – therebel already did a story featuring Crowder’s video. Very funny.

But listen. The law the Kleins and their lobby are trying to change says business owners do not have the right to discriminate on the basis of their religious faith, that only religious organizations have that legal right. That is why they made this an issue. To try to change that law.
commented 2015-05-02 19:17:04 -0400
Peter Babich – where are your manners? Say please. :-)

What actions are you talking about?

You really must try to be more clear and specific with your demands.
commented 2015-05-02 19:13:38 -0400
Greg Rogers, a federal adjudicator is not necessarily someone in the legal profession. Which I am not. I made that clear. Or can’t you comprehend what you read?

My “posting is very weak”? What on earth are you talking about? How are you measuring strength? According to your own ignorant bias? Anyone who disagrees with you is weak?

I don’t know what you consider positive comments about Chritians but I can tell you that your attitude is certainly not Christ-like. Or do you mean those Christians with mean spirit? Because no, you won’t see me applaud bigotry and hatred. Nor would Christ.

You seem to have some kind of persecution complex. Not all Christians are persecuted nor do all judges make biased decisions based on faith. Some do. Mostly lower court judges. But not all.

The Kleins are not victims. What is wrong with you? They knowingly broke the law.

Or like taxes, do you think Christians should not be held accountable for breaking the law? Or maybe that judges should not fairly weigh evidence but find in favour of Christians, based on some personal or political bias? The Kleins knowingly broke the law. They knew the consequences. That Christians like you think Christians like them should just be able to violate the law for no other reason than that they are Christians gives Christians a very bad reputation for bullying.

The Kleins won’t pay a dime. Again, your claim this will destroy them paints Christians as snowflakes. Why denigrate Christian faith as so weak that a just sentence under the law – as set on precedent and legislation – could destroy them? You think really poorly of Christians. Poor weak Christians, can’t be held accountable for breaking the law without being destroyed. Ahhh….

Shame on you!!

As to the last word – that is what you said the last time, then dropped another bomb of ignorance. You must have thought I’d take you at your word. But apparently your word is worthless.

The Kleins set the lesbian couple up. It’s a political strategy. Poor pity you for not knowing that.
commented 2015-05-01 21:35:59 -0400
I’m a big bald white man, and starting tomorrow I’m heading to cake shops to ask for a cake for my white supremacy birthday or some such thing. Now when the baker refuses to bake this cake ( as he should ) I guess I’ll have a law suit on my hands. I believe this is how we win this stupid human rights board, PC bullshit. by poking holes in there game. People have rights on both sides of this equation, baker’s have the right to refuse work, and gays have the right to open a gays only bake shop.
On another note " Louder with Crowder " does a bit where he pretends he’s gay, and try’s to order a cake from a Muslim bake shop, it’s worth posting here I’m just not the guy to do it.
commented 2015-05-01 11:04:07 -0400
Answer my question! Look at your actions and tell me who you are serving!
commented 2015-05-01 08:28:02 -0400

Joan, your posting is very weak. If this is an example of the reasoning process of a "federal adjudicator then I stand firm in my low opinion of those in the public sector legal industry. You start off with “I am neither a lawyer nor a gay rights apologist. Speak for yourself.”. —Really? I stopped using the "I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I? defense when I was 7.

“Painting all judges with the same brush is like saying all Christians are like Judas Iscariot.” since I haven’t heard you say anything positive about Christians I find this comment amusing because of its irony and hypocrisy. Maybe I will have a different opinion of judges when I see them actually finding IN FAVOR of a persecuted Christian (for a change). But, let’s face it. That’s not going to happen is it? Whether they are letting criminals walk on the flimsiest of excuses or social engineering by aiding activist gays judges have lost their right to public respect.

Your next paragraph, that begins with “Your view that the Kleins are poor little victims…”. Actually THEY ARE victims. The asshole judge set a fine so high that he knew it would destroy them financially. He didn’t plan on someone coming to their aid.
Besides I said before the actual amount of money they will wind up paying will be far less than what they are given because of taxes. Then, in the next paragraph you try to say that I SAID the Kliens shouldn’t pay taxes. Where did I say that? Tell me please.

The fact is these people were ambushed by an activist gay couple and aided by a slavishly biased judge. BUT unlike other Christians these people decided to fight back. If defending one’s self makes one an activist then I guess they are.

By the way? Could you fit another 5 or 6 “stupids” into that posting? There really isn’t enough. I’m going to stop now because it’s pointless to talk to you and this is getting pretty out of control as evidenced by your silly posting. I’m done. Get the last word in. Come on. You know you must.
commented 2015-05-01 07:10:34 -0400
Greg Rogers, I am neither a lawyer nor a gay rights apologist. Speak for yourself.

