February 02, 2016

Climate junket spending scandal: How can 10 flights from Ottawa to Paris cost $49,000?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Two months ago, 383 Canadian politicians and bureaucrats jetted to a luxurious UN conference about global warming in glamorous Paris, France.

Canada had the most bloated delegation of any country — bigger than the Australian delegation, the UK delegation and even the U.S. delegation.


The Rebel immediately filed Access to Information requests with various government departments, asking how much they spent on airfare, luxury hotels, limousines and other expenses.

Stephane Dion’s department of foreign affairs got back to us first.

And you will not believe how many of your tax dollars they spent living it up in Paris.


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commented 2016-02-03 02:58:36 -0500
Hello, need help completing my science assignment for the Climate Alarmists.

400 ppm of C02 in Greenhouse gas.
4% man made = 16ppm
2% by Canada = .32ppm
25% by CDN oil industry = .08 ppm

Did I get this correct? .08 PARTS PER MILLION of C02 by Canada!

And we have to commit economic Suicide?
Where’s that Trudopian Cool Aid?
commented 2016-02-03 02:24:59 -0500
Live large, think large, spend large, preach large, that’s the Librano way. And if you’re in with the Libranos you’re cashing in!
commented 2016-02-02 18:53:14 -0500
Liebranos firmly believe they have the divine right to live high off the Canadian Taxpayer! Hope the 39 percent that voted for them enjoy seeing their taxes skyrocket to pay for a flood of spending that is sure to follow now that the Liebranos have gotten away with this one. Food on the table? Clothes for your children? Not as important as making sure the current Liebrano Government is able to satisfy every whim and desire!
commented 2016-02-02 17:26:39 -0500
They wanted the artisanal crackers with warmed Camembert.
commented 2016-02-02 17:00:42 -0500
Mark van Berkel I talked to Ezra and he said the total cost per person for the trip was about $4,000.00 the high cost was because of the air fair because it was last minute check his show tonight it should be fun
commented 2016-02-02 15:34:10 -0500
The VERY IMPORTANT premier of Ontario flew over to this sham conference twice. But, don’t be concerned about that because she bought carbon offset credits. Perhaps the use of ‘she bought’ is reassuring however I really doubt she paid for them but rather just tacked them onto the tab that we paid for.
commented 2016-02-02 14:22:32 -0500
Check the cost to fly Business class. hey these are very important folks, you can’t have them sitting back with the common folk. Where is the justification for sending these folks period. Where is the value added to those that just footed the bill for this trip? How on earth can you spend 65k on transportation in what was it 10 days? We send some bonehead mayor from Buttfck who knows where, population 500, and this is supposed to be justifiable? And another thing, does anybody know if boy wonder ever says anything that isn’t scripted? His delivery is amateur and reminiscent of a grade 3 public speaking contest. He didn’t win.
commented 2016-02-02 12:52:23 -0500
extrapolating: 25,000 per person times 383: 9575000 bucks. Pigeon poop.
commented 2016-02-02 12:44:35 -0500
Continue the guess I know the answer Ezra just e’mailed me them
commented 2016-02-02 12:37:11 -0500
These people are Liberals, they would have felt at home staying in Strip Mall Motels, where Hookers abound.

If we look at the history of Liberal expense accounts for official Piss Ups, we will find that this is not the first time we have been robbed.

How many, so called Migrants, could have been assisted financially, for the same amount spent by Trudeau and his gang of misfits?
commented 2016-02-02 12:19:52 -0500
so 10 people $282,000 – $28,200 per person X 383 = $10,800,600+ that’s a lot of oil royalty $$$, the PM and enviro. minister going would of cost $500,000. but a $10 orange juice makes the national news
commented 2016-02-02 11:55:08 -0500
I am willing to bet that anyone from the Rebel who may have traveled to Paris for this event spent nowhere close to $4800 for airfare.
commented 2016-02-02 11:51:47 -0500
I think these costs are totally justified. Who are we to challenge the government on spending money on themselves? They have a very difficult job to do and I wish people like Ezra would stop picking on great leaders like Stephanie Dion. Our government workers deserve the best and nothing but the best. If you have a problem with this please contact your Liberal Government of Canada and they will get back to you in 300 days. These things take time you know.
commented 2016-02-02 11:50:59 -0500
February 2, 2016
Dear Diary;
Gerald saw it coming. This Ghomeshi on trial business, not to mention the Iowa cock-us-is and everything else that’s going on is stealing all the oxygen from my wonderfully free, open and transparent style of government that my news buddies are supposed to impress my subjects with.
So, in cahoots with folks at the CBC who owe me big time, we set up a little show where I took some questions from a few simple folks. I think it went quite well. I just said things like “indigenous lives matter” and everyone seemed pleased, even the oily chap who we’re putting out of work. All I had to do for him was put a sympathetically concerned look on my face, occasionally nod my head, finish some of his sentences for him and tell him to keep working hard. Symbolism over substance, it works every time, and if you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.
The problem, even after all that work, is that the next day I didn’t get anywhere close to the news coverage that I expected.
Mauril’s private member’s bill to bring my national anthem’s gender into twenty-sixteen may not go over well with all my subjects. The results of an msn.com poll, with 854 respondents, on the proposal to change the words looks like:
0% make different changes
1% not sure
1% make more changes
9% make the change
26% the issue is ridiculous
63% leave it alone
Oh c’mon people. Get with the program. This is the real change I promised you.
commented 2016-02-02 11:46:52 -0500
Step 1, Get receipts
Step 2, Get resignations
Don’t let Bev Oda’s career be ended in vain.
commented 2016-02-02 11:45:52 -0500
Flights from Ottawa, ON (YOW) to Paris, France (all airports)
Thu, February 18
Mon, February 22
No non-stops
Multiple airlines Multiple airlines 8h 15m+ from $654
American American 10h 15m+ from $709
Air Canada Air Canada 8h 15m+ from $710
Lufthansa Lufthansa 8h 15m+ from $710
Other airlines Other airlines 10h 0m+ from $769
Tip – Non-stop flights from $743 if you fly from Montreal (YUL)
commented 2016-02-02 11:33:46 -0500
Hey rebels take a guess at how much it cost Ezra for his trip to Paris
My guess $4,800.00 Canadian dollars
commented 2016-02-02 11:30:11 -0500
Hey Ezra tell us how much it cost you for your resent trip to Paris
commented 2016-02-02 11:28:53 -0500
Had more to do with showing off more than anything else. Of course, nothing was accomplished, which is pretty a success in JT’s world.
commented 2016-02-02 11:27:41 -0500
oink oink oink… it’s not my money… oink oink oink… it grows on trees that we don’t want to cut down because the world will end…
like ezra says ," if they really cared…"
time to cull the herd
commented 2016-02-02 11:24:27 -0500
First class fares YOW-CDG are 8-10K…it’s real easy to spend that much.
commented 2016-02-02 11:21:55 -0500
Well when your mission is to save the planet and humanity, whats a few dollars here and there.