September 06, 2016

Sept 15 & 16: Go to “Climate Hustle” movie premiere with Ezra in Alberta!

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

My frequent guest Marc Morano of Climate Depot has a new documentary coming out: "Climate Hustle" rips the lid off the "global warming" industry and debunks all the fake science. Better yet, you can join me to watch it when it debuts in theatres in Calgary and Edmonton!

In Calgary on September 15, then in Edmonton on September 16, I'll be at these special screenings with Marc Morano PLUS our own Sheila Gunn Reid and Holly Nicholas!

You can get your tickets HERE at

Don't wait, because they're going fast!

(PS: Rebel "Producer's Club" members will also be welcome to join us for a SPECIAL reception before the movie!)

Looking forward to seeing you at this terrific event. Grab your tickets now!

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commented 2016-09-16 17:16:59 -0400
Anonymous: YOU are on Ezra’s website…..he is not on yours.
commented 2016-09-13 22:57:47 -0400
$8 bux a month for this? Bawhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
commented 2016-09-13 12:13:44 -0400
Anonymous leftist is there to pollute our environment, too shy to bear his real name, another eco-punk.
commented 2016-09-09 13:21:02 -0400
Anonymous: Which begs the question why you are attracted?
commented 2016-09-07 05:48:22 -0400
I love it that Ezra calls it a show. Hahaha…a show…yes, a shit show.
commented 2016-09-07 02:02:36 -0400
Nothing ever comes to Winnipeg.
commented 2016-09-07 00:41:25 -0400
If i am able to go i hope there are protesters there.
commented 2016-09-06 22:09:14 -0400
Just purchased a single ticket for the Edmonton show. Anybody looking for date? I’m cheap but not easy!
commented 2016-09-06 20:03:50 -0400
In Montreal, theatres show all movies both in english and in french when both versions exist. So in this case, it will be showed only in english and there will be no complain about it. Only the eco-left will complain about the movie, but for obvious other reasons…
commented 2016-09-06 19:54:55 -0400
@ Marc-André Rajotte

They probably wouldn’t allow it to play in Quebec because it’s not a French language movie or something produced by sacha trudeau.
commented 2016-09-06 19:37:43 -0400
“Climate Hustle” seems very interresting. What about a screening in Montreal? You could invite Denis Coderre to it. And why not Quebec City and the eastern provinces too…? I am personally ready to buy a ticket for a screening in the “belle province”.
commented 2016-09-06 18:18:07 -0400
I wish I could attend