July 24, 2015

Christmas in July: Universal Child Care Benefit inspires Jason to look for a mate!

Rebel Staff

The Conservative government has rolled out its new child care benefit, with one MP calling it "Christmas in July" for families.

Jason Agnew of TheRebel.media says that the UCCB $2000 a year payout has inspired him to finally become a dad, so he goes in search of a mother for his children!

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commented 2015-07-25 12:23:54 -0400
I’d rather them buy my vote then the Unions.
commented 2015-07-24 23:52:10 -0400
Yes! This is exactly what The Rebel is designed for: Showing the absurd insult of a fat-cat government dishing out taxpayer’s money just before an election and calling it “Christmas in July”. Merry Christmas, Harper, enjoy the holiday starting in October.
commented 2015-07-24 21:17:35 -0400
It sure sounds like a lot of people think this UCCB is some silly gimmick. Canada’s birthrate has been below it’s sustainability rate for decades. If there are not enough of you to pay for our humongous DEBT, then you’ll just have to pay more.
commented 2015-07-24 19:52:56 -0400
Ok, guys, ask yourselves: "what would the Libs do in the same situation? It is all government and some win and some lose!! Don’ t matter who is in power, eh?
commented 2015-07-24 16:06:46 -0400
I saw a poll today that indicated the Conservatives have pulled into the lead.. Christmas in July was cited as a large contributing factor. I suppose NDP will be soiling their trousers thinking about all this cash that could have been spent on the already overpaid public union members…. and then, no doubt the greens will be crying about all the extra water use for the NDP’s laundry.
commented 2015-07-24 14:00:27 -0400
great way to pick up potential new partners