In my work as a federal adjudicator, I found SCC decisions more reasoned and fair, generally, than federal cout decisions that are more reasoned than the lower courts. Judges are restrained by the law. The Kleins broke the law. Intentionally.

Painting all judges with the same brush is like saying all Christians are like Judas Iscariot. It’s bigotry.

Your view that the Kleins are poor little victims assumes they are stupid. That is demeaning. They are not stupid. They are activists. I say good on them. You say they are too stupid to look after themselves, that they need special protection. They don’t.

The Klein’s shouldn’t pay tax like everybody else why exactly? Because they are too stupid to self-defend and should be forgiven their responsibility under the law? Again, how demeaning.

The Kleins are part of a growing Christian activist lobby. Not the whiny victims you want to make them. Don’t disempower the Kleins and their lobby with claims they are stupid. That is bigotry.
commented 2015-04-30 23:01:30 -0400
Joan you are cherry picking facts like every other legal industry and gay rights apologist.

-" The state legislator who is reviewing the case has the power to rescind the fine entirely"
Oh course yes he will do EXACTLY that (eye roll). The state has done nothing and your vague promises that he might do something are meaningless.
“Judges just comply with the law. They don’t necessarily agree with it.”
Oh please! Judicial activism and ruling from the bench have become so common they are expected actions rather than anomalies. Really, when was the last time you were surprised by a supreme court decision in either the U.S. or canada?
This judge levied an outrageous fine in order to crush the Kleins and make an example of them. Silly hypothetical statements about what some unknown state legislator may or may not do at some unknown time in the future does not remove the judge’s responsibility for his absurd activist punishment of this couple.
—" to raise the money for their defence and to raise more to pay any fine they are required to pay"
Any money they receive they will be taxed on. If someone pays a fine that was levied to them the IRS will see that as income and tax it.
Your position that the Kleins are activist not victims is absurd.
Here is a more likely scenario. The Kleins got ambushed by some gay activist asshole like so many other Christians have. BUT unlike other Christians they decided to fight back – VERY HARD and if the homos and their bootlicking judge want to crush the Kliens the Kliens aren’t going down easy or quietly.
commented 2015-04-30 22:46:35 -0400
Peter Babich. Yes, love is an action. You have your answer.
commented 2015-04-30 22:45:05 -0400
Greg Rogers – re your first paragraph, you are projecting from my observation that Ezra is not ignoring this. I said nothing about that exculpating anyone. That is all your fancy.

You have a very rich mental life. (-:

Re your paragraph two – more projection on your part. You assign to me what you believe I must say in order for you to hate me for it. Again – rich mental life. Not only do you impugn my character with falsehoods but you also claim to know the judge has evil motivation. Positively paranoid.

Read my reply to Cathy, below, so I don’t need to explain it twice. Of course the judge knew they would not pay a dime. This case is hardly unique.

I agree the law – not the courts; courts are impersonal administrators of the law – but the law favours gay rights over Christian rights. I think a lot of judges agree. If the state legislator rescinds the fine, it will show just how strongly the lawyers/judges/state agree. And by how much the fine is reduced is a measure of their belief. If it is reduced to $1. that says they think the law is wrong.

You are wrong about the money. Naive about political activism. ( your para. 3)

I don’t agree the Kleins fell on their sword. They are Christian soldiers. They needn’t have told the lesbians they wouldn’t bake their cake because they discriminate against homosexuals in order not to lie. They did not need to give any reason. They made sure to insult and provoke with their truth.

I’m sorry you want to hang the Kleins, the lesbians or anyone else. Don’t Christians believe in turning the other cheek?

Re your fifth paragraph – yes, really. Read my reply to Cathy.

I’m sorry you are so full of hate for God’s broken, with whom you share more than you admit.
commented 2015-04-30 22:25:08 -0400
Cathy Rochford, what are the Kleins getting? Lots and lots of publicity.

They won’t pay a dime. I looked at the go-fund-me appeal that has already paid them some cash and I looked at the appeals, written on their behalf by their political lobby, to raise the money for their defence and to raise more to pay any fine they are required to pay, after appeals and hearings to rescind the fine.

The state legislator who is reviewing the case has the power to rescind the fine entirely. In such cases, the verdict is not punitive financially but politically. Judges just comply with the law. They don’t necessarily agree with it. If the state legislator rescinds the fine, politicians get the message maybe the law needs to be changed. And the more such cases that mount up, the easier it becomes to change the law. The penalty is imposed to follow the law, which the Kleins broke, intentionally, to get publicity brought to a law they believe is discriminatory.

