July 06, 2016

Christian migrant tells Lauren Southern: Some Muslims in Calais “Jungle” affiliated with ISIS

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On my show last night, The Rebel's Lauren Southern came on to preview the new episode of her show "Standoff." It showcases NEW footage from her fact-finding journey across Europe.

For one thing, she braved the frightening Calais "Jungle" refugee camp in France.

Only a tiny minority of the men in that camp are Christian, and one of them told her about the persecution, including beatings, they endure from Muslim migrants.

He also told her that many of these Muslims are ISIS-affiliated. Considering how many migrants told Lauren they were on their way to England and Canada, that’s terrifying.

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commented 2016-07-07 10:23:34 -0400
We will be fighting ISIS within our own borders this next decade. Thank’s multiculturalists for enforcing the view that “we are all the same”. We are not. Strict Islam is a blight on our Earth to not only us but also to their fellow muslims. It’s like Nazis killing Nazis because they aren’t hardline enough. Assholes allowed in by assholes in our government.