June 30, 2017

Christy Clark OUT, Premier Horgan IN: BC prepares for NDP government

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

Get used to saying Premier John Horgan now that the Lieutenant Governor has declined out-going Premier Christy Clark’s request for another election. 

Her government was defeated on their Throne Speech and now the BC NDP leader will get a shot at governing.

Since the election ended in a BC Liberal minority government and the Greens announced they’d be supporting the NDP, I’ve spent a fair bit of time discussing what things might look like under such a Frankenstein government.

Watch as I explain why I think Christy Clark and the BC Liberals should abandon proposals made in their Throne Speech calling for increased spending, and stand up and argue against NDP-Green policies.

Bring back the 2013 Christy Clark who convinced British Columbians of the dangers of NDP-Green proposals!

The defeat of the BC Liberals may present an opportunity for the BC Conservatives or the Social Credit Party who have money in the bank and are being looked at by Conservative activists in the province for a potential comeback.

In the meantime, we'll be here to expose all the lunacy that’s sure to come from this NDP-Green government.

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commented 2017-07-02 12:54:21 -0400
I really don’t see any benefit to encouraging another right-of-center party, Conservative or Social Credit, to come forward right now. Unless it can attract everyone that currently supports the Liberals – and maybe some Leftists as well – it would only cause vote splitting and HELP the NDP/Green coalition, rather that undermining it.
commented 2017-07-01 09:21:29 -0400
Its all down hill for BC.now.
commented 2017-07-01 08:57:41 -0400
The fourth horseman of the apocalypse arrives to join Trudeau, Notley and Wynne.
commented 2017-07-01 04:02:58 -0400
Leviticus you got that right, this is not democracy in any way. So much for what the people voted for. If they wanted to be a coalition then they should have run as one, no one voted for this coalition so how are they in power?
commented 2017-07-01 03:17:22 -0400
Billy Howard… Unfortunately Andrew Weaver is even nuttier than Horgan The Organ as evidenced by his lectures and writings in recent years at the University of Victoria… He is “global warming” personified and very much beholding to the pakalolo smokers on south Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands… So don’t look for “intelligence” from that quarter, and his two greenie cohorts are even further left than he is…
commented 2017-06-30 22:59:49 -0400
NDP in BC too? My god. Who are those people voting NDP? Canada down !!!!
commented 2017-06-30 22:03:38 -0400
@ Gary Wiebe commented 2 hours ago

Gary there are a whole lot of really weird thinking people in that lower mainland, between the tree-hugging ignorant hippies & all the “new” Kanadians – it is not hard to see this happening. They believe that interior peoples should be killing themselves to save the “planet”! I’ve listened to lower mainland people (if you can call them people) who think that when they leave Langley – they should be entering a completely void province, all wild like in their drug induced dreams, that logging, pipelines & industry have no business doing business in the interior!! …damn, I can hardly wait till that huge earthquake does it’s inevitable thing – and Bancouber is washed into the Pacific!! – taking with it all these Libtarded lunatics. No tears here!
Will be interesting to see what’s gonna become of Cite C dam now.
commented 2017-06-30 21:22:57 -0400
Ron Joseph, by “Alberta, here we come”, I wasn’t insinuating that anyone from BC would be MOVING to Alberta. I was merely pointing out that if we don’t get rid of this new leftist alliance quickly, we will BECOME Alberta.
commented 2017-06-30 21:13:28 -0400
British Columbia residence did not want an NDP government… Somebody else wanted an NDP government so BC got one with the help of the Lieutenant governor who is there to make sure that things like this don’t happen… She had a minority government, the BC people have spoken and the two other parties placing second and third in the electoral results have managed to usurp what the of BC people wanted and democratically voted for.!
Now it seems you have to have a majority government or the two losing parties can usurp the power and throw you out… That is not democracy.!!
commented 2017-06-30 20:51:01 -0400
Oh God, not again!
commented 2017-06-30 19:56:01 -0400
Maurice Potvin—Why would BC people and companies run to the Alberta NDP Catastrophe for their safety ? It would be smarter to head to China as there is more Democracy there.
commented 2017-06-30 19:45:40 -0400
Why would anyone in their right mind vote NDP after seeing what the hell is going on in Alberta and what went on in Ontario under Bob Rae? Once again we are confronted with stupidity and ignorance.
commented 2017-06-30 19:29:03 -0400
After seeing what’s going on in Alberta, and the BCNDP ties to that gov’t, it is truly frightening. I just hope Weaver has the intelligence to keep the NDP from destroying the province, because if he doesn’t stop them, the Greens will be wiped out in the next election.
I think a leadership convention should be called for late fall so a new leader can take over the reins. There are some well-known contenders, contrary to your opinion Christopher, including James Moore, Dianne Watts, Ed Fast, Jas Johal, and a few others that could rally the BC voter against the NDP.
You’re right that there should also be a more centre-right option in the next election, but only running in select ridings (those ridings where the far-left NDP isn’t likely to come up the middle).
commented 2017-06-30 19:27:18 -0400
A real Canadian trifecta , ONT , ALBERTA , BC , but it doesn’t pay anything , it costs BIGTIME !!!
commented 2017-06-30 19:12:17 -0400
Gee! A real game-changer!
Now Ontario has some serious competition to be “first to the bottom” in the Great Canadian Cesspool Race.
commented 2017-06-30 19:04:18 -0400
Thanks in advance to people in Vancouver Island, central and northern BC…. If and when I elect to cross the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridge, I pay…… very soon, you’ll be paying for me, so thanks.
commented 2017-06-30 18:47:36 -0400
Once the New Greenocratic Party starts ‘doing it’ to the interior, look for renewed calls of the interior residents to separate from the Island and Lower Mainland, both the E. Kooteneys and Peace District have had such calls in the past. The interior has always been treated as just a colony, and this government will underline that contempt held for the interior.
commented 2017-06-30 18:21:46 -0400
Well left wingers in BC … it looks like you got what you wanted, the complete and utter economic destruction of BC.

Now the BC and Alberta left wing governments can jump into bed and “do it” all they want, causing the downfall of Western Canada.

But don’t worry Eastern Canada, your Equalization welfare payments will also dry up as the NDP in BC and Alberta screw over the economy. No money will be available for you. But that is okay because all that money comes from that evil, evil, evil oil and gas industry. You Easterners don’t want that dirty oil money, do you? See? v Your leftwing lovers in BC and Alberta are doing you a favor!

Thank God for Brad Wall … the only sane person left in Western Canada.
commented 2017-06-30 18:13:04 -0400
The NDP were such a great success in Ontario Nova Scotia and now Alberta, what could go wrong?
commented 2017-06-30 17:59:31 -0400
This government better fall quickly, otherwise we’re screwed!! Alberta, here we come!!