November 09, 2015

WATCH: "Non-partisan" civil servants cheer Justin Trudeau -- and BOO reporter who asks about underpaid Liberal female cabinet ministers

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

When new PM Justin Trudeau visited the Deptartment of Foreign Affairs, he was treated more like another Justin: Bieber.

"Non-partisan" civil servants cheered him.

They even booed a reporter who asked their new boss Stephane Dion about those five female Liberal cabinet ministers who aren't being paid the same as their male counterparts.

This reaction shouldn't shock anyone.

Canada's "non-partisan" civil servants openly despised Stephen Harper; remember when one of them wrote a folk song called "Harperman"?

And that's just one example...

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commented 2015-11-12 00:05:36 -0500
I think we have a cabinet who can speak their voice and a civil service who can speak their voices for the first time in a long time. For conservative thinkers it certailnly gives food for thought.
commented 2015-11-10 16:38:52 -0500
Quite frankly, I have switched off politics for now. Canada is lost. It’s over and done with. I enjoy my life in Quebec, where one can be as “little Canadian” as is possible while still being in this effed-up country. More than ever, I hope that QC will find the courage to just kiss Canada bye-bye and leave that sinking, er, sunk ship. If not, then, perhaps, I will move on to “greener pastures” in the future (e.g., return to the UK or find a nice spot in the US, etc. – or maybe even something I’ve never tried before).
commented 2015-11-10 13:34:38 -0500
Jay Kelly said to me, “Peter Netterville, You know that most of the posters on here are against conservative “trolls”.”

So I am assuming you are calling me a “conservative troll.” Can you explain to me what you think a conservative troll is and what I am doing the places me in that category?
commented 2015-11-10 13:08:53 -0500
Way to go. I knew the right were trainable.
commented 2015-11-10 12:58:17 -0500
I agree! The trolls “exude” a slow and steady discharge of “long winded said nothing responses seen here on this excellent site”.
commented 2015-11-10 12:12:28 -0500
The trolls exude the long winded said nothing responses seen here on this excellent site.
commented 2015-11-10 11:56:39 -0500
DAN MANCUSO, thanks for bringing that article to my attention. Excluding the noise from the left-wing trolls, I appreciate the opinions and info provided by the seriously normal people posting here. One grows weary of the Whack-a-Mole game trying to get rid of the vermin. Probably best to ignore the trolls, because engaging with them provides little of value. They comment on material just to instigate, to aggravate, and to derail conversations on a particular topic. Interesting comment made in 2010 in the comment section below that article: “Most people don’t want to know about these things. They would rather remain securely in their bubble. They have been brain washed by the ‘liberal media’ and education system, and can’t think for themselves – their thoughts are supplied”. Just like the ‘thoughts’ supplied by the brain-washed ‘progressive’ trolls that post here.
commented 2015-11-10 11:19:21 -0500
Jay, that is exactly right. So you can use it in your decision making in the next federal election. Four years down the road.
commented 2015-11-10 01:14:53 -0500
Peter Netterville, You know that most of the posters on here are against conservative “trolls”.
Please keep up the good work — that is, explaining your position. You give a strong argument against unbridled liberalism and a kind of blind following of Trudeau.
A site like this can provide valuable information and opinion.
commented 2015-11-10 00:16:18 -0500
Yvette and Kelvin it is true that there are few truly conservative new media around and theRebel is one of the remaining. This would explain why we are getting such a sudden increase in leftie troll activity, because they too see this as one of the last truly conservative sites. I have to admit that I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed and despondent. Well, if we support theRebel and help spread the word that theRebel exists, maybe we can help make it the number one news source for conservative views.
commented 2015-11-09 23:39:50 -0500
A friend of mine attended meetings for his job with the Federal government. being senior management he has seen a lot over the years but this trip summed up this why inspector Clouseau. Is so popular with these folks. the people running the meeting announced that they (civil servants) run the country not the idiot politicians. Well why have sure explains dislike of Harper. silly him thinking he was running the country.
commented 2015-11-09 21:01:18 -0500
Yvette, I know what you mean, we got 2 gunsels on the morning talk show on qr77 in Calgary that refuse to call out the government here. People phoning in are getting so frustrated that they are calling “them the media party” and these 2 nitwits just don’t get it. I think it has something to do with the chorus news network that they are running out all the conservative commentators like Adler and Rutherford. I used to listen to that station all the time but now pretty much quit.
commented 2015-11-09 20:47:36 -0500
Is that what we’ve got to look forward to for the next longggggg 4 yrs. Since Trudeau’s election, the WPG Free Press is filled with full page stories of every possible thing Trudeau has said or done or not done. I tell you the whole bloody media is left. Roy Green used to do a show on weekends on CJOB, now he’s gone, to be replaced by a lefty who lives in Calgary. Charles Adler left for Vancouver a few months ago…probably saw what was coming. The one person I thought was Conservative is now in the spot Adler used to be, but his whole demeanour seems to have changed. The rest are all Trudeau lovers & made no qualms about letting the listener know. The Rebel is the only place we can go to to be sane.
commented 2015-11-09 20:04:04 -0500
It sounds like you may be familiar with the “SHOCK SHEET ON CANADA”, by Bill Gairdner.
If not, it’s a ’selection of shocking facts about Canada drawn from “The Trouble With Canada … Still!”, which is 5 years old and even more pertinent and important today. It is shocking!
For example:
“* Why Are Judges Making Laws? Since the advent of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982, Canada has changed from a nation ruled by parliamentary sovereignty, to a nation too often ruled by Judicial sovereignty. Parliament is supposed to make the laws, judges to apply them. But our judges often make laws themselves, without consent of Parliament (p.465ff).”
“* Why Do We Tolerate Terrorist Organizations in Canada? “There are more international terrorist groups active in Canada than in any other country in the world” [except perhaps the USA] (p. 416).
  • What About the Scandal of Our Aboriginals? The social reality of aboriginal life is horrific; worse than that of many of the poorest nations on earth. For example: although aboriginals constitute only 3.8% of the Canadian population, they commit 28% of all homicides in Canada, and 39% of all cases of assault (p.235). The vast majority of these crimes are by aboriginal men (really, only 1.9% of Canadians).
commented 2015-11-09 20:00:28 -0500
Rick said, " … for anyone who actually WORKS for a living!"