You are wrong. Everyone who owns a business does not have the right, under current law, to discriminate. Only religious organizations, not private businesses, have that legal right. That is why the Kleins broke the law. To challenge it.

Don’t you get it? The Kleins are activists. Not victims.
commented 2015-04-30 19:33:16 -0400
JOAN ABERNETHY said: “Ezra is a lawyer and he is not ignoring this”.
Oh come on now Joan. One …ONE lawyer speaks out …ONE in all of canada goes on the public record and that is somehow supposed to champion and exculpate all the others? -- Please, that is such a stretch that I’m surprised you tried it.
Mr. Levant’s efforts are commendable. I would even say heroic compared to the cowardice of the rest in his …(ugh) …“profession”.

Are you saying that this award is reasonable? $135,000 really? How on earth is their pain that extreme that they are awarded this absurd amount? When people who have had ACTUAL physical pain in car accidents are getting far less? The obviously biased judge had no way of knowing that others would step forward to help them financially. As far as the asshole judge was concerned they were on their own. This judge wanted to destroy them and send a clear message. The courts value the rights of gays more than Christians.

Another fact you are conveniently ignoring is that the money they have received doesn’t cover the cost AND they will be taxed on that money. So guess what? They won’t be getting $100,000 in Gofundme money to defend themselves. They MIGHT get $55,000 after taxes (if they’re lucky). Maybe YOU have $80 grand to toss around but I don’t and I don’t expect they do either.

Here’s another thing you willfully ignored. "It just may be that the Kleins didn’t say “They were too busy” because that would be lying. As Christians maybe the sin of “bearing false witness” was just as unbearable for them as baking the gay’s cake. So they were honest. Yeah, let’s hang them.

Now, regarding your statement:
“This stunt was purely political… (ect)…gotcha tactic” – Oh give me a break! Really?"
Tell me, do you protest it when gay activists set up and ambush christian businesses. I doubt it. You’re twisting yourself in knots trying to blame these people. Sorry , it didn’t work.

Now, go ahead get the last word in. You know you must.
commented 2015-04-30 19:30:09 -0400
commented 2015-04-30 17:46:14 -0400
Joan you have everything ass backwards and are still wrong. The Kleins never staged anything. It was the other way around. Look at the lesbians who are now getting a big pay out for absolutely nothing. What are the Kleins getting? Everyone who owns a business has the right to serve whoever they want and this is not discrimination. If I owned a tax business and some child molester or a terrorist came in to have his taxes done, I would not serve him. Is this discrimination? I don’t think so. Discrimination is where someone is truly damaged over another’s action. This bakery denying to make them two idiots a cake definitely doesn’t fit the bill and you dam well know it. How did this cramp their lifestyle or ruin their lives? It didn’t in the least little bit.

You can scream about it until you’re blue in the face and write 10 pages about how you think you are right, but you’re not, you’re just plain wrong. I’m getting tired of repeating myself about this too, Jesus did not break any law. (As far as the Pharisees go their rules, not laws, were not even from the bible they were man made so even here you are wrong. And tell me where Jesus admitted he broke the law.) If he did so then why did Pontius Pilate say that Jesus did nothing wrong and he washed his hands of the matter. Pontius Pilate was going to release Jesus. Then it was the crowd who had Jesus crucified not the any law of the land. So, I’m done with you now. You can rant and rave some more about how everybody who disagrees with your point of view is acting high and mighty, but look at yourself and how rude you are towards “your neighbor” who you love.
commented 2015-04-30 11:36:14 -0400
In essence, the “non-typical sexually oriented” couple have more rights than the “typical sexually oriented” bakers, and have forced them to override their “religious, matter of conscience beliefs”, and they got paid for it! Slowly and surely the rights that we believe we have are being eroded! Sad that there was only one baker in the town!
commented 2015-04-30 11:02:30 -0400
Love is an action not an emotion. Who do you serve?
commented 2015-04-30 10:45:25 -0400
Greg Rogers – Ezra is a lawyer and he is not ignoring this.

I think the Kleins staged this to bring attention to their criticism of the law. They are not so stupid they didn’t know they could simply say they were too busy. They provoked the lesbians on purpose.

Listen, the Kleins won’t lose a dime. Their support lobby has already raised the price of their defence and fine. And the state legislator is reviewing the case with the authority to reduce or rescind the fine.

This stunt was purely political and done to shine light on the LGBTQ community harassment of Christians. Political activism at its most effective gotcha tactic.
commented 2015-04-30 10:38:28 -0400
Peter, I love Jesus and my neighbour. Do you?