May 09, 2018

City of Burnaby spends $60K to keep “lawless” anti-pipeline “goons” safe

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


The anti-Kinder Morgan protest encampment is getting safer with a little help from taxpayers.

Not safer for Kinder Morgan workers, or the police who are under attack for enforcing a court injunction, or even the locals, but safer for lawbreakers camping illegally on Burnaby Mountain.

Global News BC's Jordan Armstrong tweeted:

"City of Burnaby official says city spent $60,000 to install these temporary concrete barriers at anti-KM protest camp following complaints from protesters & area residents about their safety from passing vehicles."

The protesters are getting taxpayer funded walls to protect them from traffic because their illegal hobo squat is too close to the road?

Sixty grand is a lot of government help, especially if you’re on the wrong side of the law. It’s also a lot of help from the City of Burnaby whose Mayor Derrick Corrigan says he is unwilling to find money in the budget to pay for the extra policing costs associated with the ongoing protests against Kinder Morgan.

But what else should we have expected from a municipal government headed by this Mayor who once vowed he’d do whatever he could to stop this pipeline.

Watch as I show you what else he’s done to encourage this lawlessness and what kind of concrete barriers for these protesters I might agree to.

If you need a visual of what I want their safe space camp to resemble, look no further than the local jail.

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commented 2018-05-11 22:49:50 -0400
Brett Wilson made a comment on the radio the other day regarding what he thought should happen to the protesters. He suggested a make work program in Baffin Island for the summer.
I say make it year round.
commented 2018-05-10 19:21:19 -0400
Burnaby’s city hall is 100% BCA, a community franchise of the NDP… one cannot join BCA unless you verify that you are an NDP member. There is not even 1 opposition member, they are free to do as they like.
Burnaby has also spent millions on lawsuits (all of which they have lest), flashy videos and other nonsense that is completely outside of a municipal mandate.
What they are not spending money on is policing. The RCMP is keeping order, but Burnaby calculates how much the police spend on the “protests” and deduct the same amount from the fees that the police are owed by the city.
The “protesters” have build unsafe structures on public land, so permits have been applied for, they light fires which are against city by-laws, and there is trash everywhere… Essentially, it’s a homeless camp. (camping on public property is also not allowed, but Burnaby turns a blind-eye.
The “protesters” are not normal… basically, they are homeless and disenfranchised members of the radical left.
A few years back, many of these same people were camping at the Vancouver Art Gallery as part of the so-called “occupied” movement. When they were evicted from there, a lot of them migrated to abandoned rental apartments in Burnaby, and lived as squatters against the so-called “demovictions”. After they were evicted from the abandoned apartments, many of them found a new squat at the Kinder Morgan site.
To give one a good picture, just imagine the disenfranchised bottom of society, homeless antifa thug, with strong body odour, with a licence to break the law, and with political support from the aged hippie champagne socialist elite who very likely disregarded the warnings and did take the brown acid.
This would pretty much sum it up.
commented 2018-05-10 09:30:09 -0400
commented 2018-05-10 00:32:13 -0400
I love your idea! we could put a ceiling over the cap too so they won’t get colds from exposure to the rain. Of course they need a floor as well to protect them from any diseases in the soil. If safety is the game, these deluded souls need asylum and you know which kind I mean.
commented 2018-05-10 00:01:31 -0400
Simple solution – seeing as this kooky mayor is aiding & abetting these lunatics – HE needs to be arrested at his office & NO bail – same for all those occupiers – seems the whole world has gone mad – all pointing to the problems that that satanic George Soros creates! Can’t some responsible person make this demonic POS take a dirt nap?!?!
commented 2018-05-09 19:26:08 -0400
That’s a good plan Sheila. There income from Soros should also be taxed to cover their protection.
commented 2018-05-09 18:54:08 -0400
What else would you expect for a NDPigger Mayor?
NDP has been ruling Burnaby municipal govt. for last 2 decades as there’s no other political choice left in Burnaby (and Lower Mainland in general). All are die hard lefties, reminiscence of Hippies.
commented 2018-05-09 18:46:04 -0400
The protesters purpose is to get media to broadcast their actions. The media should collaborate together and ignore them, not report their activities for a few weeks as it is same old boring stuff anyway. Bet that would really agitate them!