I wish! That would be an improvement.
commented 2015-11-09 19:49:15 -0500
ISIS, ISIL, al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hamas, Hesbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, and the rest of these terrorist groups, all hail the arrival of Trudeau and his anti-Semitic Liberals into power in Canada. They actually said so in press releases! This is who the public service supports?! Shame on them!
commented 2015-11-09 19:12:17 -0500
Sigh…..It’s going to be a long painful 4 years for anyone who actually WORKS for a living!
commented 2015-11-09 18:50:16 -0500
As much as I supported PMSH he did not move nearly far enough fast enough against these quislings. In fact the federal snivil service expanded by 43,000 at one point. It should have been 43,000 fired. Good luck with your new gubmint lead by hairboy. You are going to need it.
commented 2015-11-09 17:48:17 -0500
Ron said, “another third subsists on significant annual government handouts”

Some of those are the lefties that post on this site.
commented 2015-11-09 17:06:44 -0500
In “The Great Divide Why Liberals and Conservatives Will Never Ever Agree “, William Gairdner, points out that while we in the West like to think we are still living in a liberal democracy, that is a delusion. In reality, almost all Western countries are now saddled with an overbearing system of government that bears a closer resemblance to a socialist dictatorship than a genuine liberal democracy dedicated to freedom from political oppression. As well, the pursuit of equality of results in libertarian-socialist countries has led to the development of stagnant “tripartite states”, where one third of the people is employed by government (as clearly depicted in this video of ‘non-partisan’ civil servants fawning over Trudeau as their savior), another third subsists on significant annual government handouts, and only the remaining third relies on productive, private-sector employment. So, when it comes time to voting the third that “relies on productive, private-sector employment” is vastly outnumbered and a manifestation of that situation is the outcome of the recent federal election. As MICHAEL CROWELL noted, “The private sector taxpayer doesn’t have a fighting chance”. A rather discouraging assessment of the state of affairs.
commented 2015-11-09 16:50:33 -0500
Disgusting behaviour from our employees.
Time for change, REAL change.
Fire the lot of them.
commented 2015-11-09 16:34:26 -0500
Monday November 9, 2015
Dear Diary;
All in all it was a pretty good weekend. I taught those backroom boys a lesson they won’t soon forget. They think they got one over on me by saddling my young and vibrant cabinet with that old stock Canadian lush McCallum, but the jokes on them. He’s to get 25,000 migra . . , oops, refugees, here by Christmas, and while he’s at it I’ve told him to convince my subjects to believe that Harper totally wiped out healthcare benefits for refugees, but without letting them know that those refugees were actually on the Enhanced Healthcare Coverage plan, just like confessed and convicted murdering terrorists and Members of Parliament.
No point in stirring up a hornet’s nest by revealing that all Harper did was to put them on the same Basic Healthcare Coverage plan that ordinary Canadian peon’s . . , oops, people enjoy. Anyhoo, this should be enough to keep the old fogy out of my fabulous hair for a while.
Gerald’s just told me that it’s time to get my nose back to the grindstone. Sometimes I think that he believes my looks are all I’ve got.
commented 2015-11-09 16:31:18 -0500
Wednesday November 4, 2015
Dear Diary;
Got the rest of the gang sworn in. So pleased with myself that I got the numbers right, nailed them in fact. Oh shit, someone’s just noticed that I dumped gals into all the junior positions. Gerald . . . GERALD . . . Get that reporter’s name. Stephane Dion came in handy for once, handing out impromptu wage increases like that. Phew! That was a scramble but nothing solves a problem better than throwing money at it. $80,000 a year raises each and a car and driver should shut them up.
commented 2015-11-09 16:23:46 -0500
I think the cavemen were smarter than Liberals ever were, or ever will be!
commented 2015-11-09 16:07:34 -0500
This is only to be expected from Civil Servant’s, they are Bureaucrats, this means that they have an IQ equal to the average room temperature. They, along with the Liberal MPs, are amongst the lower specimens of humanity on this planet.
commented 2015-11-09 16:05:30 -0500
What a sickening bunch. The private sector taxpayer doesn’t have a fighting chance. We sad finished as a Country.
commented 2015-11-09 15:46:34 -0500
someone should do a rough costing as to how much that love in cost the canadian taxpayer.
commented 2015-11-09 15:43:51 -0500
You’d think Junior was their savior, it’s pathetic to watch how utterly stupid some people are.
commented 2015-11-09 15:28:09 -0500
What these lemmings fail to realize is that they just took a 5-10% pay cut – here come the tax increases.

Amazing how many Canadians out there that can talk about their feelings, but can’t do math worth a shit.

Here comes the financial raping of Canada. Ask Ontario how that feels if unclear.
commented 2015-11-09 15:23:26 -0500
You did have a chance to reduce the size of the government but chose to not annoy the ‘Yes Minister’ crowd. You did have a chance to make unions more democratic but chose not. Catering the groups which are against you did nothing to enamor you to them but just helped to strengthen their resolve.